TCL previews devices with 'Dragon Hinge' at MWC

TCL previews devices with ‘Dragon Hinge’ at MWC

2019 is sure becoming a year of foldable phones as TCL Communications unveiled its version of the said category, this time sporting what the company calls a Dragon Hinge.


The said technology creates a mechanical housing for these devices, allowing them to fold and bend in support of a variety of uses. In turn, it enables the display to transform effortlessly and seamlessly. As seen with this CNET story, the Dragon hinge can allow the company to build a plethora of devices, including one that changes from a phone to a clock.

Several uses of TCL’s Dragon hinge displayed as concept devices at the MWC. Photo courtesy of CNET

TCL is expected to use this technology on its future devices and may include global brands under its portfolios such as Alcatel and Blackberry, with the first consumer-ready device said to be ready by 2020.

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