Waze rolls out new features for better navigation

Waze rolls out new features for better navigation

GPS navigation platform Waze has announced new features for users’ needs, enabling them to fulfill safer driving experience.

Waze users can able to expect and adjust travel plans as Waze connects driver’s needs and preferences with information shared through the Waze community.  As it receives an update, drivers may get to enjoy new features such as trip suggestions, recent locations, and the Live Map Save to App function.

Live Map Save to App

Through the new Live Map Save to App function, users can now be able to save itinerary directly to the Waze app on their devices. It provides a seamless experience across platforms as well as simplifies the process of drive planning through finding the best route and time to leave.


Moreover, drivers can also benefit from the Waze’s real-time hyperlocal expertise such as quick search, lane guidance, ETA improvements, and a Batman theme.

Lane Guidance

With the quick search, drivers can find the closest gas station and parking lots along the way. The lane guidance, on the other hand, instructs drivers on which lane to be in when merging or exiting a stretch of freeway or highway. This helps drivers to make fewer mistakes in driving to keep original arrival time. The ETA calculations in some areas where there are fewer drivers have also been improved with this update.

ETA Improvements: Route Change, Traffic Jams

Furthermore, the recently rolled-out Batman theme feature activates the Batman experience by selecting the iconic voice of Batman (Kevin Conroy) or the Riddler (Wally Wingert) to guide drivers toward the trip. This Batman theme feature is available globally in English, Spanish, and Portuguese only until October 31, 2020.

These new features are now available on the Waze app for both Android and iOS. You may also visit the Waze website for more information.

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