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Sony to exit the smartphone market?

Following reports that its smartphone division is not doing well, Sony is now looking at exiting the smartphone market and will instead focus on its other profitable businesses.

According to a report by Reuters, Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai said that the company “would no longer pursue sales growth in areas such as smartphones where it has suffered competition from cheaper Asian rivals as well as industry leaders like Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics.”

Aside from Xperia smartphones, Sony is also contemplating on quitting the TV business as well and is considering selling these divisions. It’s worth noting that the company focused on growing its mobile and TV businesses right after it sold its VAIO PC division to Japan Industrial Partners Inc (JIP) last year.

Sony’s next step is to grow its remaining businesses which it considers as profitable such as camera sensors, video games and entertainment. If this is the case then it’s looking good for the PlayStation as well as OEMs who prefer Sony imaging sensors in their products.

source: Reuters

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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43 Responses

  1. NotaSheep says:

    Guess the Xperia is out of the list *crosses it out of my “want list”*

  2. Easy E says:

    Malugi na sila at isara ang smartphone division nila basta wag lang magbaba ng price. Sony Logic.

  3. wew says:

    Samsung made it to the top. I’m pretty sure Sony can, it’s just that they don’t want to change their strategy.

    • Reader says:

      Sony used to be the king of innovation. Sadly, it got too big that it wasn’t as nimble as it was in churning out new products like before. Sayang.

  4. unggoy says:

    Damn. And I was looking forward to replacing my iPhone with the next Xperia Compact iterations. I really liked the design of their Z3 Compact, now I guess I’d have to look for other alternatives.

  5. Tim cook says:

    *world domination*

    Muhahahaha yan ang thermonuclear war ni pareng steve jobs sa dami ng Android makers pababaan ng price lahat luge

    Mag apple nalang kasi kayo

  6. andy says:

    It’s mainly because most of their products are expensive to the point they’re competing with the premium price of Apple.

  7. Jeric says:

    i think hindi apple yung kalaban dito kundi yung mga chinese smartphones like xiaomi.. dagdagan mo pa ng asus xenphones.. dyan talaga sila nalulugi..

  8. froi says:

    sayang naman.. i see Sony as one of the few best makers of smartphones.. Go get them Microsoft :)

    • ????? says:

      If Microsoft will get Sony’s mobile business, my hunch is that they’ll continue to use Android within 1-2 years but with CyanogenMod (in case Microsoft’s venture is final) and Xperia UI then it may merge with the Lumia brand or retain the Xperia brand for high-end phones.

  9. Cecil says:

    Sayang ang mga waterproof series nila… para kasing sinabotahe nila yung sarili nilang phone sa pag design eh… Me problema talaga kahit anong model… pwedeng mag presyo ng mataas basta walang problems….

  10. hush hush says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dami ko TAWA… mahal pa more..

  11. Zobel says:

    Good riddance. Now how about exiting existence itself?

  12. Tony says:

    Its because of their chinese competitors. Presyo ang labanan na kasi sa android. Chinese and taiwanese companies really know the best strategy. Good quality naman ang sony smartphones. Strategy lang ang mali sa kanila. Tinatapatan nila ang presyo ng iphone e iba ang hatak ng apple sa masa. Kahit maliit ang upgrade ng flagship ng apple, bibilhin pa rin ng karamihan yan.

  13. Mica says:

    This is super bad news! I love Sony phones! Best decision to switch to them. So why?! :(

  14. devilboy says:

    that explains why some of the other brands uses their sensor technology. mas maganda nmn kasi talaga post processing style na ginawa ng ibang brand kesa sa sony mismo. besides malamang hirap sila makisabay sa price trend ngayon kasi naman di pang masa presyo nila. bat yung ibang players kaya maglabas ng units na halos same lng ng quality but with a reasonable price range? NAGISING na kaya sila sa REALIDAD?

  15. klky says:

    di ko alam pero parang naawa ako ng bahagya sa sony…. sayang ung waterproof phones nila

  16. Butt Sniffer says:

    Ibalik nalang nila un sa sony ericson, mas mganda pa nun sila nghahandle ng mobile business ng sony, un panahon ng bamg for buck phones pa ang sony s xperia mini, pro, ray, arc (sigh) I miss those smaller phones

  17. aha says:

    paano ba naman magkiclick ang phones nila eh maliban sa pagkamahal mahal, pagkalawak lawak pa ng bezel, saka pagkaflat flat pa ng likod na napakahirap hawakan. haha! dapat yata curved ang back saka iminimize ang bezel at bawas bawasan ang presyo. daming pagpipilian na mga lagdroid phones, kaya wag makisabay sa iphone… sony! kung hindi pupulutin kayo sa makahiyaan na katabi ng pansitan na malapit sa kangkungan na maraming linta. haha!

  18. BYE SONY………



  20. dodie says:

    Tama, I think not less than a year baka magsara na ang smartphone business ng sony, kahit dito sa saudi which is mobile industry is napakalakas. Bagsak sales nila, as in nasa 2 eprcent lang ng sales ng iphones. Overpriced kasi mga phones nila although the best naman ang quality, kaya lang mahigpit ang competition ngayon lalo na sa pricing especially mga chinese brands. Eh mas saleable pa ang lenovo and huawei compare to it.

  21. ross says:

    ang mahal kasi eh kung ginaya lang nila ang Samsung at LG makaka laban pa sana sila iba pa rin naman gumawa ang Sony, kaso nga sa specs atrasado tapos mahal

  22. 1cho says:

    Bababalik ako sa SONY pag bumalik sila sa 1 year release cycle ng Z Series.

  23. Ling says:

    Sayang naman.
    I have tried many smartphones such as Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung and even an iphone the past two years. I have been switching because I could not find a fitting phone for me.

    Nung bumili ako nung sony xperia swak na lahat. Features, camera quality (back cam), durability (promise ilang beses ko nabagsak), UI and even the water resistance feature. Plus the look feels classy (medyo annoying lang yung thickness). It’s not even laggy.

    Problema kasi, not all can afford quality phones kaya nalugi sila. Switch na sa chinese smartphones.
    Bye sony :( sana yung mga papalit di na cheap-ass low quality sh*t.

  24. apa says:

    they will never follow the “Cheap” trend because they believe that they are “SONY”. xperia mobiles phones are premium phones, hence higher price.

  25. Arvin says:

    they will never follow the “Cheap” trend because they believe that they are “SONY”. xperia mobile phones are premium phones, hence higher price.

  26. thor says:

    too bad… their UI was one of the best, least modded/skinned out of the android devices. they had the best looking android phones(at least for me)…

    im still wondering what could’ve happened had sony agreed to license OSX on Vaio from Apple back in the day. Siguro Xperia would’ve been running on iOS instead of Android.

  27. Sad news, i have numerous sony products now ( xperia, bravia, ps and cameras). Sony is known for their product quality, style and durability. Hope they continue to prosper

  28. mang kanor's ghost says:

    I’m still waiting for HTC’s collapse. HTC and Sony likes to overprice their phones.

  29. utol says:

    Pricing killed Sony… ang daming mura na brand and yet Sony is always above them, Samsung, LG, Sharp. Then here comes Devant, Skyworth and TCL to add injury to the price point.

    Kung kaya nung ibang brands na mura, why can’t they? Just wondering

  30. SpiderWak says:

    Just when I’m waiting for the Z4 so I can upgrade from Z. Change of plan.

  31. r41n says:


    “Lots of media speculation re: our future today – don’t believe the rumours. Looking forward to a busy & exciting MWC!”

  32. Nemo says:

    No No Nooooooo! Y! Dahil yan sa Mga cheap na Android phones

  33. elj says:

    not surprised.
    Sony pricing is expensive. Tatapatan mo pa ang iPhone sa presyohan.
    I bought my Xperia for its ‘waterproof’ perk, sadly, it wasn’t as waterproof as I expected. Then there goes after sales service, it was a crappy one. They can do better, really. Overall, I was not satisfied, and maybe others too. If many were satisfied, Sony should have succeeded. Too bad, Xperia.

  34. rey says:

    i’d still choose sony over other phones. i had the z ultra, the z1 and iphone 5s. and now i bought the z3. sony performs just like how iphone 5s does. both feels and look premium. sayang nga lang at hindi mabenta sa tao ang sony. i hope hindi basta mawala sony xperia sa market and also their updates.

  35. THE SOURCE OF ALL says:

    SONY is the Source of all those ideas Big leading Manufacturers are imitating..

    I am an Electronics Engineer and have opened many electronics circuitry boards on different brands especially Leading Products.

    What I have found out is they were all imitations from the first one who made it… The SONY.

    I salute Sony for being SILENT without even dealing with those patent wars where others takes advantage and what funny as well is that the smartwatch thing… hehehe..

    Advertisement Lures and fools viewers and consumers.

    And If it is the hardware i am talking then its the sony electronics I admire most.

    It just happens sony software side is at it’s edge. Hope they have software developers as good as google.

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