Top Gear Philippines sued for Online Libel

Top Gear Philippines sued for Online Libel

Nestor Punzalan has finally filed an online libel lawsuit against the editorial team of Top Gear Philippines after the online publication wrongfully pointing him as the culprit of the road rage incident last month (see story here).

The complaint was filed today by Punzalan at the NBI Cyber Crimes Division, according to a tweet by @nicobaua.


Punzalan also wants Top Gear PH Editor-in-Chief removed from his post in the publication. Top Gear PH is operated by Summit Media in the Philippines.

Topgear EIC earlier admitted to the accusations and posted on his FB wall:

“I was responsible for posting the photo of Mr. Punzalan’s vehicle, and I realize now that I shouldn’t have done so. I accept full responsibility. This is all on me. I will do my best to reach out to Mr. Punzalan and personally apologize to him and his family. The buck stops here. This is all my fault…”

See previous story regarding this incident here.

Updated (August 19, 2016): Our friend from the motoring industry have relayed to us that Vernon Sarne has resigned from his post as Editor-in-Chief of Top Gear Philippines. A team member of TGP has also confirmed this but wants to remain anonymous.

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10 Responses

  1. BottomPedal says:

    Yes! Another vacant job to be filled in.

  2. Mel says:

    Nestor Punzalan should also ask BBC Worldwide (owners of the Top Gear brand/trademark) to terminate their franchise/branding contract with Summit Media for being such douches.

  3. Aniway Lorica says:

    I’m happy for TopGear. Hahaha.

  4. Curious says:

    I wonder why its so hard to forgive something like this. Remember, it was precisely this type of anger which caused Tanto to shoot Geralde. Why the hate when the offending person has asked for an apology? With Tanto behind bars, everybody now knows the truth.

    • manuel says:

      Because Punzalan received death threats which is no laughing matter, now imagine yourself in the same situation.

    • Angbaitko says:

      Curious ka kase hindi mo alam at hindi mo naiintindihan ang pinagdaanan ng tao at ng pamilya niya. Kung lahat ng bagay ay nadadaan sa apology e di wala sanang nakakulong.

    • Mel says:

      Bright idea Curious. Why don’t you run for congress or senate and pass a bill that if someone commits a crime or violation, “saying sorry” is enough to free him from law suit.

  5. Meow says:

    Its about ethics and integrity. Kaya dapat lang mag resign.

  6. TOBATZ says:

    That was brave and admirable. What more do we want? To make him shoot himself on the head? Let’s just be thankful for Mr. Punzalan that nothing bad happened to him at that time when he was wrongfully identified. And it’s his right to sue them. But for one who is seemingly asking for more blood from the culprit is something else. If they lose in the libel case, that’s already justice attained, and let’s appreciate our democratic system for that.

  7. theprodigal says:

    @Curious, a crime was committed. If sorry is enough, that makes our laws nil, and our lawmakers inutile for passing such laws. Think…

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