Sony/ATV rebrands as Sony Music Publishing

Sony/ATV rebrands as Sony Music Publishing

Sony has recently announced the rebrand of Sony/ATV and the return of Sony Music Publishing’s name after 25 years. It comes with a new brand identity with a redesigned logo and revitalized mission.

According to Sony, the Sony Music Publishing name’s renewal implies an important step in the company’s evolution and further aligns the business with the company’s entertainment brands. The rebrand is also identified to reflect Sony’s identity as “A Creative Entertainment Company with a Solid Foundation of Technology.”

Moreover, the rebrand was driven by Sony Music Publishing CEO Jon Platt.


“Sony Music Publishing has always embraced the power of songwriting to connect cultures and bring people together. Since its inception, Sony Music Publishing has supported the careers of songwriters and continues to defend their rights. Returning to the Sony Music Publishing name reconnects us to our legacy and further unifies our mission and culture with the Sony Corporation. Our new brand embodies a modern vision to be an authentic reflection of the music and songwriters we represent,” CEO Jon Platt, Sony Music Publishing Chairman, stated.

In 2007, Sony/ATV acquired Famous Music, including some of the great American Film and TV catalogs.

Sony Music Publishing has been known to be the home to the world’s greatest songwriters, with classic catalogs including Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Queen, Ashford & Simpson, Motown, Carole King, Leiber & Stoller, Leonard Cohen, Stevie Wonder, and Claudia Brant, as well as the well-known contemporary songwriters like Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and more.

Source: Sony Music Publishing

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