Smart, Globe among top 30 operators in Opensignal 5G Global Impact

Smart, Globe among top 30 operators worldwide in Opensignal 5G Global Impact

Opensignal has launched its first-ever 5G Global Awards, in which they ranked operators globally by assessing their real-world 5G mobile network experience.

Opensignal noted that the Philippines has done well in 5G Global Impact. Based on the report, both Globe and Smart are part of the top 30 operators globally for all four measures of 5G Global Impact — the percentage improvement in the download speeds, upload speeds, games experience, and video experience observed by Opensignal’s users on an operator’s 5G network compared to that seen on its 4G network.


Moreover, Smart is a global leader for 5G Video Experience with 81.6 points on a 100 point scale. Opensignal’s Smart users enjoyed an Excellent (75 or above) 5G Video Experience, up from the Very Good (65-75) experience seen when streaming video over its 4G network.

On the other hand, Opensignal’s Globe users also saw the largest global percentage improvement when comparing their 5G Games Experience to their 4G Games Experience — 65.2%. Smart was just behind in second place with a score of 42.2%.

In addition, ASEAN markets saw the greatest improvement in Video Experience using 5G. Hence, Globe and Smart achieved the second and third highest global improvement, respectively, when Opensignal compared their 5G and 4G Video Experience scores. AIS (Thailand) achieved a 36.6% better score while streaming videos on their smartphones using 5G compared to 4G, followed by the Philippines’ Globe (32.8%) and Smart (23.4%).

You may check out the full report here.

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