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Twitch Sings shuts down on 2021

Online community platform Twitch has recently announced the end of the Twitch Sings.

By January 1, 2021, the live singing karaoke software will be shut down. Twitch Sings allow users to sing with their friends on multiplayer modes, choose songs from its content library, stream it live, customize avatars, and share performances across social media.

Twitch also released an entire backlog of 400 new songs that users may enjoy for the remaining months. The removal of videos and clips on Sings will take place on December 1 following its contractual obligations. However, users may save their past broadcasts. For more information, they may click this link.


Those who shared clips may also archive their shared clips. For preserving open duets, users must first finish them as completed duets, then download it. See this link to know more.

Users may check download and try the Twitch Sings for free on Windows and Mac here.

Twitch hinted that it is working something to bring artists to their fans on their platform.

Previously, Twitch has recently rolled out its newest Watch Parties feature.

Source: Twitch

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