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Twitter to add Read Before You Tweet prompt

Twitter is recently testing a new prompt that encourages readers to read an article before they can retweet it.

Dubbed as Read Before You Tweer prompt, Twitter’s newest initiative ensures its users to be well informed before being allowed to share news article on their feed. It also combats misinformation which is currently rampant on social media. Currently testing on Android devices, the prompt asks users to open the article they are about to share once it detected that they haven’t opened it yet on Twitter.

According to Twitter, people opened articles 40% more often after seeing the prompt which helps disseminate information to its readers. The company also shared that people who open articles before retweeting on the platform increased by 33%. Some, on the other hand, didn’t end up retweeting the article after they have read it.

Currently, Twitter is working on making the prompt smaller after reading the article once and plans to roll out the update globally.

Source: Twitter

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