Alienware M11x lands, priced at Php78k

Alienware M11x lands, priced at Php78k

Unveiled last January, the Dell Alienware M11x was dubbed as a high-end gaming netbook. Looks like the unit has arrived and now being listed in stores.


Dell Alienware M11x specs:
11.6″ LED Display @ 1366×768 (720p)
Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 @ 1.3GHz
Mobile Intel GS45 Chipset
500GB 7,200rpm HDD
nVidia GeForce GT 335M 1GB GDDR3
Dell Wireless 1520 802.11n
Bluetooth 2.1
Internal Hi-Def 5.1 Surround Sound
1.3 Megapixel Web Cam
IEEE 1394a port
3-in-1 card reader
3 x USB 2.0 ports
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
8 Cell Battery Prismatic (64Whr)

The unit weighs in at 4.39lbs (1.99kg), which is bit heavy for its category and the 8-cell can do up to 6 hours on a single charge. The suggested retail price is Php77.988 (as listed in VillMan).

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39 Responses

  1. Rygel says:

    i really don’t get how the 1.3GHz processor can run a ‘gaming’ laptop

  2. Randell says:

    What good games can you enjoy on such a small screen?

  3. Rayan says:

    plants vs. zombies? =p ^

  4. way too overpriced. this is available for 58K on tipidpc. look for member bestdeals and check his items ;)

  5. yuga says:

    @randell – I think they’re closing in the gap since they also offer 15-inch and 17-inch models.

  6. wla bang market pra sa quad core laptops :)

  7. vance says:

    this is a good lappie.. a bit overpriced but it is normal with CULV processors. reviews are also good. rumor has it that the M11x will have new procies in a few months…

  8. jab says:

    Another one on the wish list… and only the wish list…

  9. kevinn says:

    Good specs, way overpriced (isn’t it supposed to be like in the 40k range?), and fucking ugly like a Trans Am.

  10. kinny says:

    I want the M15 Alienware in Nebula RED!!!

  11. boytutong says:

    desktop nalang ako… super specs na malalagay ko… yun lang hindi portable.. expensive

  12. i agree with kevinn, this should be in the 40k range only. Maybe Dell’s official distributors like Accent Micro can battle it with a lower price.

    It’s a nice netbook though and if you need to, just plug it to an external monitor. It’s better suited for regular HD watching rather than gaming since it has a weaker procie but a nice GPU in it.

  13. razorous says:

    …looking forward for a hands-on/review Abe! :D

  14. hm, I agree with the first commenter, 1.3Ghz? Kaya ba yun with the latest games today? just askin :)
    With the video card, ok na ok.
    The price? too hefty, might as well go with a rigged-desktop. Pero kung mobility naman ang usapan, then I’ll go with this one :) (But I will still think twice with that expensive price tag :D)

  15. Victor says:

    this the CES 2010 winner. Save your rants. Unless your buying this machine.

    Might as well check out some vids of this on youtube.

    at 78k its too much. really. I will get my m11x on May 15. Hand carried from USA to avoid the taxes (bought from bestbuy) It only costs 45k.

    with regards to the processor, DELL is not DUMB guys to put this processor in this laptop and enjoy people asking “1.3 c2d kaya ba nun?” Do your research and save your faces.

  16. BrianB says:

    Bakit ang mahal? $900 lang ito a.

  17. lolipown says:

    I second BrianB. Too much tax :(

  18. Victor says:

    $900 plus the 8% tax if you buy it in the US. Correction also yung $900 version ay 250GB lang yung hdd netong sa villman ay 500gb so yung difference naman maliit lang $50-75 lang dapat.

    Cant imagine the price ballooned to almost 80k. Magandang laptop to sayang naman it should just be priced around 50-55k at most depending on the build of the ram and hdd.

    watch this funny unboxing of the m11x :

  19. mojics says:


    lol! at the price!

    pero the price starts at 799

    on my customization it falls about

    $1127 for Villman’s m11x
    i don’t know how long is the warranty..

    because if you order from the US.. you need to get the 3 year warranty for the international coverage of the item.

  20. foool says:

    this is going to eat away too much at the ordinary gamer’s very shallow pockets. plus the anxiety of having to take very good care of a very expensive laptop such as the M11x. and why would you need to connect it to a bigger screen to enjoy the games better? it would defeat its purpose of being a desktop alternative by doing so.

    what are you going to do once it craps out a few months after warranty knowing that the replacement parts are going to be expensive too? save yourselves some stress and double-think it over if you really need to be mobile while playing your games.

  21. daddy joey says:

    yep, isn’t it a bit expensive for its specs? :) oh well, it’s a dell

  22. BrianB says:

    Dapat 50k lang talaga yan.

  23. limuel says:

    i like this one,, astig!

  24. @Victor – well, ok, I was just asking. Thanks for answering my question. Im not saying na dumb din ang Dell – they won’t get in the business in the first place. And I think we don’t need the “saving faces” part, we’re just sharing opinions lang naman e, kung mali edi mali, bakit pa magpapahiya diba.
    You’re getting this laptop? then good for you. :)

  25. foool says:

    like i said, save yourselves some stress and really think it over if you really need to be mobile while playing your games. if not, strictly play your games on your desktop pcs.

  26. ReyMatt says:

    Huh. I want this, probably when a new processor comes out this year. But at the price here, I’d rather go for the better configuration of the new MacBook Pro 13″. It has a much better processor and the battery lasts a little bit longer up to 10 hours. And it’s P1,000 cheaper.

    IMO, Dell had a winner with the M11X. It’s very unfortunate that local distributors are very greedy that they had too make a killer’s profit out of it.

  27. Franz says:

    1.3GHz? What a joke! :D

  28. iza says:

    I have this really plays well for its Resident Evil 5,2k10,modern warfare, prototype,L4D

  29. razorous says:

    Hi, any idea how much yung bagong line of systems nito in the PH? Di ba meron na yung with 2nd gen sandy bridge nito + USB 3.0?

  30. Elijah says:

    shit!! 78k ?? these guys are fucking with you …this only cost 699 US Dollars…this product doesn’t reach up to 78k…what kind of a fucking deal is this…fuck this!!

  31. Elijah says:

    what the fuck!! 78k pesos? this only costs 699 US Dollars..check this M11x doesn’t reach up to 78k pesos..this is only about 32k or 35 or 31k….these guys are fucking with you…

  32. Alejandro says:

    Really? who the fuck do they think they are. This is bullshit! i’m not buying these laptops in the Philippines.

  33. razorous says:

    Hi, this blog post was dated April 20, 2010. So thats 1 year ago…And its still the core 2 duo.

    @Yuga, any updates on the price tag of m11x with i3 proc?

  34. cute says:

    ed bumili kayo sa US pamasahe nyo palang balikan plus ung presyo ng laptop mahigit 78k na mga bob0 pala 2ng mga 2 eh

  35. Elijah says:

    eh hindi naman sila pumupnta sa US para bilin yun eh..nag papaship lng sila kaya d aabot yun ng 78k…oh 1000 dollars para sa m11x alienware…tps 1000 lng ata mag paship…bobo mo…sobra sobra price netong m11x na toh

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