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Subaru Philippines Car Prices for 2018

Along with other automobile manufacturers, Subaru (Motor Image Pilipinas) also announced their new adjusted price list for 2018 due to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) package.

WRXWRX + L 2.0 CVTPHP 1,908,000 PHP 2,008,000
WRX STIWRX STI 2.5 M/TPHP 2,618,000 PHP 2,748,000
Forester2.0i-L CVTPHP 1,468,000PHP 1,548,000
2.0i-P CVTPHP 1,678,000PHP 1,768,000
2.0XT CVTPHP 1,948,000PHP 2,048,000
Impreza2.0i-S CVTPHP 1,388,000 PHP 1,458,000
Levorg1.6GT-S CVTPHP 1,748,000PHP 1,838,000
BRZ 2.0 A/TPHP 1,958,000 PHP 2,058,000
2.0 M/TPHP 1,958,000 PHP 2,058,000
Outback3.6R-S CVTPHP 2,288,000PHP 2,408,000
2.5i-S CVTPHP 2,068,000 PHP 2,178,000
XV2.0i CVTPHP 1,348,000PHP 1,418,000
2.0i-S CVTPHP 1,538,000PHP 1,618,000
Legacy2.5i-S CVTPHP 1,808,000PHP 1,898,00
Legacy 3.6 CVTPHP 2,098,000PHP 2,208,000


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