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This smart underwear can eliminate your back pain

A team of mechanical engineers from Vanderbilt university aims to change the world of back pain solutions by using the sciences of biomechanics and wearable tech. A “Smart, mechanized undergarment” is the result of this.

The device has been proven to reduce stress on the lower back, and works by engaging when you double tap your shirt, or by controlling it via an app on your smartphone. It is comprised of two sections of fabric that are worn on the chest and legs. Activating the device then offloads the stress your back would be taking, onto sturdy straps that connect the two fabric sections.

During testing, eight different subjects wore the device and lifted 25 and 55-pound weights while holding their positions at various angles. It was found that the device reduced activity in the lower back muscles by 15 to 45 percent. 

The smart underwear is set to debut at a biomechanics conference in Boulder, Colorado, between August 8-11.

Source:  Vanderbilt

Via:  Techradar


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  1. Avatar for el gato el gato says:

    it is not an underwear. it is the work pants of batman/buttman.

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