Next Assassin's Creed about Philippine Revolution?

Next Assassin’s Creed about Philippine Revolution?

There is a chance that in the future, Ubisoft will release an Assassin’s Creed game that will have its plot center around Filipino rebellions against the colonizers, but just how big is this possibility?

AC rebellion

Assassin’s Creed games have played with different points in history such as the American Revolution, the Golden Age of Piracy and most recently, the French Revolution. With that said, it’s not too difficult to imagine AC exploring other countries’ histories, and with our country having many revolutions written in our books, the ideas of sequels aren’t far-fetched either (Trilogy of Spanish, American & Japanese eras). So what makes us think Assassin’s Creed is planning on a Filipino take on the franchise? Their official account commented on a fan made photo saying “Interesting…”.



A lot of game franchises are already facing annual title releases, so game developers should at least be working on their next titles as soon as possible. Following Unity’s release, Ubisoft may already be looking for ideas for their future games. It’s an interesting idea, and it’ll surely be a great feeling to play great game franchises in the Philippine setting (GTA Manila anyone?), but for now, all we can do is hope – and if they do end up making one, hope again that it’s well done.

For the photo and AC’s comment, you can check out KatipunanBall.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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47 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    “Following Unity’s release, Ubisoft may already be looking for ideas for their future games.”

    They already have ideas on the drawing board for their next AC game even before AC Unity went Gold.

  2. X says:

    The Philippine setting would be like Black Flag again,. Tropics, islands, colonizers. I would like to think they will choose a more different setting or atmosphere. Hmm maybe go a little Ancient times? Im not really a fan of AC, yeah the world is gorgeous but the things you do are repetitive and shallow. The cover is funny though…

    • qazw says:

      If it would be Black Flag but in a Phil. setting then it would be boring as there would be no tall buildings to parkour on. Climbing and running on tall buildings is what I like most in the AC series.

    • deuts says:

      Pwede naman sa Intramuros eh hehe

    • anon says:

      i beg to differ my good sir. warfare in the Philippines actually happened in towns, shores, and mostly in jungles. and most of them during the night.

      this is very different from black flag. we don’t have ships during that time (even now rofl) and the tactics we used were mostly guerrilla warfare.

      if you go and check why american soldiers come here to train and how they do it even now in palawan and subic, you will be surprised. they are actually having filipino soldiers teach them the way of fighting using primitive weapons and a lot of hand to hand combat, jungle survival etc.

      if they take the spanish colonization it would be like assassin’s creed 2 brotherhood but in a different setting. asshole priests all over and their spanish soldiers. damn that would be awesome.

    • X says:

      @anon. Piracy or the naval aspect of Black Flag aside, there’s really not much this “Philippine” setting could possibly offer or differ to that series. It would be the same old villains, villages (Spanish era), the same old uninteresting sand boxed side quests (the habit of Ubisoft just like Far Cry and Watchdog) i could go all day. .. Please Ubisoft, why not make your games like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series or even better, Bioware’s Dragon Age series so i will love you…

    • Rawr says:

      Moro, Chinese, and Dutch Pirates= all are Spaniards’ headaches. Know your history. There are lots of beautiful Phil-hispanics houses or bahay na batos in the past, but most were demolished due to lack of interest of Filipinos in our history

    • X says:

      With all due respect, i know full well the Philippine’s past..even the origin of the filipino race! Or should I say Malays.. Dont want to sound like a professor here, but even if you stuff the diverse nationalities you mentioned, they will be just crowd fillers, not much relevance, the Dutch really didnt establish a foothold in the Philippines, they were just warded off through naval combat by the Spanish.their was a brief skirmish if i remember correctly, wouldn’t be much different to The british, the french, the Spanish competing for the new world? In black flags carribian setting. The point is there’s alot of other cultures in the worlds past that wouldnt feel like a black flag expansion. I respect the Nationalism although its outdated, the world is becoming one…

    • Detrolord says:
      Here man this is a suggestion of its plot
      As you can see i did a lot of research about the Philippine history they were the 1st colony who ever rebelled and almost won against a foreign power until another power came and did the worst.
      Black Flag is more of a pirate game
      Even this is a tropical island nation theirs a lot of secret societies who can be assassin he you want check the link bro.

    • xcon says:

      the real interesting concept is how the filipino elites make assasins against each other for their political interest including the alliance to their colononizer that would arise a rebellion against the real enemy (corrupt government).

  3. Christian says:

    I don’t think it’ll happen. Our colonizers were similar (but not equivalent) to previous AC people like the Spaniards and Americans.

  4. spiderman says:

    Too bad, the Philippine Revolution ended up as a failure.

    • anonymous says:

      Due to the so called “first president (Emilio Aguinaldo)” a traitor to gat andres bonifacio

    • anon says:

      my thoughts exactly lol its assassin’s creed 2: brotherhood in a tropical setting and with the templars winning :))

    • Rawr says:

      Bonifacio- Assassins
      Aguinaldo- Templars

      they joined forces at first, but the Templars stabbed them at their backs

      Spaniards and Americans- the common enemy like in Black Flag

  5. ppsspp says:

    i would like the idea of one of the spaniards is an assassin and would help the filipinos in their rebellion.

  6. Dan Dee says:

    Bob Freking,

    Youre article is crap. Hindi nirerepresent ng fanpage admin ang saloobin ng buong AC Team. Quit making this crap speculations.

    Bagay ka gumawa ng article sa tabloids.

  7. Maikeru says:

    The Fan-made cover is hilarious, Maybe they were just trying to be sarcastic with that comment. XD

  8. pong says:

    Sana yung time na lang ngayon na AC na patayin natin yung mga kawatan sa gobyerno. Ang problema lang walang hay stack na pag landing puro basura

  9. GuyveroZ says:

    GTA Manila…
    1) Bribe cops to get out of being caught
    2) Get nowhere due to traffic
    3) Play as a politician

    • Reeal says:

      Guys! You still dont know the story yet so stop being a experts and wait for the game

    • Reeal says:

      Guys! You still dont know the story of the game yet, so stop acting like an experts and wait for the game

  10. none says:

    minimum requirements:

    GTX 970 3-way SLI

  11. christian25 says:


  12. Kier says:

    Hi Guys, nakita nyo na ba yung news about ?#?AssassinsCreedRebellion?
    Support the fanpage I made for the fan-fiction AssassinsCreedRebellion and let’s make our voice be heard, so Ubisoft will know that we are in it to support this amazing idea.
    Credits to the owner of the photo, and KatipunanBall.
    All rights reserved.

  13. Kier says:

    Hi Guys, nakita nyo na ba yung news about ?#?AssassinsCreedRebellion?
    Support the fanpage I made for the fan-fiction AssassinsCreedRebellion and let’s make our voice be heard, so Ubisoft will know that we are in it to support this amazing idea.
    Credits to the owner of the photo, and KatipunanBall.
    All rights reserved.

  14. Kill says:

    GTA Manila would suck. Mas madami pang magandang lugar na pwede nilang pagtuunan ng pansin.

  15. Kek says:

    >Assassin’s Creed Fanpage Admin comments on a picture.
    >Hurr Durr Pinoy Pride. Kek.

  16. Oona says:

    So “interesting…” = planning?! Aysus!!

  17. v says:

    the article should make it clear that the picture attached is not official, its just a fan made picture. It should be within the article itself as not all people will read the comments or click on the links

  18. Ray says:

    You guys.. there is more in Philippine History you can look into… Here is Heneral Luna (General Luna).. one of Philippine History’s most brilliant military men… Watch this short movie trailer:

  19. arben says:

    I doubt this would be profitable on the Philippines. 80-90% of Filipino Gamers don’t pay for softwares/games but on a global scale there is a possibility.

  20. Abuzalzal says:

    It will be the end of the franchise if they take on the Phil setting.

  21. ahhsoracist says:

    WHAT DO YOU CALL A BLACK GUY SINGING WHITE CHRISTMAS SONG EH ANYONE? OR A WHITE GUY PLAYING BLAcK FLAg WITH A BLACK GUY? ah? if there is a black american is there a white african ……..

  22. NeoGamez says:

    If Ubisoft makes this game, it’ll make studying history MUCH easier AND funner for me! Hope Ubisoft makes this. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!

  23. Azreal says:

    The Philippine has a very big history would you want to know how many colonizers we have???
    we have three of course number one Spaniards number two English Number three American Spaniards colonized us for 333 years and The English for just a week lol their stupid and The U.S for 3 years


  24. Zeldris says:

    Guys! You still dont know the story of the game yet, so stop acting like an experts and wait for the game

  25. Raiden says:

    Imagine a Story about the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. As Crisostomo Ibarra, in Noli as Simoun (Crisostomo Ibarra) is assassin and their will be many companions as he journey about the french colonize and the priestessese (lots of them..). I hope Ubisoft will create a game. I can’t wait to GET IT!

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