TECNO TAIVOS Labs focus on the future of mobile imaging technology

TECNO TAIVOS Labs focus on the future of mobile imaging technology

TECNO has started TAIVOS Labs that focus on innovative and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs for mobile imaging technology. TAIVOS Lab is the short-term for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution Lab, which was set up to enhance photography and videography through the latest technology.

TECNO’s labs have been involved in numerous in-depth research and analysis that contributed to many of the new camera innovations.

“Based on these grand objectives, our TAIVOS laboratory studies our devices extensively to make some deeper innovations that our users will enjoy and benefit from. We want to redefine how the mobile camera is perceived and what it can do for our users,” said Jiangtao Li, Senior Director of TECNO Imaging Product and Head of TECNO TAIVOS Labs.

One of TECNO’s grand challenges it had to overcome was to cater to the many varying views of beauty over different regions and cultures, combining the best of the past and the present. Moreover, TECNO added more than 200 professionals to its research team, successfully producing more than 6,120 Evaluation Scenarios spanning 115 countries.

According to Li, TECNO is putting in so much effort because it is not enough to advance technology. Still, it is essential to build it with diversity in mind so that everyone can enjoy and utilize mobile imaging technology together.


TECNO claims that TAIVOS Lab’s final products have continually exceeded the expectations of consumers, producing man successful commercialized features. Specifically, TECNO TAIVOS certified cameras could reach a remarkable 4,500 fine-tuning settings thanks to the 3A Algorithm and ISP (Image Signal Processor) module.

Pictures that are inclusive of all demographics and all three primary skin types, particularly those with darker skin tones, are sharpened. A comprehensive Material Library covers nine skin types and 76 categories so that everyone, regardless of demographic, gets to enjoy these improved features. On the Camon 18 Premier, these optimizations enable excellent visuals even in low-light situations, according to TECNO.

Furthermore, TAIVOS Lab’s innovative deep technologies are also evident in its Image Algorithm Technology. Using AI algorithms for Image Super-Resolution, low-resolution images caused by digital zoom can be recovered. As a result, even for those with close to no photography skills, images on TECNO’s upcoming flagship will turn out to be more explicit, richer in detail, and more true-to-life.

TAIVOS Lab has also patented various technologies to support the innovative ideas churned out by the lab. For example, featured inside the upcoming CAMON 18 Premier is a self-developed Galileo Algorithm Engine. Thanks to this new engine, TECNO says that users can enjoy ultra-long-distance shooting effects comparable to astronomical telescopes and pixel-level image segmentation accuracy, all from the comfort of the smartphone in their pocket.

“TAIVOS Lab has allowed us to enable our users to analyze and recombine photos on a pixel level, bringing out the best photos for our users. Now with the Camon 18 Premier, we are extending this technology to video. Hardware is only half the battle. We work incessantly to improve our software to bring the best user experience to our customers. TAIVOS Lab is at the forefront of mobile imaging technology today, and we will keep you excited for years and decades to come,” Li concluded.

To recap, the TECNO Camon 18 series has been launched in the Philippines this November.

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