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This app rewards you while you read the news

There’s just so many happenings in the country—much more in the world that it’s becoming more of a challenge to catch up. When you don’t have your TV all the time or you can’t trust every social media news, try using SnippetMedia.

This app gives you a personalized look at all the latest news from big news portals such as CNN Philippines, Rappler, and even BuzzFeed.

In the app, there’s a “For You” tab that features a curated feed based on your interests and reading habits. Other tabs can also be personalized to highlight categories that you enjoy following the most. Some of the top categories on the app are Entertainment, Sports, Tech, and Lifestyle.

Meanwhile, there’s a community of content creators that are encouraged to write on any topic that interests them and post these same stories on the platform called SnippetX to share them online.

But what’s more interesting is that SnippetMedia makes reading rewarding in a literal way. With every time you use the app to read articles or watch videos, you’re rewarded with points called “Kachings.” These Kachings can be used to redeem items in the SnippetMall, an online marketplace that is still adding purchasable items.

SnippetMall include prepaid load (Globe, Smart, Sun, or TNT), Garena, GCash, Coins.ph, or pocket WiFi. More items are coming to SnippetMall such as codes and offers from Grab, Zalora, GMovies, 7/11, and Honestbee, with even more in the works.

The SnippetMedia app is available for download on Google Play and on the App Store so nobody needs to be left out. Download the app for free here.

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  1. JC says:

    Paid article isn’t it?

  2. leen says:

    “latest news from the trusted news portals such as CNN Philippines, Rappler, and even BuzzFeed” – duh!

  3. Mark kenneth says:

    Wow a latest news

  4. Tweetie says:

    Cant redeem anytime i suppose to do.. what time should i redeem? Please help

  5. cristina says:

    hi guys please use my invitation code
    1714554 thanks thanks legit to.

  6. Glouiele joy says:

    Hi pls.use my code 2883812 for more rewards????

  7. Cristina morales says:


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