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Sony outs GTK-XB60 and GTK-XB90 Extra Bass speakers

Sony has released their newest portable speakers with extra bass — the GTK-XB60 and GTK-XB90.

These portable speakers with extra basses have long battery lives with three different power supply modes for longer usage. These also have the ability to connect to more devices wirelessly.

The GTK-XB60 has a battery life of up to 14 hours. This speaker gives users the option of switching out power supply modes: AC and Stamina mode when it is not plugged into any power outlets. An additional feature of th device is Wireless Party Chain where users can connect up to 10 Extra Bass speakers at once. Another feature is that the device can take up to 3 smartphone connections at once.

A unique feature of this speaker is its line, speaker, and strobe lighting for parties which makes the device more noticeable not to mention it can increase the ambiance of the environment. Users can use the Sony Music Center and Fiestable applications on their smartphones to calibrate the speaker.


The GTK-XB90

This speaker has the same features as the GTK-XB60 but with a few additions. It has an infinity mirror lighting which replicates festival lighting for a more lively ambiance. It is also equipped with higher sound pressure to provide a better “live” experience for people listening to the speaker. This device can last up to 16 hours and it takes about 4 hours to fully charge. Users can also customize the lighting, motion control, sampler effects, and DJ control with the use of the Fiestable application.

Sony GTK-XB60 and GTK-XB90 specs:

The GTK-XB60 is priced at Php13,990 (see price listing here) while the GTK-XB90 is priced at Php18,990 (see price listing here)


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