vivo launches OriginOS

vivo launches OriginOS

vivo has officially launched its latest operating system, the OriginOS.

After a year in the making, the brand new OriginOS has been unveiled, showing off a different experience from the previous FunTouchOS in terms of UI and interaction. The new OS focuses on a redesigned widget system, advanced gestures, memory optimizations, behavioral wallpapers, and the like.

The new OS makes use of a new desktop grid system tagged as the KIotski grid. It allows users to easily customize and rearrange the home screen with multiple widgets of different sizes. It is identified to be inspired by the game Huarong Road.


However, the equivalent of displaying notifications on the desktop app’s display, dubbed as Nano Alerts, lets users get notified without the need to open the app. The widgets also flaunt various changing looks to carry information, including a sun or a rainy cloud for the weather app, shifting message bubbles for the SMS app, and more. Besides, tapping on a widget opens to reveal additional information and controls.

The OriginOS is equipped with Multi-Turbo 5.0, a set of memory optimization techniques. The techniques include the Memory Fusion that fuses RAM and ROM through algorithm optimization, a feature that optimizes memory usage, and an application preload speeds up app start-up times by suggesting which app you will open next and providing the necessary data.

Users can opt for a sky background that showcases various weather effects, like clouds and wind. Not just that, the new features also include behavioral wallpapers that flaunt complex motions. It features live wallpapers like a timelapse of flowers blooming, allowing users to modify the animation speed.

vivo has not yet revealed information about the new OS’s availability; stay tuned to our page for more updates.

Source: Sparrow News, via GSMArena

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