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Blizzard announces Diablo 3

Blizzard Entertainment has just announced the 3rd installation of one of my all-time favorite game — Diablo 3. Coming really, really soon to your desktop PC and bringing tons of sleepless nights.

One new character class will be introduced — a Witch Doctor.


New classes include the Witch Doctor in addition to the previous characters Diablo players are all familiar with. One of the characters, the Barbarian, have been redone with new skills unique to Diablo III.

diablo 3

Diablo III is powered by a new graphics engine that can display characters and hordes of monsters in more realistic, full 3D environments.

diablo 3

Much more random environments and NPCs will also be introduced so each gameplay will have a unique feel and outcome to it.

Check out the trailer below:

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38 Responses

  1. sylv3rblade says:

    out in 3 years time? It’s one good reason for me to dump my old rig and save up for a new one XD.

  2. minor says:

    next adsense payment = new rig for diablo III

  3. Abs Yasin says:

    i was hoping for this Announcement from Paris & it came true!

    Thank God it’s about time!

  4. jhay says:

    My first dSLR could wait. I’m buying a new rig for this one instead. :D

  5. Time to buy a new video card :D

  6. Erin says:

    ah, the joy of having enough time to devote to playing. :(


  7. Jan Alvin says:

    Oras na para mag-addict!!

  8. Dusty says:

    It also requires a Physics Card …. doh

  9. Abs Yasin says:

    3 years time? from the looks of the gameplay, they should release it a year & a half from now. graphics isn’t that heavy but i have to say… it has improved so much that i was amazed about this witch doctor’s skills including the wall of zombies! man that was “Sweet”!

    it’s about time that i have to say goodbye to D2 LOD…

    i’d forget every PC games & focus on this one. because i know some grew to love Diablo saga.


  10. calvin says:

    ayos, by that time my current rig needs to retire.

  11. Actually, give it 2 to 4 years.
    Activision Blizzard is a business, they need to do a very good timing for their products. Being “Blizzard”, the risks are high to eat a chunk of their other customers.

    I explained it briefly on gameshogun.ws (click my name).. basically:

    StarCraft II = Sci-fi genre
    World of Warcraft = Fantasy/Medieval genre
    Diablo III = Fantasy/Medieval genre

    I play WoW and I broke the news to our server. Guess what most Diablo fans said? “Goodbye WoW, hello D3!”

    That IS a bad sign for Activzard/Blizzvision.

    If I am the board or top brass of the company, I’ll say this:

    “Delay it more. Concentrate on WoW. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION is more important than ONE-TIME PAYMENT, and don’t forget, these LAN games are prime targets for piracy.”

    Second point, they still have SC2 to release.
    Third, they still have Wrath of the Lich King (and they already started for WoW’s 3rd XPAC by now).

    Yep, D3 was started on 2004. It does look like to be ready ;) But that’s Blizzard, their success has always been with their good timing of releases ^^

    Besides, if they want to make money, they will release it far between releases of their other products.

    Customers Budget
    Lifespan of each product releases (pag sawa na 50% then release the next product)
    Competitors (we can’t deny the fact that Online Games and LAN Games do compete with each other)

  12. jlaurence says:

    do every one here knows when it will be out in the market??? so that i can prepare for it.. tnx..

  13. mhonsterkill says:

    can’t wait when it would be released???
    addict mode has wake up!!!!!!!

  14. deadman16 says:

    plss release that diablo 3… and i buy that im exited!!!!!

  15. hotshot says:

    kailan ba labas sa pinas yan cant wait!!!!!

  16. swattave_09 says:

    BOOOOssshhh…. boosshh….

  17. markymark says:

    Read this from another fansite.

    Now, prepare to be surprised by some of the reasoning behind this “news”. Diablo 3 release date has been a hot topic and we’ve all heard the usual Blizzard rhetoric that Diablo 3 will come out WHEN the game is ready.

    First, some background: a guy who played Diablo 2 for years got a DOL rune and experimented with it until it crushed the game. He got an error message … a series of meaningless numbers. Or are they?

    64 69 61 62 6c 6f 20 33 20 20 30 39 2f 30 39 2f 30 39.

    So why is this significant in ANY way? OK, this is the geek part: 64 69 61 62 6c 6f 20 33 20 20 30 39 2f 30 39 2f 30 39 is hex for : Diablo 3 09/09/09. That means that if you translate the hexadecimal code, it gives you Diablo 3’s release date.

    Now, the critical part. How likely is that Diablo 2 developers knew in advance when Diablo 3 will be released? NOT LIKELY. At the same time, if I were head of development at Blizzard and I was a bit of a numerology freak… I’d pick EXACTLY this date. Why?

    Well, it’s pretty obvious. 09-09-09 represents 666 if you turn it upside down. The number of the beast! (cue the Iron Maiden song here)

    You decide if its true or not.

  18. Foot Long says:

    this has to be the biggest load of bullshiznizzle i have ever come across in my life. a HEX CODE. are you kidding me? wtf man. here you are, putting all this false hope into ppl’s hearts, and it took you’re worthless story to do it.

    yeah, i read the whole thing, and somehow, i didn’t break my monitor. this error code does NOT exist. that ring he mentioned, did NOT exist, EVER. all this information isn’t even CLOSE to being true, and everyone just stumbled right over it.

    i guess anything is possible now, we have obama nigro

    this is a giant lump of donkey turd, chicken shieat

    and, They call me Foot Long, where I’m from, it’s true, i get a little dizzy sometimes

  19. spectator says:

    is diablo 3 an online game?

  20. Yeah diablo 3 is gonna be playable online.. Just expect at least another year in development, however after Blizzcon 2010 (in ocotober) I’m expecting them to give out the first wave of closed beta invites.

  21. jim says:

    wala pa sa torrent… damn, i think i have to buy licensed one.

  22. jim says:

    wala pa sa torrent… damn, i think i have to buy licensed one. dont patronize pirated materials. you fools hehehehhe

  23. top says:

    no! sana madelay pa, papasok pa lang ako college… mahirap iwasan yan! T.T baka tumambay lang ako sa dorm at maglaro niyan nakow.

  24. gwen garcy says:

    sino ang mahilig magdilig dito?
    tigang na ang bukid ko.

  25. itz says:

    Cant wait for the release of this game. they keep on extending its release date

  26. tang ina nyo labas nyo na ang diablo 3 mga DIABLO HAHAHHA

  27. patrick says:

    when this diablo 3 be released? please i can’t wait another year… release it!!! set it free!!!

  28. Edison Madon says:

    My oh my dude I need this net site. It is the very first time that My spouse and I ran into it but I Enjoyed it.. Indeed will certainly come back, you made a lot of posts in at this site :D ok back to labor finally :-)

  29. Mr Jake says:

    It’s a good thing you can’t pirate this game, otherwise I’ll have to suffer playing this with squatter filipinos who are the worst and least classy of players out there

    • Mookie says:

      They’re everywhere. some also call them “Trolls”. :-)

    • Mr Jake Superior says:

      You sir are the “squatter” judging by your name calling. Grow up.

    • Mitee de la Cruz says:

      I hate to burst your bubble but the game could be pirated through server emulation. They already did it on the beta server. Only a couple of days or weeks and they would be finish doing the files for the other acts. Search mooege. They did it on SC2, WoW, and other blizzard games.

    • Mookie says:

      @Mitee de la Cruz:

      Some goes for Legit & some just gonna hack it off.

      it’s just the way it is. wether or not if fake users get detected. it’s just like they put themselves into legal trouble.

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