A series of unfortunate events...

A series of unfortunate events…

It all started out from a short brownout yesterday afternoon. The UPS kicked in but while the PC was rebooting, it died probably due to lack of juice. Ten minutes later, the power came back but my PC wouldn’t. There’s no POST, no beep errors and no video output. This has happened before. This time, I wasn’t as lucky.

So I was off to PC Express to have it checked (either the PSU or the mobo). Since my old Athlon XP and Socket A mobo is practically obsolete, there are no spare parts to test it with. The PSU seems to be working fine though. I decided to push thru with the unscheduled upgrade. A new Asus board and Sempron 3100+ cost me 10 grand. I didn’t want to spend anything more as it would drastically reduce my budget for a new laptop.


Glad that was over. Got back home and re-installed everything. After 3 hours, the rig just died out on me — total power failure with the stinking smell of burnt plastic wires. The PSU gave out.

Back to PCX again for a new 450-watt PSU and another grand off my wallet. I realized the old one was only 300 watts and may have not been able to cope up with the system.

It’s now 6 hours hence and my WinXP Pro re-installation is crashing each time I pop in the CD. Just discovered that the on-board LAN is the culprit so I had to disable it I’m getting some serious MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION error. The new wireless mouse isn’t working too. *darn*

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4 Responses

  1. vespinoy says:

    Hey Abe, remember the rig I was telling you about last week? The one you said was too expensive? Well here I am using it. Not bad if you ask me. Intel P4 2.8 80gb hdd and 1gb RAM DVD-CDRW plus free original norton antivirus. I’ve finally relegated my loyal Athlon 1ghz to my son’s Ragnarok needs.

  2. kzap says:

    PC Express bad…… dont trust them one bit

  3. kutitots says:

    sayang, abe, sana sinagad mo na to AMD 64.

  4. vance says:

    hey yuga, well since your budgeting you should have got a msi mobo (since msi are i think cheper than asus. or try epox or asrock mobo for your sempie processor). Second have you tried checking the temp, baka may problem doon.. or the cables and all,

    well. personally i don’t like pcx, well their crew aren’t friendly enough, its like they don’t want to sell or even talk to their customers. One of the shop that i buy my computer parts is located somewhre in front, beside aurora blvd going cubao, or in front of pcexpress, Name: Dynamic Pc. they have god prices too.

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