Star Wars: Jedi Challenges receive local multiplayer

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges receive local multiplayer

If you ever wanted to fight your best bud in a headlong lightsaber match, then now is the right time as Lenovo and Disney add local multiplayer to their Augmented Reality (AR) Star Wars game, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges.


Star Wars: Jedi Challenges came out November of last year and features three distinct game modes: Lightsaber battlesStrategic, and Holochess (More info on each mode here). This time around, we get a new mode in the form of Lightsaber Versus Mode, which is the local multiplayer feature. As the name suggests, this lets two players go head-to-head in an augmented reality lightsaber duel. Of course, this would require players to have two sets of the game.

The whole set of Star Wars: Challenges (Mirage VR headset, Lightsaber, and needed accessories) is priced at Php 14,995 and is available at select local retailers (Villman, Silicon Valley, Gigahertz, DS Gadgets, and Select PC Express).

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