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Synology releases C2 Backup

Synology has announced the launch of its newest Synology C2 cloud application, the C2 Backup.

The C2 Backup is the company’s solution for data protection for Windows devices. It comes in 2 available packages: C2 Backup For Individuals and C2 Backup For Business.

Users who register for C2 Backup For Individuals until the end of 2021 are offered an extended 90-day free trial period. It allows users to back up all of their files from a single console, which includes system configurations, software, files and folders, as well as external drives.

Data backed up on C2 Backup is fully shielded against unauthorized access by end-to-end AES-256 encryption, with a user-held private key necessary to unlock backup files and sensitive information.


Moreover, C2 Backup allows users also to schedule their backups according to their preference, as well as events such as screen locking, account logout, or device power-up.

In the event of device failure, data loss, or ransomware attacks, C2 Backup’s fast recovery methods allow users to quickly resume services. File-level recovery allows you to retrieve any file you need immediately, while entire devices can be restored to their previous state with bare-metal recovery.

C2 Backup For Business will additionally let Microsoft 365 users back up data stored on Exchange Online.

Pricing for C2 Backup For Individuals is based on storage use, with no limit to the number of devices protected under each subscription. Annual subscription rates start at USD 2,50 per month for 300 GB of backed up data or under USD 8,50 per month to protect up to 2 TB.

You may visit the official Synology website for more information.

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