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T-Pain’s auto-tuned voice will guide you through traffic

There have been a lot of famous identities that gave their voice as assistants for the traffic navigation app Waze. Now, it’s time to auto-tune your way through EDSA since T-Pain is here to give you a heads-up of the latest events on the road.


We remember T-Pain as the artist that popularized the auto-tune effect applied to the voice to have that robotic effect. We’ve also seen T-Pain appear in hit tracks like “I’m on a Boat”.

To get him to start telling you where the next police is, simply open your Waze app and head to the settings menu and look for Sound>Navigation Guidance. From the selection, hit T-Pain and the app will begin to download the new prompts.


Of course, it’s better  to do all that at home and download thru Wi-Fi than while driving — saves both data and is way safer.

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