Archos 70 Review

Archos 70 Review

We’ve already tried both the 8GB and the 250GB models of the Archos 70 running on Android 2.1. Both variants have their own respective advantages and storage capacity is at the center of that. Check out the full review of the Archos 70 after the jump.

Much like it’s bigger sibling, Archos 101, the Archos 70 seems like just the right fit for a portable tablet. It’s very light and slim (as far as the 8GB variant is concerned; the 250GB variant is a bit thicker) with a solid build.

The back panel is covered with a combination of hard plastic and thin sheet of metal (brushed aluminum) with all the four corners peppered with a tiny rubber pad that serves as a stand when the tablet is placed on its back.

For better viewing, there’s also a kickstand at the back so you can position it at and angle on a table or flat surface — great for when playing movies or running a photo viewer.

The screen is bright though not really that crisp (probably has got to do with the resolution or pixel density) nor have that sharp contrast which is understandable for a regular LCD screen. At 800×480, it’s got the same resolution as the 4.3″ HTC Desire HD (so that explains it). It works just fine but don’t expect it to be as sharp or crisp as the display of the iPad or even the previous-generation iPod Touch.


Running a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor really helped in the performance of the device. Apps fire up fast, the videos play smoothly and web browsing is pleasant. HD movie playback is smooth and great; viewing angle is wide enough, maybe over 100 degrees across. Sound quality is good and volume is decent with the speakers all situated at the front.

The tablet does have the Android Market (so are all other Google Apps/Services) out of the box although you can always install it manually. Archos has an alternative app store called AppsLib though it’s not as extensive as the original one. The UI is pretty much basic to Android with up to 4 sliding panels.

Didn’t bother using the VGA camera as it doesn’t take any decent-quality photos. There’s a mini-HDMI port so you can hook up the tablet to an external display (probably to watch HD movies on a bigger screen) while the micro-USB port helps you connect the device to a PC or laptop so you can easily transfer files to and from it. There’s no microSD card slot on the 250GB but there’s one on the 8GB model (corrected).

Archos promises up to 10 hours of battery life on a single full charge. The claim is doable on the 8GB variant but I don’t think the 250GB variant can do the same due to the power-hungry disk drive.

Archos A70 Internet Tablet
7″ display @ 800×480 pixel capacitive screen
1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU
720p HD video playback
VGA camera
HDMI, USB ports
8GB Flash or 250GB HDD model
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
Archos 70 250GB price: Php16,990
Archos 70 8GB price: Php15,490

Between the two variants of the Archos 70, I think I’d prefer the 250GB version since it allows me to store more video and music though there’s the obvious drawback in the thickness of the device and slight degradation of battery life. At under Php17k for both, they’re already a good buy though.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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50 Responses

  1. jun says:

    wait wait mode paren.. ok sana kung me gps.. :)

  2. Erns says:

    Can it be upgraded to Android 2.3 and Honeycomb?

  3. geri says:

    correction sir yuga,it has microSD slot.

  4. melvin says:

    I thought the 8GB version had a microSD slot. Says so on the Villman website:

  5. Gumz says:

    not bad for the price… sir yuga ok ba yan for reading purpose?

  6. Eason says:

    This is same with the price range of the Neo EDGE Omnipad, its an OEM tablet like the Redfox Wizpad or the Cherry Mobile Superion.

    But the specs of the Omnipad is quite good

    â—˜ nVidia Tegra 250,
    1GHz Dual-cortex
    â—˜ Android 2.2 OS
    â—˜ 512MB DDR2 Memory
    â—˜ 16GB Micro-SD (free bundle)
    â—˜ 10.1″ Capacitive
    Multi-touch LCD
    â—˜ ULP nVidia Graphics
    â—˜ 802.11 b/g WLAN
    â—˜ Bluetooth 2.1
    â—˜ 1.3MP Webcam
    â—˜ 1 USB & 1 HDMI port
    â—˜ Micro-SD slot

    What do you think sir Abe? Maybe you can look up into it. :D

  7. Bryan says:

    I like the archos 70 with 250gb, but is it available here? Where can buy?

  8. MJ says:

    @Bryan. Sir i have a bnew and sealed archos 70 250gb for 16.5k. You might be interested kindly text me at 09175863552. Thanks!

  9. csseyah says:

    very nice tablet… although I need to wait more.. Thanks for this review..

  10. gg says:

    The question is can it be upgraded to atleast android 2.2 to make use of flash support?? sayang naman kung hindi eh.

  11. makenzo says:

    i have 8gb version and so far im very happy with my device. running froyo with flash 10.1

    -1ghz arm cortex a8
    -capacitive screen
    -upnp/smb (media streaming from pc to a70 via wifi)
    -usb host (you can connect external hard drives and flashdrives)
    -bluetooth connection (a2dp for stereo headsets, can connect wiimote for emulators)
    -kickstand :)
    -front stereo speakers
    -tethering (even without 3g capability you can use your 3gphone as a modem)
    -firmware update from archos
    -microsd card support up to 32gb
    -battery life
    -hdmi port
    -can play almost all formats of videos. maximum of 720p

    -256mb ram
    -on-screen buttons sometimes hinder some apps that is supposed to be running on fullscreen (not a major issue though)
    -not that fast out of the box, needs tweaking.

  12. Sonofa says:

    Madaming store ng villman out of stock nito… Nag tatanong ako last week pa… Sa ebay tuloy ako naka kuha…

  13. paulkev09 says:

    Sir Yuga, how about the review of Acer Aspire One 522?

    It’s the first AMD Fusion Netbook shipped here in the Philippines so it might be interesting if your going to make a review about it and compare it to the other Netbooks.

    Anyway, your articles get hotter and hotter!

  14. superdan says:

    nice to have. pero still thinking of getting an ipod touch. but i remember a friend who’s fond of archos, he’ll be ecstatic about this one.

    @abe: by any chance, is that resident evil 5 you have in the background? :)

  15. jojo says:

    sayang walang ganyang available dito sa brunei…

  16. MJ says:

    Anyone who might be interested to purchase an Archos 70 8gb and 25gb can contact me @ 09175863552. I have the units on hand.

    @ Sir Abe, very nice review. Keep it up sir! Ü

  17. The hard drive version is battery hogger and keep in mind that hard drive is vulnerable to shake especially when you are using the tablet in your car, in the bus, etc…

    So which is better? for portability and prolong life, I would go for the 8GB version.

  18. Messie says:

    The question is, with the next gen of Ipad (some says it’s Ipad 2, some thinks it’s just Ipad 1.5, but still it’s new right?) will anyone be buying a tablet before it comes out? Most probably, it will be priced around 500$ too, and it’s 10k less than the 8gb version of this one, but it is more than offset by the materials used in Apple’s tablet.

    I’m not a fanboy here, but I think it will be wise to hold on to your wallets (or cards) before buying a tablet at this point of the year. :D

  19. xtian1986 says:

    still pondering between A70 and A101… hmmm

  20. Erns says:

    I agree with Messie. Better to wait. Ipad2 is coming out soon and the Honeycombtablets. But the Zoom looks kinda expensive. I hope Archos comes out with a Honeycomb version asap, but at the price range of Archos 70.

  21. Bryan says:

    @MJ, how much for the archos 70 8gb and the 250gb?
    Whats your mode of payment?

  22. paulkev09 says:

    Sir Abe’s playing Resident Evil 5 in the background!

  23. MJ says:

    @Bryan. 16500 for the 250gb (bnew and sealed) and 13500 for the 8gb (2 weeks used and looks bnew)

    • Mike says:

      Yuga tech says archos 70 8GB has android 2.1 but villman store says it has android 2.2 froyo.

      What does your unit have and did you buy it in Villman too?

      Is your unit still for sale?

      [email protected]


  24. Patutz says:

    @MJ bat nyo po binebenta ung 8g? di po ba sya maganda?

  25. MJ says:

    @Patutz, very nice po siya mejo gipit lang po sir.

  26. Patutz says:

    @MJ hmm kung siguro available pa sya by friday or saturday next week kunin ko na po sir hehehe

  27. MJ says:

    @patutz sure sir just text me. Thanks

  28. Randy says:

    I am selling my weeks old Archos 70 250 GIG with sleeve and matte screen protector for only P16,500

  29. Randy says:

    Nga pala ang contack numebr ko 09209203023

  30. Randy says:

    Eto po and tamang number ko 09209203032 sorry for the error, avalable pa po yung unit ko

  31. yuga says:

    @mike – it’s 2.1 when I reviewed it but upgradeable to 2.2. Froyo.

  32. Marc says:

    Umm wifi+3g ba tong unit na to?

  33. sir gie says:

    i got one. when i showed it to my co-employees, i ended up buying another. and another. and another! hahaha!

    it’s truly a good buy, to think that one can have that lofty 250 GB storage much like the portable HDD – plus all the advantages of an android tablet!

    i was able to update the firmware to the latest version, which is 2.4.19 (Android 2.2.1).

    i am enjoying it a lot now. it’s a pc in a very handy size.

  34. Jes says:

    PhP 8.5K na lang next month for the 8GB model, tama ba?

  35. nancy says:

    Can someone answer my question please..

    I receive a 8gb model as a xmas gift.. pwede ko ba sya lagyan ng memory card? Up to what capacity?

  36. jangie09 says:

    up to 32 gb yan @nancy.. mgkano va archos 70 mo.. 6,900 kasi dito eh..
    pls reply.

  37. jangie09 says:

    up to 32 gb yan @nancy.. mgkano va archos 70 mo.. 6,900 kasi 8gb dito eh..
    pls reply.

  38. Nancy says:

    thanks jangie for the reply..

    Cencya na.. My Archos 70 is a gift.. i don’t know how much sya nabili..
    I searched sa ebay.. 7-8 k yung price..
    Sang price yung 6,900?

    • jangie09 says:

      ah..nakita ko lng dito sa uk. mas mahal pala dyan sa pinas. pauwi na kasi ako. confuse lng if dito or dyan ba bibili.. walang warranty kasi dito.. kaya vang mg multitasking yang a70?..

  39. supermhela says:

    Where can I buy one of these here in Manila? Thanks!

  40. jimm says:

    im selling my archos70, never been used. nasa box pa. gift lang sa akin e d ako marunong gumamit. selling at 13th with pouch. call09293096955

  41. Raqeggie says:

    Can I use a wireless Broadband Usb on my Archos 70

  42. jenny says:

    may service center ba d2 sa philippines ang archos?

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  44. eric says:

    mabilis npo malowbat archos 7.0 250gb ko,… saan po service center dito sa pinas?

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