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UNO Digital Bank uses AI to empower staff, delight customers

In order to empower UNO Digital Bank‘s customer relationship management systems, UNObank Inc. is working with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions BUSINESSNEXT to fully equip the bank’s relationship managers.

Uno Digital Bank

The new tech-heavy is set to bring in timely insights in order to swiftly authorize transactions, resolve issues, and satisfy clients in the hopes of resulting in a concierge-like, smooth, fast, and secure onboarding process.

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“We promised customers that we will be innovation-led. Businessnext‘s solutions help elevate the customer experience with a very fast account setup, and a list of pre-approved products,” said Manish Bhai, chief executive of UNObank Inc. “We also promised our stakeholders that we will be growth focused. The Businessnext solutions deliver a holistic, intelligent view of the customer that supports and enables our relationship managers to make quick decisions to upsell, cross sell, and lock in customers.”

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UNObank Inc. chose the Crmnext and Collectionsnext solutions to deliver end-to-end sales automation.

“Our solutions help to eliminate the barriers that can arise between humans and digital channels and enable omni-channel customer interactions from a single, unified platform,” says Sushil Tyagi, executive director, Businessnext. “This will enable UNO Digital Bank to operate with operational excellence and deliver experiences that are personalized, relevant and timely based on complete understanding of customers.”

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