Spotify updates its Home screen with separate sections for Music and Podcasts

Spotify has just announced that it will be revamping the experience of its Home feed to include separate feeds for both “Music” and “Podcasts & Shows”.

Upon viewing, it may look like not much has changed, but on the top of the Home page, you’ll see two buttons, one for Music and one for Podcasts & Shows. Spotify stated that its new interface will allow users to easily scroll through the type of content they are looking for and make the experience more personalized.

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This allows users to quickly access their Music feed with quick access suggestions based on their music taste, music recommendations, and quick access buttons to share, like, and play music.

While the Podcast & Shows feed will allow users to head straight for new episodes of their favorite shows. Personalized podcast recommendations will also be shown while making reading podcast descriptions, saving to Your Episodes, and playing podcasts much easier without leaving the page.


The new Home feed may not look like much, but for Podcast listeners, it makes it much easier to find the podcast you wish to listen to.

The new Home redesign is currently rolling out to Android devices. While iOS users will need to wait for future updates coming in the near future.

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