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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 scores 103 on DxOMark

Xiaomi‘s new Mi Mix 3 isn’t launching without a highlight of its camera prowess, and that is reflected with a high DxOMark overall score.

Just published today in time for the Mi Mix 3 launch is the imaging analysis company’s take on the new Xiaomi device. Scoring 103 points overall, the device easily beats its Mi Mix 2S predecessor, as well as the Mi 8 flagship’s imaging capabilities.


DxOMark cites fast, accurate, and repeatable autofocus, accurate white balance with bright, vivid colors, a wide dynamic range in outdoor and indoor shots, and a good flash performance in giving the device a 108-point score in photography.  “The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3’s key strengths for still photos are exceptional color in all lighting conditions, but especially shooting outdoors; fast and accurate autofocus performance; and outstanding flash pictures, which are among the best we’ve tested,” as published in its analysis.

Video taking, on the other hand, seems to be at par with the Mi 8 as it garners a 93 score. “Video performance is very similar to the Mi 8’s, although improved stabilization gives the Mi MIX 3 an advantage when shooting low-light movies,” it said.

Overall, the Mi Mix 3, according to DxOMark, is a capable all-rounder device. “For still photos, it’s up there with some of the best devices we’ve tested, with good color, dynamic range, texture, and flash performance,” it has mentioned.

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