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Uber expands coverage to the east — Cainta and Antipolo included

Starting today, May 2, 2016, Uber operations will now bring you to the east side of Metro Manila including Cainta and select areas of Taytay, Antipolo, and San Mateo.

Updated: Surcharge only applies from Manila to the areas mentioned.



When you’re headed towards the east, there will be an automatic East Surcharge worth Php60 which is meant “to ensure the economic sustainability of expanding Uber Manila’s coverage area.”

It’s important to note that the surcharge is only added when you’re coming from Manila to the aforementioned locations and not from there — so if you live in Cainta, for example, you can get a ride from Uber going to Manila with no additional charge.

Curious if your place is within the expanded coverage area? You can enter your destination  on the Uber app before hitting the Request button. The app should let you know if the location is outside of Uber’s coverage.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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3 Responses

  1. “It’s important to note that the service only covers going to the aforementioned locations and not from them — so if you live in Cainta, for example, you can only get a ride from Uber going home but not going to Manila.”

    I think you misunderstood their announcement. I have been able to get rides from Cainta to any part of Metro Manila since UberX launched in the Philippines. The surcharge ONLY applies to rides from Metro Manila TO the new areas, the surcharge will not apply if you booked FROM the new areas.

    “riders who take trips to (not from) the newly-included areas will see an additional PHP60 East Surcharge on top of their fares for trips TO the East (not from).” – Uber Manila

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