Android Tablet from China out in Malls

Android Tablet from China out in Malls

A tipper sent this in this afternoon telling us he’s spotted a Chinese Android Tablet in one of the local malls (this is probably the iPed).


The tablet runs on an older version of Android (probably v1.5) and looks like the screen dimension is around 7 to 9 inches across. Uses a stylus (resistive screen) and no multitouch support but has a camera and HDMI (not sure, probably micro-USB) port. The Android tablet sells for Php6,000.

{Hat tip to Rafael Oca.}

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104 Responses

  1. JepX says:

    The price is very tempting.. hope it has access to android market

  2. deuts says:

    huwaw, with this indicative price, I wish the Kindle would cost less than this.

  3. gringo says:

    sir eh un specs nyan?

  4. Jhay says:

    If the iPad or the Kindle costs as low as this one, I’d get both right away. :D

  5. yuga says:

    @gringo – will go there to check out and probably buy one to review.

  6. J says:

    Eagerly awaiting the review. Thanks Yuga!

  7. Jorey says:

    Wow! That’s a really good price. For 6,000 Pesos I’d be happy to check this out. I wonder if the Kindle for Android can be downloaded to this device. I have Kindle on my HTC hero ( just checked it out but I can’t read a book in such a tiny device ).

  8. Joshua M says:

    Parang di pantay ang bezel

  9. aiesalas says:

    galing tlga pumeke ng china.. from phones haggang ipad wahehehe… galing galing galing!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Teknisyan says:

    I rather not call it an iPad rip off, since it’s using a different OS. It does looks like the real iPad but with a different dimension and OS. I don’t think we can call it a rip-off. I we do, then all the other android tablet’s can also be considered iPad rip off. I wonder what apps can be installed in that tablet? SD or Micro-SD?

    I’m just wondering, if they can do it, why can’t we? Since the OS is free, the only problem will be the hardware.

  11. Kuplet says:

    Where can you buy this? Very tempting.

  12. mr. bogus says:

    mabuhay ang 168 mall.. lahat na lang dvd player, cellphones, then tablet pc.. whats next laptop na, i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Actually I’m confused since its described as having an Intel Chip but the tech notes state it has a VIA MW8505 600 MHz chip.

    Also I don’t think the 600Mhz chip would be powerful enough for decent video playback (assuming 720p h.264 video/ aac or mp3 audio).

    Still would be a cool device but hope MyPhone or Cherry picks up on this trend and market their own (simply for the product support).

  14. galing talaga ng mga intsik :D IPED!

  15. bench says:

    uu mga demonyo yang intsik na yan e..naloko ako nyan sa credit card worth 50k…grrrrrr…yoko din ng item nila..tawag ko sa item nila “disposable”…mahirap pagdating sa aftersales walang warranty…

  16. i think tablets are overhyped.

    1) it is too big to carry around unlike a mobile phone
    2) it is too clumsy to use as it does not have a built in keyboard (like a netbook or laptop)

    the perfect size tablet has 4-5 inch screen. Like the HTC HD2 and Galaxy S. And incidentally those are also phones.

    @Abe what can you say about my comment above? Agree or disagree and why?

  17. Joey says:

    @[email protected]

    You raised very good points. I hope you don’t mind if I respond to your question if I agree or disagree with the points you raised. I believe Abe will have his own opinion that all of his subscribers would like to hear. I definitely want to.

    I agree with everything you said. The ipad and all other tablets are over-hyped. I also agree that the phone is more convenient to carry around than the iPad ( I had to buy a bag to carry my iPad around ). I also agree that for typing – the iPad ( or a tablet without a keypad ) is too clumsy to use.

    With all of these agreements to what you said – I will still claim that I love the iPad. I love it for the electronic books I can now read via Kindle. I love it that I don’t have to carry my Acer Ferrari One 200 around the house to browse the internet – the iPad is a lot lighter and portable than a laptop. I love it’s battery life of 8++ hours without charging. I also love it for the simple to moderately difficult post production adjustments to my photos that I can execute on my iPad — for these adjustments – finger touch screen works better than the mouse. I also love the fact that it’s soooo much cheaper than the Macbook.

  18. lawreas says:

    Tablets or phones. depende yan sa lifestyle mo o daily needs/activities. mas practical parin sakin ang full pledge smartphone, like n900

  19. marc says:

    you can get this for $95 to $100 from dealextreme with free shipping.

  20. marc says:

    here is a youtube video of an android tablet

    its not an “ipad” but for less than 4500pesos what do you expect? for me its just perfect for my work. my favorite part is you can run linux on it.

  21. pol balaguer says:

    it was selling at price of 4,500 but I thing you can still do a huggle because when I check it out, the Chinese easily lower it down to 4,500 meaning there is still a margin for them to take profit

  22. kamote says:

    Sa 168 Mall ko din nakita ung Iped, kaso ang mahal nung quote sa akin 7k kahit na alam kong you can buy it as cheap as 6k.

    Guys pag nakabali na kayo please share your feedback, i’m really intrested in getting a cheap version of Ipad not because it’s a copy cat of Ipad but it’s running on an Android tablet.

    Thanks guys!

  23. mike says:

    thanks joey. I would probably buy an Ipad device if I have a net savings of at least 6 digits pesoss a month. But for all sense of practicality, I won’t.

    Besides I would be quite sure that it would not be used much often as I would prefer typing on a full keyboard as I am a touch typist.

    The perfect size tablet device is around 4.3 inch like the Motorola Droid X and HTC HD2.

    Next generation tablets need not adjust the screen size but make the borders and thickness smaller. With that size it can still be useful and acceptable as a mobile phone. Anything bigger than than used as phone and the user will just look silly and stupid answering a phone call with that big gadget on his head. :)

    This chinese Ipad or Iped though for the price is excellent! It can be used by schoolkids. Would I buy it? Yes!

  24. Sunofa says:

    i really hope na may luimabas na review…
    Mura nalang kasi and is as cheap as a chinaphone

  25. pol balaguer says:

    nakita ko lang sa youtube medyo mabagal lang ang response nya di kasing smooth ng ipod/ipad.

    pero para sa bata browsing pwede na.

  26. leeto says:

    totoo ang sabi na God created the heaven and the earth and the whole mankind, but THE CHINESE created the rest including the FAKES.

  27. manny says: got to hand to the chinese…after all, the majority of OEM’s and subcons for Apple, Dell and other major brands are factories in China. One wouldnt be surprised that technical info will leak to secondary manufacturers and start to copy these devices.

    besides, isnt this what the Japanese also did in their early years in developing their automotive industry? its just a matter of time that these companies to learn to develop their own designs.

  28. Kevin says:

    Upon reading curious and went to 168..they sell it for as low as 3,500 pesos and a bigger version for 6,500 pesos.

    However, if you are used to an Ipod touch…the resolution is bad and dark like early china phones and the resistive screen is somewhat bothersome…bought one out of curiosity (the smaller one which comes with a folderlike case) so I have something to lend my sister and keep away from my ipod touch.

    I’m typing this post using this device.

  29. nightcrawler says:

    thanks Kevin for the info!

  30. Dudes says:

    WTF! the price suggests how worst the gadget workz!!!! why do these gadgets exist in our complex world anyway?

  31. dk says:

    pwede ka bang magbigay ng konting review at choa sreenshots? ehehhehe :DD

  32. mike says:

    i also got one. The small one. How do you replace the battery of this? That is just one of my biggest concern.

    Its not that bad for the price. I can say an open source and free OS like Google Android + chinese manufacturing expertise at a low price is just EXCELLENT!

    This is perfect, perfect, perfect. The Philippine government should encourage production of this same device for distribution to schoolkids. Remember the 100 dollar laptop? Well this can be a 50 dollar laptop.

    Mine is running android 1.8. How’s yours?

  33. tantra2sex says:

    magkan0 bli nyo,i plan to buy 1 for my daughter kc,and sa 168 mall nyo nbili?malapit b yung 168 sa divisoria mall?pwd b tawaran?

  34. dk says:

    @mike: magkano bili mo… does it view HD??? an features niya?

  35. RJCA says:

    @mike and kevin

    How about a video review? Do you guys think it’s worth the money? Really interested now that I know that there’s a cheaper one! Battery life?

  36. mike says:

    to all. of course for 4000 pesos (my purchase price) it is absolutely worth the money. This is the cheapest brand new computer right now!

    Remember the OLPC (one laptop per child). Or the $100 laptop. This is it.

    I so love this computer, I’m even thinking of buying another one, just for the heck of it and support for the product.

    Some things though I want for an improvement of this product
    1) the battery should be user replaceable like a mobile phone
    2) the battery should be of higher capacity
    3) grayscale or monochrome versions to save up on battery and for those who wish to use this as ebook reader and for schoolkids on a budget.
    4) a version with a smaller screen,, preferably 4.3 inch like that of the Motorola Droid X or HTC HD2 with monochrome screen like Kindle, this will make the battery longer lasting and also bring down the price lower to around 2000 pesos which is the most perfect ever!

  37. trickz85. says:

    since when it was released? hmmm kung ngayon lang… i suggest not to buy it right away… coz i think Chinese is starting to develop and upgrade this iPed quality(though i don’t have reference to support my idea)… kasi look guys… yung mga china phone ngayon medyo matitibay na… not unlike it was first released to the market!

  38. mike says:

    ^ for 4000 pesos. I don’t think you would really lose that much. Although personally, I would pay 8000 pesos for a high-capacity battery that is user replaceable, 1 year warranty on the device, and a higher version of Android OS, preferably froyo or Android 2.2

    By the way, 8 GB micro sd card works fine on this device, but I was told that it also supports 16 GB.

    I just purchased 8 GB micro sd and it works.

  39. tantra2sex says:

    Sir mike,where you nakabili nyan?
    And 4000 good price na,plan ko kc built sa Tuesday
    thanks a lot

  40. mark says:

    hello everyone,

    just a clarification on adroid os for apad. Android OS versions installed are either 1.5 and 1.6 for low end models. Smartpad/higher models are running 2.1

    please dont be confused with the apad firmware. like 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9.

    Bought one today, model m0003. Running on adroid 1.6 with firmware 1.9. Just manage your expectations…if it is a web browser and ebook reader you want then it is value for your money. Dont expect great games, apps and video quality. BTW, before buying check if the model can be upgraded to higher android os versions. Only smartpads can run 2.1 versions

  41. tantra2sex says:

    Thanks for the quick response sir mike
    last question lang,where store or malls you nabili?

  42. marc says:

    for firmware updates and tips and hacks go to

  43. vincent says:

    saw one at sta. lucia mall earlier

  44. gillbates says:

    does it have gps, g-sensor and electronic compass? would be interesting if it did.

  45. Kevin says:

    I will be returning my Aped/irobot today and exchange it to what my friend got…my friend got an upgraded version with rockship os whatever it is..funny…the one i got cannot play youtube friend’s unit can…I also notice slowness in web browsing (my home connection is good with my Sony Vaio) the same as my wifi china phone…o well..good thing my friend can speak chinese and negotiate…I’m waiting for sir Abe’s review on this… one tip…people selling units have no idea about specs…the units all look the same but in different packages (and specs, so to speak) always check the specs as what my friend does and do not be lazy to look around and check other stores..almost all stalls that offer china phones sells them and do not be shy to haggle…

  46. Pines says:

    It’s called the A-pad from online stores (A for Android,I guess)..the local price you mentioned is really tempting compared to the Ipad. Thus, it’s like using a jailbreak Ipad wherein you get thousands of apps for free and browsing the web using Android is more flexible than Apple’s Safari (cannot use Flash player)..

  47. Check it here. They offer it online IPAD China Made

  48. lawreas says:

    I’ve seen one sa isang mall, price is around 4k++ with BT and wifi.. judging by the looks, mukang sirain like the regular china phones.. and its wierd na 1 month free service lang ang pinaka warranty nia.. still not practical if redfox and other local manufacturer can come up with better hardware and price not more than 10k.

  49. Agrimensor says:

    Pwede bang facebook games dyan? Plan kong bumili kung sakali para di na abalahin tong laptop ko. ^_^

  50. Pines says:

    I saw an offer in Facebook: may customer support kasi answering the questions of those interested, probably you can check it out.kaso Mas mataas ata yung price nya pero weighing whether to buy Ipad or China tablet pc would depend siguro dun sa gagamit, kung ano purpose nya for buying the said gadget.
    Isa pa, kahit na ano piliin natin bilhin, kung wala naman ibibilis ang mga internet providers natin, sayang lang..

  51. tantra2sex says:

    i will try to l0ok the prices in greenhills t0m0rrow,sana mas mura or same ang price sa 168 mall.panu i check ang specs ng apad o irobot?

  52. iamjanetski says:

    good evening. i am one of the sellers of these units. i had encountered several problems with these units especially MID701. actually, the latest version now is 1.9.88, more stable than 1.5 and 1.7.4.

    ok sana to continue the business if there is a service center here kaso every defective units must be returned to China. sobrang abala and sobrang mahal ng shipping back to China, wala na ako kinita. i want to quit but im still crossing my fingers. i hope this latest version is less “sakit ng ulo”.

    there is this one store in greenhills which sell this tablet but they are selling the old version (the one i referred to be unstable), i saw it myself. same as with the units from 168 ba yun? i suggest you try other units like the dual core or the telechips apad. they are more stable units thank MID701 (P6,000.00).

    kahit mura lang yung P6000.00, P6,000.00 pa din yun… hard-earned money so it should be worth spending for.

    thank you. :)

  53. Miguel says:

    Does it have Android market?
    Or root access?

  54. iamjanetski says:

    another thing,it is good they can sell those units with those lower prices (P4k-P6k). we cant. customs charged us P14,000 for 2 units of 8″ apad. the last units (august 26, 2010), we dealt with customs clark already begging to release our units. we drove 2 hours from manila to clark. they charged 1 box for P26k and the other P27k. they cancelled our supplier’s declaration and made it to iPAD 1000USD. so surprising i almost got a heart attack!!!

    that’s how customs deal with epad/apad nowadays.

    next time, if you will purchase online, choose the right courier and keep your proofs of purchase to base your taxes. be careful. FYI.

  55. trickz85. says:

    i agree with lawreas. its not ideal or practical to buy this stuff… just wait … sooner or later… it’s price will go down… all parts used here are basically and for sure are generic…

  56. tantra2sex says:

    Parang natakot na ako bumili ng apad ay0n sa mga huling post,huhuhu!
    Thanks sa tips,m0re power to all poser and admin

  57. tantra2sex says:

    Mam iamjanetski what you mean having pr0blem?Ang mga cust0mer’s nyo ay madalas ibinabalik ang mga nbili nila na apad MID701?San ang pwesto nyo,sa greenhills po b?

  58. WATUSI says:

    update….5k na lang sa raon!!!!

  59. tantra2sex says:

    bukas pa ako makapunta greenhills,may idea b kau if mer0n din price dun na equal lang sa price sa 168 mall na 4thou plus to 3thou plus?please give me details sa mga nakapunta greenhils and nakakita ng am0unt sa display ng apad?

  60. yukinno says:

    im using two right now’brought this from mainland china. so far its ok since its still an android based device. there are a few tweaks to look up on though like the touch screen’s response or it freezes sometimes. i dont worry much bout it since you can update the software without changing the hardware. but aside from that it still works the way it should be…

  61. Teks says:


    San po sa Raon?

  62. mike says:

    why worry guys when this is so cheap at 4000 pesos? Although personally I would agree that this device will not last more than 3 months. Why? its because the battery is not user replaceable. In 2 months I would probably need a new battery.

    But so far everything on the device works.

    When this thing gets branded by the large manufacturers, and given higher end components ,support and 1 year warranty, it will be priced at 3x that price or 12,000 pesos.

    You willing to pay 12,000 pesos for this thing?

  63. tantra2sex says:

    Hindi naman cguro,bka depende sa pagamit.Bka if your heavy user of that device cguro my possibilities na bumigay agad ang battery life nya

  64. Manuel says:

    Check this out, 7inch tablet from viewsonic, at least less worries on the quality and for those who doesnt want the iPad.

  65. Glenn Sarsonas says:

    Sa hong kong, ang price range nyan eh from 4.3k-4.8k, depende kung magaling kang tumawad.. ^_^

  66. iamjanetski says:

    Greenhills is P7500.00

    sa min po is P6500.00, free drop shipping nationwide. mahal po freight charges kaya we cant give it at very low prices like P4.8k to P5k, sila kase they can go back and forth to China.

    yun po nasa Raon are limited stalls selling oldest version of epad, not stable units.

    for interested buyers, please visit our facebook account: [email protected] or contact +639061528842; +639067577182

    marami kayo makikita different kinds of tablet PC. actual photos and videos of the units. try to check our online store! our cut-off is every Wednesday for pre-order basis. :)

  67. Andrea says:

    Hi Im selling Iped brand new for just 5500. If interested kindly send me a message.


  68. kamote says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Details naman and do you have a website?

    Specs din po and does it have a warranty??


  69. aPad says:

    Guys I suggest you read a lot about these devices,
    There are few things you should know, ie
    The latest version now is Android 2.1
    Make sure you buy those that has support like firmware update which is very easy to do once you got the legit one. There are a lot of manufacturers in china, identify the models and manufacturers. Also you need to identify the chip used, ROCKCHIP, Telechip, etc, because the firmware will depend on this. It doesn’t support 3G now especially the 3G modems here in the phil, no drivers. Mine has HDMI output and tested working.
    Need USB OTG cable to use external devices like Keyboard, mouse, FlashDrive (Fat32). For those who have these and can’t make it work, email me and i can help. Im using Haipad M701 with HDMI output, so far so good.

  70. aPad says:

    Additionally, ung mga cheap na bibilihin nyo (3k-5K), definitely will not be supported…so dont just buy. Google muna kau, theres a lot of forum, like,, etc.

  71. kakanin says:

    ang mahal naman nyan! 6k samantala sa 11/999 mall jan sa divisoria e offer sakin 3k lng!

  72. Chesternet says:

    the latest hardware is ARM cortex.. 1 ghz cpu power supported ram up to 512 MB. Can run Android Froyo, 2.2 realtime html 5

  73. ed says:

    what is the best model for ebook reading??? i mean ung magaan lng at handy pag nkahiga ka…

  74. re4ms says:

    anung model ba dapat bilhin at saan nakakabili?? pls reply naman…. ung magagamitan sana ng sun broadband and android 2.2 na din os

  75. mplm says:

    just saw one at divisoria 999 mall las dec.29. Priced 3,500 and 4,500 for smaller and bigger screen respectively. Runs on android 2.2 OS. Speed and response passable. I was not able to extensively test it because i was in a hurry. It’s true salesladies don’t have much clue on other specs (i.e. Processor speeds, capacitive or resistive, RAM/ROM, etc.)except that it runs on android 2.2! LOL! I’m interested to buy one though because it’s android 2.2! And it’s ‘smart’, interface good looking, large screen and its very, very cheap! It has front cam, probably vga. The saleslady says you can use it as webcam. She also says you can also use a usb broadband stick on it! I have not verified this though, remember I was in a hurry. But for the cheapnes of the price and it’s running android 2.2, I am willing to give it a try!

    • noel dy says:

      hi, just want u to know it may not be that safe to buy from divisoria malls..there are sellers who established themselves already in the tab market..and they hold office or store place in the metro manila area…would be glad to help you get to them if u r seriously considering buying a china tablet…goodluck..

  76. adam says:

    This china made ipad now offer a dual core. I think this is the first of its kind. Cool Ipad China Dual Core.

  77. carlo says:

    …id rather save and get the original than waste my money with this “china made” tablet. Pano pag nasira, pano pag nagloko? me aftersales o tech support ba sila? mga pasosyal lang ang magkakainteres sa ganito.

  78. Martin says:

    pasosyal ka kung brand conscious ka. At hindi ka pasosyal if you can spend three thousand pesos for a china android tablet.

    If it works for you, then it works for you. Aside from the after sales service and support, most gadgets are the same underneath.

    Ang mga gamit madaling masira dahil sa gumagamit.

  79. Edwin C says:

    O, Android Tablet from China! Bili na kayo!

  80. LITO says:

    Masyado mahal sa 6,000 mayroon ako kilala 4,500 lang: (

  81. marilou naval says:

    puwede po ba malaman kung saan puwede makabili ng latest a-pad/android tablet?

  82. I want to know about the china android tablets. Do those tables have some warranty period and how much cheaper they are from the other android tablets? Actually I am going to buy cheap android tablet soon. So I am getting information about it.

  83. posporoveinte says:

    just got one! badly inlove with samsung galaxy kaso can’t afford kaya my hubby bought me a china one hehehe Android 2.2, wisely bought at P3,ooo.oo :)

  84. c; says:

    Actually have tHIs MID android 2.2 OS for 3 days (just ordered one) and it was priced P4,500 where as I’vE searched into ebay and found out that the 7″ like mine is just around 2,500-3,500 (also saw one that’s 2,000 but it’sfor bidding). well, so far i,M HAVING A HARD TIME with this because i still have to buy a new smicro sd card (since only has a2GD built-in memory),, argh if i had a second chance i wouldn’t but this thing and will just buy an original camera phone og lg (that’s wayyyyy better than this).. and #G setting for internet surfing is really slow so yahh it’s slooooow,, rating = 4/10 so not worth it.. ;c

  85. android 2.2 XXX says:

    and even when typing it’s still slow,, i can’t even typre properly and check my spelling,, so sorry for that,, this thing is really giving me a hard time.. and to add another thing,, it doesn’t go with java (android 2.2 isn’t supported by java ) so i have a major problem when it comes to downloading videos,, then currently don’t have an antivirus so everytime i surf i have to be very careful in opening a site,, and can’t just insert a flash drive from a comp to this coz it may be damaged,, huhu,, regret in the end.. ;ccc

  86. casey says:

    i bought china android tablet and it’s good.,depende nlang sa gumagamit kaya sinasabi nilang madali masira pero kung iingatan. lahat namn ng gamit khit original yan o china kung hindi mo iingatan madali talgng masira

  87. kitt0y says:

    hmm china is a waste of bucks if you want to buy cheapest droids in the market, pra k lang bumili ng isang pagkain na my expiration, although khit yngatan mo pa, i tried to experience these china android tabs on my friend, and i am frustrated about the speed, i thought it is 2.2 os, so i was expected a smooth and a faster way of surfing, minsan pa naglo2ko ung monitor and mabilis mag init, but the looks and the graphics are far with the original tabs in market.. pero if you are a tight budget person make it sure to double check it pra endi masayang ung pera mo…

  88. dassah says:

    …ang ganda kaya n2..
    ang dami ku pang anti virus.. srili kang youtube downloader..
    sa divisoria meron din

  89. rojan says:

    nabasa ko sa isang blog kanina (na featured pa daw sya sa jessica sojo)

    mahina daw after sale support nila, and pilit nila sinasabi na mahina ang “MADE IN CHINA”

    i’m not into FAKE or imitation, pero most of the gadgets today are made in china, ke orig yan o class a or fake…

    swertihan lang sa pag bili… test nyo muna bago kunin.. if it works.. then good if not then sorry…

  90. widaehan says:

    hehe mas maganda na bumili ng china pad kc masira man un atleast hindi masakit sa bulsa bakit ka bibili ng originl kung masisira din naman,. although maganda ang original kc high quality,. pero sa hirap ng buhay ngaun wag pa sosyal mg china pad nalang hindi man high quality affordable naman para sa aming mahihirap ^_^ kung myaman ka eh di mg orig. ka.

  91. fashz says:

    Hi!bumili ako mumurahin tablet.Nung nilagay ko sd card ko tapos pagplay ko sa song sabi “sorry the song can’t be play” bakit?ano dapat ko gawin? ^_^

  92. amershad says:

    mga UlOlZ

  93. avs says:

    hai u know what if bibili kau……ung hybrid nlang nagtitipid nlang din kau ung madali pang masira… may hybrid 4S n nga worth 4k only with PDF ppa can play AVI, MP4, MP3 and faster surfing..unlike with froyo2.2 lugi ka tlaga..pero if you froyo 2.2 meron ng 1800 lang kakaloka..tablet worth 1,800..

  94. charlie says:

    my adroid laptop was not open

  95. jonathan remandaban says:

    pwed ba un broadband sa tablet un pinapaloadan?????????????

  96. bliss says:

    I’m planning to buy an apad this coming Sat. Based on my research, eto mga list na kelangan nio iconsider.

    1. May fake na Apad. Dapat tignan niyo kung Apad “Irobot” ba yan.. i think generic yung MID.
    2. Rockchip o Telechip dapat ang processor hindi VIA.
    3. Kung gusto niyo ng pang-games, better make it 512MB Ram.
    4. Two options: 512MB Ram for 800mhz / 2gb lang internal mem. Ang 256MB Ram ay 1000mhz / 4gb. If I were to decide for the better, wag kayo masisilaw sa Internal mem na 4gb kung 256MB Ram lang kasi mas mabagal yun kahit Android 2.3 Gingerbread pa ang OS nyan which is the latest version.. Expandable naman via MicroSD card mga apad (16gb-32gb depende sa device)
    5. Importante din ang battery life kasi kadalasang prob ng apads ay ang bat life. Wag gagamitin habang naka-charge ang apad (4 hours charging lang). Mas maganda kung i-turn off niyo nalang while doing so.
    6. Icheck ang WIFI bago bilhin para walang prob sa huli. Kung mas broadband ka, dalhin mo ng ma-test na din. Medyo choosy ang apad tablet. May broadband-compatibility yan.
    7. Some may offer cheaper price with better features *kuno*. Paki-check ang specs. First place to go to pag open ng apad is “About Device”.
    8. May Android 2.2 which is Froyo. Mas bago ang 2.3 which is Gingerbread. May Honeycomb din. May Ice cream sandwich. Mas bago. pero so far wala pa kong masyado nakikitang Honeycomb at Ice cream sa apad. Baka Hybrid na yun! wag na mag-hybrid.. though promising, modified na yun so baka maging series of unfortunate events yang Apad mo.
    9. Kung ayaw mo masira kaagad yang Touch function ng apad mo, invest a little more on screen protector and keyboard if possible. Pati case na rin.
    10. Last but definitely not the least and isa sa pinaka importante is yung warranty. The longer the warranty service offered, the better! I’ve read a lot about people saying na 3mo’s lang buhay ng apad tablet.. In reality, it’s up to you.

    Bakit ko to shineshare? Kasi kung ang mind set natin ay makatipid sa ganitong device dahil di natin afford ang iPad or Samsung Galaxy, well don’t waste a penny kung sira din kaagad yung device. Kaya naman ma-surpass ni Apad iRobot ang isang taon eh. Dapat wise buyer lang. ;) Kung padalos dalos lang e di sana inipon mo nalang pera mo para bumili ng iPad, di ba?

  97. suzanne says:

    help. meron din ako nito pero nung nagempty na ung battery ayaw nya na magopen at magcharge. haha please help thanks :) goodnoon

  98. suzanne says:

    san ba nakakabili ng battery?

  99. Allan Sy says:

    Meron ng available na mga Andoird ICS with 1GHz Single Core. Less than 7K lang. Read from other people’s reviews, ok naman ang quality maski made in China.

    Like these:
    Ainol Novo 7 Elf (from tipidPC)
    Onda Vi10 Elite (from Groupon)

  100. edgar says:

    Bossing saan ba makakabili ng battery para sa android 2.2 os, kernel 2.6.32

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