Astone UMPC now at Php9,995 too!

Astone UMPC now at Php9,995 too!

Haven’t really heard any development from Astone ever since I spotted their 7-inch UMPC back in April. Well, it looks like they’re still selling and has actually gone the way of the Blue H1 UMPC too.

astone umpc

Official product specs:


Astone UMPC
7″ WVGA Touch Screen Panel @ 800×400 pixels
VIA C7-M 1.2GHz
WIFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.0
4-in-1 Card Reader
3-cell Li-ion battery (up to 3.25 hours)

Linux Price: Php9,995
Windows XP Home: Php11,995

It can’t get any better than that. Astone should have done this much earlier and they could have sold thousands. Haven’t seen them displayed in stores but they’re available at PC Corner (tel # 723-1718 & 37).

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40 Responses

  1. Payls says:

    What is the big diff between Linux Price: Php9,995 and Windows XP Home: Php11,995 ex. the prize.
    Anway I tried to add my blog in your Philippine Best Blogs but it didnt get through.. I have posted the link alread but still kept telling me no link found.. sad ;(

  2. yuga says:

    @Payls – the Windows License costs Php2k. Email me details of your blog submission. I will manually add it.

  3. What an incredible price drop… although now I’m asking, why didn’t this happen earlier.

  4. Jay says:

    they should. sad to say it’s still ugly yugs! read: UGLY (uneven screen) looks like more of a v-tech (child’s laptop toy) to moi.

    Linux Price: Php9,995
    Tiny XP modified OS: Php 9,995. ditch the linux and have your favorite modified OS. =)

  5. @kuya jay
    haha I think for that price, you’re getting what you paid for (especially the looks)

  6. mL says:

    Do you think we can install Windows XP Tablet Edition in it since it has touchscreen? Does it’s touchscreen support handwriting capability? Thanks!

  7. calvin says:

    that thing is ugly! not worth the 10k imho.

  8. autocad says:

    looks like a toy laptop.

  9. AcerOne looks better with a 10″ screen but the hard drive is only 8Gigs SSD and the OS is linux.

  10. Richie says:

    Are UMPCs like this good for regular web browsing?

  11. Bianca says:

    hi! what do you think is better, blue h1 or astone? thanks!

  12. nerd9750 says:

    wow, grabe ang binaba, bumili ako neto 2 months ago, the price was P19,900. ngayon grabeh, tsk tsk. nakaka pang hinayang.

  13. Amazingracern says:

    I bought this last month with its price of 9,995. I just personally changed it to XP. It works like my desktop PC… Very handy, can flip the screen to whatever position I’d like and it has stylus. Well, so far, so good… Love it!

  14. felice says:

    What are the implications if the umpc has no modem? And does astone have a dvd player?

  15. mark b. says:

    i got the blue H1 with the same price and i can say im happy with it but when i read about this medyo nanghinayang ako ng konti because the blue h1 only has a 1ghz processor and the astone has 1.2ghz both have 1gb memory but astone has a bigger hdd at 60 gb the only down side of astone is the smaller resolution at 800 x 400 kasi with the 800 x 480 its a bit cramped up na nga eh. But so far i have no issues with my Blue H1. got xp installed and running office 2007 so happy with it. could’ve been better if it got the 1.2ghz processor sana. :P

  16. jen says:

    which is better, blue h1 or the astone UMPC?

  17. jen says:

    which is better, blue h1 or astone UMPC?

  18. kean cruz says:

    is umpc modular 0.3MP Camera comes with a instller? coz when i formated my astone umpc my built in web cam dosnt work. i cnt find the web cam installer in astone driver? kndly help me plz

  19. Lorlilerive says:

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  20. Ike says:

    Hi guys! I’d like to know if astone has a snappy performance when it comes to photoshop. and does it lags from time to time? and what are the situations when it lags? and i want to know if the keyboard is spacious is enough. and another thing does, it overheat in prolonged hours of use? sorry for having a lot of questions hehe:D

  21. ronald says:

    hi to all. Can someone please publish/post the video card specifications of the Astone UMPC discussed above. thanks in advance for any reply.

  22. Gizmosync says:

    eto pala ung sinasabi nilang sobrang mura na UMPC, wooot!

  23. sarah says:

    as of oct 2008 the price is P9995.00
    how bout now???

  24. alice says:

    just bought my umpc last month,it’s P10995.00. It’s good but the problem is can’t the find the driver for the webcam, can’t use it to ym..

  25. I like this umpc with windows 7 it runs faster than xp & vista

  26. patz says:

    how much n ang umpc nowadays?
    pls reply… tnx

  27. jake says:

    I appreciate my Astone performance. Better than PDAs and expensive non-touch screen netbooks. GPS data gathering using Arcpad works well.

  28. SEF says:


  29. Blob Loblaw says:

    Can you flip the screen 360 degrees so that it becomes a more typical tablet?

  30. gelai says:

    is this really better? im planning to get one tonight. haha. :)

    but im still choosing between blueh1 and astone.
    help. :(

  31. rodel says:

    how much does it cost now

  32. Rodel A. Delos Santos says:

    Ive bought a Astone UMPC last February 2009 together with 15 of my officemates at PC Corner Virra Mall Greenhills, unfortunate the laptop we bought is not working property its always been under repair, ive returned my unit 3 times within 10 months …. and 10 of my officemates laptop are also under repair…… i dont think its advisable to buy this kind of unit (madalas masira at ang repair it will took you 2 to 3 months). Sadly PC Corner and Astone will not entertain you well with regards to your complaint. Mura nga pero mapapamura ka dahil madalas masira… ive already have complains with DTI for this deffective units

  33. Rodel A. Delos Santos says:

    Astone UMPC is a unit you can never rely on….. madaling masira

  34. aileen says:

    where i have the repair for my ASTONE laptop exactly after few days na nang one year bigla automatic shutdown.di ko na mabuksan.huhuhu sayang pera…pls help…PLS HELP any place for astone repair ha..salamat ng marami

  35. lyka cruz says:

    Plss inform me also if san ko pwede iparepair my umpc astonelaptop,same casewith aileen,nd na lng xa ngpower,when itry to charge it umiilaw nman un pinakacharger nabutton pero totally un screen walang ilaw,as in shutdown,plss inform me asap,I need those files in my laptop for my report thesis submitted on Monday,wahtshould I do,plss contact me at 09158047358,thanks or email me

  36. aeou says:

    san kaya makakabili nito? sa manila area ako?? guys help need ko nito eh. haha

  37. noel says:

    whew.. i broughtmy astone wid only 30gig HD last april 2008, its a good device i usded this n home and workplace anywhere….

  38. mye says:

    how can i switch it to touch screen mode????

  39. Jaime says:

    tae ang astone bumibigay ang motherboard at laging no screen NO post.. masaklap pa neto mahal ang board kase nakadikit yung CPU sa board

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