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ZTE Open running Firefox OS to be sold on eBay for $80

ZTE announced today that it will make the Firefox OS-powered smartphone, the ZTE Open, available directly on eBay for a selling price of jut $79.99.

Firefox OS is a new mobile platform that completely relies on web technologies.

The mobile operating system is very new but has already gained a number of supporters from mobile manufacturers, including ZTE. The OS requires very small footprint and can operate with a minimum hardware requirement of 800MHz processor and 256MB RAM.

FireFox OS:
Company: Mozilla Foundation
Source Model: Open Source
OS Architecture: Monolithic (Linux Kernel)
Supported App Framework: HTML5
User Interface: Gaia

Min. Hardware Requirements:
Processor: 800MHz
Display: QVGA
Announcement Date: July 25, 2010 (Boot to Gecko), July 2012 (Firefox OS)
Status: In development, target launch on Q3 2013
Devices: Alcatel, LG Electronics, ZTE, Huawei, TCL Corporation, Sony

The ZTE open is a 3.5-inch handset with a 1.0GHz Qualcomm MSM7225A Snapdragon processor, 256MB RAM and 512MB internal storage expandable up to 32GB (2GB included).


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20 Responses

  1. Jerome says:

    Any chance that this would reach our country? :P

    • Havoc says:

      Since it will sold directly on eBay, a resounding YES!

      Hopefully no one will buy thousands of them at any one time tho…

    • Felix says:

      yes as Smart Communications have offered support to Firefox OS so more or less magkakaroon tayo ng F-OS smartphone

  2. dasd says:


  3. -Joe says:

    Gusto din sumikat ni Firefox kaya pinakawalan nya na lang yong OS. simple saying firefox OS finally debuts.

    Iwan ko kung ilan na pa yong sasali dito na nuisance candidate?

    Below is the list of Mobile Phone OS
    Apple iOS = FreeBSD Kernel(closed-source)
    Windows 8 = NT Kernel (Windows Proprietary)
    Android = Linux Kernel (Open-source)
    Firefox = Linux Kernel (Open-source)
    Ubuntu touch = Linux Kernel (Open-source)
    Bada OS = Linux Kernel (discontinue)
    Maemo 5 = Linux Kernel (discontinue)

    Below is the link shows Ubuntu Touch beats Firefox OS to win best of MWC from CNET.

    I still expecting Ubuntu touch kung kailan ito lalabas. I heard it Q4 2013 pa. Iba naman yong Ubuntu Edge project na may meron quota na 30 million para sa kanilang investment project.

  4. wew says:

    i dont hink it will sell,masyadong bago ang OS atska wala naman siyang malaking advantage sa iba…

  5. wew says:

    and to add more, hindi rin siya bebenta dahil ZTE ang naglabas,di ko sinasabi na low quality phones ang ZTE phones dahil galing china siya(im aware na isa to sa largest cellphone manufacturers today)kasi kung sakaling premium brands ang naglabas nito pede pa sana

    • Tsino says:

      Still there are lots of people having misconceptions about products made in China. -.-
      Most premium brands and maybe like the one’s you are currently using were assembled in China. Lenovo & Huawei are Chinese companies. Don’t compare registered/authorized chinese manufaturers with those illegal/clone makers one’s. I not a supporter of China nor a supporter btw. haha

    • wew says:

      @Tsino i dont know if youre on the wrong thread but if you intended to comment here,pls READ AGAIN my comment,im not included to those people who have misconceptions to Chinese products…im just saying that if other well-known brands which can be classified as a pemium one(like samsung,nokia,bb,apple to name a few),this phone might sell pero dahil ZTE ang naglabas,which is not a premium brand mahihirapan sila

  6. Name:mdm782010 says:

    pwede ba jan mag opera mini para medyo matipid sa load.

  7. Name:mdm782010 says:

    pwede ba jan mag opera mini para medyo matipid sa load?

  8. abuzalzal says:

    Meh. From the OS to the specs, this is another FAIL AT FIRST SIGHT product. My quad-core tab beats this piece of shit anytime of the day because my tab’s “proudly pinoy” and it comes with Android, the only OS you’ll need if you’re professional…hahahah!

    Hahaha walang binatbat ang ibang OS sa Android lalo na yung Windows…hahaha mga basurang OS!

    Oh sino gusto magpabili sa akin ng android device nang mapalitan na yang bulok nyong Windows, lol.

    Windows users = losers

    • hackerops says:

      Meh? We’re not talking about Windows here.

      Professionals use BlackBerry OS or iOS, just dunno if you’re indeed a professional.

      Also, Firefox OS is intended for emerging markets, thus the scaled down specs. Basa-basa kapag may time ha? http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/os/

    • HAHA says:

      Android for Professionals daw. @[email protected]

      Businessmen use Blackberry devices for it has proven security than Android that is considered to have the least.

      Proudly Pinoy daw. @[email protected]

      Local manufacturers here in PH (as of this very hour) never make their own devices, they just acquire them from foreign oem manufacturers, then rebrand them.

    • NecroPoster says:

      first of all, android is power hungry, that’s why it has all the biggest specs.. iOS dont need those QuadCore (at least today)..
      WindowsPhone doesnt need them either, Dual Core with a 512mb memory is f***ing smooth.

      so if you’re saying that windows users are for losers, then you’d be better off not typing that using you’re computer.

      oh btw, the phone is an entry level one so you should not expect more.

      and oh, Android is prone to attacks, and their app market is full of shit, and oh, dont forget that most of their “good” apps started in iOS.

  9. silent b0bjay says:

    cool lang mga tol. jah is love. puff and pass.

  10. Paopee says:

    chill mga tols! why is there so much hateeeee!!

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