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Smart, Sun to discontinue MMS by September

Looks like Sun Cellular and Smart is about to permanently discontinue their Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). This is the service that allows subscribers to send photos, videos, and other media files via text. The target date is next month. The two telecoms texted their subscribers for the announcement.

Starting September 28, 2018, Both Sun and Smart will officially and permanently discontinue their Multimedia Messaging Services for both their postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

This means after the said date subscribers to both telecoms will no longer be able to send photos, videos, and other media files via text. They’ve yet to offer an official statement as to why they’re closing down their MMS though. Anyway, you have about a month to make use of the service.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar for Mark Michael Mark Michael says:

    Probably because Smart will need to free up some bandwidth, as part of enhancing mobile data experience for its subscribers.

  2. Avatar for K L K L says:

    VoLTE muna 5G pa kayong nalalaman…

  3. Avatar for Christopher Christopher says:

    Globe has already activated their RCS functionality and been is using this since with my wife. My guess is SMART is deactivating MMS in favor of RCS. Lets see.

  4. Avatar for Cliffer Cliffer says:

    Kase naman magkano charge per message, eh meron na email at messenger.

  5. Avatar for Yuan Yuan says:

    Hopefully Globe and Smart would activate RCS already!

  6. Avatar for M M says:

    who uses MMS in 2018?

  7. Avatar for boytubol boytubol says:

    Does anyone still use mms? deym.

  8. Avatar for cruizer cruizer says:

    Didn’t realize that Sun is still around :P But why would they shut down their MMS service? Has any other PH telco done the same?

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