Archos 5 Internet Tablet Unboxed

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Unboxed

The local distributor of Archos in the Philippines dropped by this evening and left this pretty little Android tablet with me — it’s the Archos 5 Internet Tablet, and yes it’s finally here in the Philippines.

The Archos 5 is just one of the many internet tablets in its line. This one measures 4.8″ diagonally (my 4-inch Xperia X10 pales in comparison).

Here’s the official specs for the Archos 5 model:


4.8″ LCD display @ 800×480 pixels
ARM Cortex A8 @ 600MHz
32-bit additional DSP processor @ 480MHz
8GB or 32GB Flash Drive or 160GB and 500GB HDD storage options
WiFi 802.11 b/g
FM Tuner with RDS
FM Transmitter
3.5mm audio jack
USB 2.0

As for battery life, Archos claims the Lithium polymer battery can do 7 hours on video playback and 22 hours with music. It supports 720p playback via TV out (using the optional cradle). Since it runs on a custom Android OS v1.6, it comes with Android Market and AppsLib Store.

My review unit is an Archos 5 with 8GB internal memory and support for up to 32GB via microSD card. It sells for Php15,500 while the 32GB sells for Php19,950. The 160GB HDD model sells for Php22,000 and the 500GB at Php24,500.

(Update: Contact V-Tech Ventures at 0917.305.08.28 for inquiries about getting one.)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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46 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Wow. very attractive. ill wait for the review..

  2. Kvn says:

    the question is when will it reach the update for android 2.1?

  3. Kvn says:

    ^scratch that, i mean 2.2 the frozen yogurt.

  4. jade bryan says:

    cool. ung price acceptable. ung kickstand lg hindi.prang radio antenna.

  5. char says:

    how about 3G connectivity wala ba?

  6. Wendal says:

    Got mine in the US last year (December). It was so awful at first. Constant updates made it very usable and friendly. The update released yesterday made it fly! It added OpenGL 3D support, but the touch screen is resistive, so gaming will be limited to tilt type games. The really awesome thing about the new update is that the whole thing feels faster. Much faster. Maybe the GPU can keep up with the scrolling screens and the like now. It feels like a totally different unit.

    You can add a hack to it from archosfans forum to open google’s android marketplace. Works great. And the latest update is not for 2.1 or 2.2, it’s still 1.6, but a very snappy 1.6. Also note that the FM transmitter only works with a car kit (at least on the US models). Yuga, any accessories available here?

    Pricing in the US: 8GB $250, 16GB $300, 32GB $380, 160GB $320, 500GB $500.

    Keep in mind that the 160/500GB models have spinning drives and are not as slim or sexy as the flash based models. I’d love to see the pricing come down here…

  7. lolipown says:

    which model did you get Wendal, SSD or HDD? Interested in comparing battery life on both models.

  8. Ric says:

    I wish they’d take out that big Archos logo at the front or at the very least, make it smaller. It makes the tablet look cheap

  9. Agrimensor says:



    Thanks for sharing Wendal.

  10. daddy joey says:

    ganda. smartphone without the phone. :)

  11. Ryan Ang says:

    siguro a competitor to this would be the Dell Streak.. android tablet din

  12. Wow says:

    1024×768 ang screen res?
    Can it play youtube vids?
    Sana may kumpletong review.

  13. Teknisyan says:

    Nice… very nice!!!

  14. howard says:

    very nice lil’ gadget

  15. I think it is nice gadget and much cheaper than iPad

  16. Wendal says:

    @lolipown – I got the 8GB like Yuga and added 8GB MicroSD. I’m not sure if Archos, in adding thickness to accommodate the HDD, added a bigger battery for the spinning platters. I never tested the battery life on mine, because I’m always plugging it into the computer to play around with it, and on flights, it’s always plugged in (Continental is awesome).

    Also of note is the touchscreen: if you are used to a nice capacitive screen, like on the iphone/touch, you will be disappointed with the response of this one. The resolution and detail are awesome, but I’d forget about doing a lot of gaming or drawing. Resistive hard presses and slightly awkward (but not debilitating) control all around.

  17. lolipown says:

    well after seeing the review of the dell streak by engadget, I completely forgot about the archos :D

  18. lolipown says:

    thanks for the comparison though.. I appreciate the effort :D

  19. tem says:

    I’ve been looking for this but can’t find one here in manila, please update me where can I find one. For sure I’ll buy one maybe its the archos 5 160gb model.I’ll be quite grateful if you can help me find this gadget.Thanks.Please email me at [email protected]

  20. Herce says:

    @Tem, I don’t know where you can buy one in stores but I sold mine last year on tipid. It went really fast and I got more for it used than I paid for it new in Singapore. Now that its for sale locally, I expect the price will go down.

    Darn our antiquated distribution system, we’re always the last ones to get things here. By the time its on sale here, I’ve already bought it abroad.

    On this unit though, its not that great I am sorry to say. Archos has this irritating system of charging you for every function. I sold mine because I needed all these damned docks to get basic functionality out of it. I couldn’t buy the docks locally and it was a royal pain to get it shipped and I wasn’t going abroad for a few months at that time. So I sold it.

    Overall, I’d say avoid Archos unless you have access to buy all the docks and are willing to spend a lot more after you buy it. Even if you want to play video you have to buy software plugins for all the codecs. Its pretty ridiculous!

  21. tem says:

    @herce that is something I have to consider buying a new archos, it made me think twice now. Just got attracted with its screen size of 4.8″. I’m a planning to buy one just to keep my movie collection in it since I am a movie buff. Can you suggest a media player better than archos? It is a great information you provided though. Thanks.

  22. Herce says:

    Here is the problem, in terms of massive storage only Archos offers it. Which is why I bought an Archos to being with. However, it doesn’t seem the 500GB Archos is available here yet so its not an issue right now.

    If you discount the storage, then there are a lot of nice media players, after accounting for all the plugins and accessories you have to buy, cheaper than Archos.

    I am using a Villiv x70 myself, which adds a bonus that its a full Windows computer with a sim slot for 3g. I use it mostly for media, websurfing, and reading spreadsheets.

    The Cowon V5 is like a cheaper Archos without all the extras you have to buy but not android.

    Corwon O2PMP has a smaller screen but is cheaper.

    Corwon A3 is now even cheaper, since its old.

    Then you have all the Android tablets, many coming soon, a few released and the Chinese ones dirt cheap. There are tons of these.

    Check this site:, its a PMP centric blog.

    Personally, I am waiting for the Dell Streak to mature. Its just out this week but with really small storage though has a SD slot to add storage space. I expect forthcoming models and the 7″ and 10″ models will offer massive storage like Archos.

    Dell sells things really cheap and they will ship here. There are times when there are a confluence of coupons and you can get incredible deals. I got an Axim X51v a long time ago when it was only 5 months old for US$62 total including 2 extra batteries. I had to have it shipped to a relative in the US and they shipped it to me though. Now Dell is global and will ship here directly.

    Shipping to here is a pain, as I have often lamented on this site and elsewhere. However, even with corrupt customs duties, overpriced shipping charges and the longer wait times, the price ends up less (sometimes much less) than buying it locally from our monopoly style distribution system.

    Usually though, if I really want something expensive and have time, I just wait for a package deal to Singapore or HK from one of the airlines then go there for a weekend and buy what I want. With the low season packages, it comes out cheaper to buy it in there than buying locally. If you have several expensive things you want to buy, even with a business class package, its cheaper than buying localy. As a bonus you get a vacation out of it. :)

  23. tem says:

    Got a problem transfering files from my pc to my archos 5 500gb, my pc detected my archos as removable storage E, I can even browse its contents but when I start transfering files to it , access denied always pop up then says make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and the file is not in used. Anyone who can help resolve my problem? I’ll be grateful. I can transfer files with ease though through windows media player but drag and drop in my computer by browsing its hardware would have been better.

  24. tem says:

    Finally got my archos 5 500gb last june 12 and proud to say that it was personally delivered to me by the authorized distributor in the philippines himself.True to his word, what he sells are latest models of archos wherein all the plug-ins to play videos are already included and updated as well.Got a minor problems trandering files from my computer to my archos at first, but it was ok now, maybe it’s just a plug-in issue.I can now transfer all my movies and mp3s to my archos 5 with ease, delete, add files and rename it.What is more nice about it is that you can be able to watch web television and radio stations from around the globe using a wifi connection. With archos 5 around, you can surf the web, listen to all your favorite musics, watch downloaded movies, listen to FM radio, Watch web television and web radio stations from around the world and more. Archos 5 for me is an all-around gadget and must be proud to be owned, an internet table,an ipod, a media player rolled into one.
    I got this bad habbit though that no matter how nice my gadget is, sooner or later I’ll be looking for a new one to be owned. Surely, after weeks or months of having it, I might as well sell it to whoever has the inclination of owning one like this.

  25. tem says:

    Forgot to add, one another feature that archos 5 can do is you can share your computer files to your archos via wifi connection, means you can view your photos, files, movies of your pc to your archos by setting your network sharing. Just discovered it myself and it’s cool. I don’t have to face and sit in front of my pc to watch my favorite movies, I can sit back or lay down on my couch using my archos to watch it.It’s really quite fulfilling achieving or discovering something just by yourself.

  26. providence says:

    720p playback via TV out?
    Does that mean it will only play 720p videos on the TV and not on the handheld device itself?

  27. tem says:

    Of course 720p can be played on both your archos and via TV out as well. In fact it is the best looking resolution on your archos device.

  28. tem says:

    (excerpts from archos website)
    Why can’t I play videos on YouTube™ or other web sites?
    The Androidâ„¢ web browser does not support the Adobe Flashâ„¢ player required for most internet sites that play video, such as YouTubeâ„¢. The ARCHOS can however play .FLV formatted video files from the video player application when they have been saved to the device.

    (my discovery)
    Well, luckily upon installing, I can now able to watch hundreds of youtube videos
    and I’m enjoying it.However, market for archos itself is getting an error everytime I open it and it says force to close, but who cares anyway for as long as I can now access youtube videos with ease with according to archos site is not being supported by android.

  29. providence says:

    anyone knows where I can get one from the shops?
    I think its a decent device :)

    thanks for the clarifying that :)

  30. tem says:

    @providence if you want I can sell my new archos 5 device to you, just bought it last june 12, 2010 and it was personally delivered to me by the archos distributor here in the philippines.Mind you, it is even better than the new one, why? It was already registered to the archos site, meaning it has already plug-ins needed to play a high definition videos. I’ve already downloaded a certain application on it to be able to watch youtube. I tell you watching youtube on it is quite stunning. It was already updated to the latest firmware. About my unit, well it’s barely 2 weeks old and package is complete as new, the latest model of archos with a huge 500gb of hardisk so you can’t just imagine how many movies, mp3s and files you can save up here. I can even teach you personally the ins and outs of how to use the unit.Honestly, I am more than satisfied having it, then why am I selling it? I’m just saving up for the imminent invasion of Iphone 4 and but as soon as i have earned the right amount I surely will buy another unit of archos and that’s for sure.If you are interested just email me at [email protected].

  31. tem says:

    personally, I can’t think of any internet tablet and media player in one which can accomamodate a bigger amount of files and space like archos did.

  32. providence says:

    sent you an email, hope you’ll reply soon

  33. Hfrhs says:

    Does anybody know when archos 5 will be available in Malaysia? I bought mine in Singapore about a year ago, but now my charger cable is ruined and i need a new one. It would be 2 much hassle to do it online dont u think? Pls help! :(

  34. Francis says:

    Where I can find this product. Meron ba yan sa Greenhills ng Archos 5. I can’t trust this Apple products kasi ang liit ng hard drive ng Ipod at Ipad kaysa yang Archos 5.

  35. providence says:


    Text or call this number. 09173050828 (Vicente), siya yung distributor dito sa phil. I got my unit from him :)

  36. Gh33yan says:

    mga sir san ba pwedeng bumili ng archos 5 internet tablet 8gb android? meron na ba sa greenhills ‘to? tnx.

  37. Maricar says:

    Saan makakabili ng Archos 70?

  38. ghirly says:


    much better sana if it runs on a customs Android 2.1 or 2.2 para mas updated. but can you give us where we can buy the most updated one or you can review the most updated

  39. mel atendido says:

    nobody is answering their landline… do they have a store anywhere within the metro?

  40. Michael Baer says:

    WOW! SSounds familiar, surely im having one or two soon enough =)

  41. francis pura says:

    Where can i buy Archos 5g?

  42. Marj says:

    Which is better archos A43 or archos 5 internet tablet?

  43. I like the android applications and features; even I have bought an android phone because of its open source features. I also want to buy cheap android tablet because of its android operating system. Thanks you. Have a wonderful day.

  44. cha says:

    I have an archos 7 but i lost my charger. Where can I get or buy a charger here in the Philippines? Thanks

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