ASUS takes a shot at the new Macbook and Apple Watch

ASUS takes a shot at the new Macbook and Apple Watch

Apple’s new Macbook and Apple Watch was launched earlier this week and as suspected, brands reacted to it just like what happened when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced. One brand who has a lot to say about the new Apple devices is ASUS. Take a look at what the company has to say.

ASUS ZenWatch vs Apple Watch

ASUS posted a “handy guide for shopping” for smartwatches suggesting that you’ll get the ASUS ZenWatch unless you are out of your mind.

ASUS ZenBook UX305 vs New Macbook part 1

This time ASUS takes a shot at the slim build of the new Macbook and flaunted the UX305’s 12.3mm frame against the 13.1mm Macbook.

ASUS ZenBook UX305 vs New Macbook part 2


It’s the ZenBook UX305 against the new Macbook again. This times its about having the highest screen resolution.

ASUS ZenBook UX305 vs New Macbook part 3

It’s about ports this time. ASUS criticized the Macbook for having only one USB Type C port and boasted that the UX305 has three USB 3.0 ports, micro HDMI output, and an SD card reader.


Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro vs New Macbook

Lenovo wants a shot as well and flaunted the Yoga 3 Pro (2014)’s thinner frame, three modes, two USB ports and higher resolution touch display.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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32 Responses

  1. Summer says:

    Thanks to Apple, I always had a basis for choosing the second best, not only in build or quality, but the price.

  2. NotaSheep says:

    Mmmhhh asus is… underestimating the USB type c… but… Apple did place it on the left which is stupid as most people are right handed… but… hmmm… yeaaaaaaah… i’ll just put it that the USB type C is much better than 3 USB 3.0 ports… if it was on the right side…

    • it's not that! says:

      It’s not about the type of the port.. The thing is.. Mac only has 1 port! Which limits your productivity! As a power user i need these ports!

    • Jemu says:


      “limits your productivity”

      I echo @carlotron9000 below. Obviously the macbook doesn’t suit you. There’s a reason it’s slim. Duh.

    • itsnotthat says:

      It’s funny cos asus offer slimmer product with multiple ports.. Plus is your macbook just for bloging and facebook? Well you’ve just wasted your money then.. Not even worthy for office use lol

  3. carlotron9000 says:


    Well that just means that this model is not for powers users, simple as that, you may still get the regular Macbook Pro to suite your needs.

  4. Raphiduz says:

    Asus has made the big mistake in publishing this advertisment against Apple’s MacBook. Why bash Apple if you are confident that your Asus Zenbook is superior than the New MacBook? Consumers buy MacBook becuase of the following: 1. MacBook doesn’t need an anti-virus. 2. Apple provides free built in applications for productivity and creativity. 3. MacBook OS X Yosemite is seamless and easy to use. 4. The new MacBook is cool because it has fanless harddisk meaning , it generates less heat and has no sound while working with it. 5. Longer battery life.
    These features are far more important than the features offered by Windows based like Asus Zenbook which cost expensive too.

    • aha says:

      “MacBook doesn’t need an anti-virus”

      the stupidest comment i ever read when it comes to macbook.


      more loooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Name: abdul says:

      lol apple and it’s has it’s vulnerabilities its never been 100% secure look at jlaws hack nude photos. your making me laugh looooooooolllllllll

    • carlotron9000 says:

      ^ive been using a Macbook WITHOUT an antivirus since I bought it 3 years ago, and never once Ive been infected by a malware nor a virus. So yeah an antivirus might help but as of now, its not a REQUIREMENT unlike when using a PC. have you been using a macbook recently to talk like you know everything about it? Le sigh….

    • Raphiduz says:

      This aha doesn’t know what he he talking about. Because he doesn’t own a MacBook. It turns out that he is the stupid one! MacBook are not susceptible to any virus/malware/trojan due to Apple’s closed ecosystem. Aha better do your research before giving your non-sense comment to others! Asus after sales support sucks! You think you bought a cheaper gadget where in fact after some defects has been identified, you would pay more to these third party authorized Asus service centers in Cubao! Thats a FACT!

    • carlotron9000 says:


      Ughhhhh… really???? di ko na papatulan ito hahahah lol! :D

    • igniculus says:

      (No. 5) longer battery life ba kamo? well read this first…

  5. Raphiduz says:

    In addition to that, Asus should start building their own service center here in the Philippines not a third party authorized service center. Because their after sales support sucks!

  6. jokab says:

    Brace yourselves for fanboys retaliation.

  7. carlotron9000 says:

    are you talking about pc fanboys or mac fanboys? hahahaha

  8. Kam says:

    Got my macbook pro stolen in my apartment last year so i was forced to get an asus core i5 laptop since i cant afford again to get one.

    I seriously want to get back to OS x for hundreds of reasons.

    And yeah, i never had that moment that i am pissed because i need an anti virus. In fact, my macbook pro deleted those files on usb coming from windows that are infected.

    To cut my story short, the experience is incomparable. Asus can mocked the Mac but only OS X users know the difference.

    And battery life is always phenomenal.

    • skabuts says:

      Might as well use overpriced apple products to flaunt your riches and conceal your flaws. Pardon me, but you being an isheep and your improper use of d and ed makes me want to bash you. ICheers.

    • carlotron9000 says:

      another narrow minded window user that thinks we only use macbooks to flaunt( i dont even show my macbook to others so your point is invalid ). Personal preference doesnt exist in your world eh? I pity you buddy hahaha :D

    • Kam says:

      sorry skabuts for my wrong grammar. you should have just corrected me in a proper way rather than bashing me.

      well for one, im not that stupid to flaunt my things for people to steal. i work hard for the money i use to buy things. your comments are just plain mean. what a shame.

    Pera Pera lang yan sa mga gumagawa ng Anti Virus:

    Walang Virus ang MAC? Basa Basa din sa Net:


    • abdul says:

      kaya nga patawa yan walang alam kasi mac lang alam nya pang retard at pang hipocrete na user. windows save lives of millions of people. look mostly windows application gamit sa government and more.

  10. C says:

    Also, it’s not only Macbook that is fanless

  11. carlotron9000 says:

    naisip ko lang, kung may insultong ‘iSheep’ meron bang insultong ‘windowSheep’? anu difference? pag bumibili ba ako ng original na Nike shoes kesa sa class A na mas mura ‘origsheep’ na ba ako? di ko lang talaga magets ung insulto na un eh. please someone, enlighten me haha :D

    • wired_boy says:

      A follower of the Apple cult regardless of the usefulness or real worth of the product. Believes with without question the cult propaganda which installs the almost mythological belief that what they have just bought is the fastest or most user friendly product ever, only to be re-sold the same product, with a few minor tweaks, a few months later with the same rhetoric and complete disregard for reality. Easily mislead by their own egos and think they are being unique and innovative. Often wrong but convinced they are correct. See definition for extremist, brainwashed fukwits.


    • carlotron9000 says:

      ^ ahh baket walang windowsheep? or androidsheep for that matter? :D

    • igniculus says:

      Kasi ang connotation ng “sheep” is sunod sunuran, parang flock ng sheep, hindi nila alam na sa bangin na pala sila dinadala ng pastol, eh sunod pa rin sila. ganun un. kaya “isheep”. Kasi matagal ng debate about sa apple products na OVERPRICED though konting improvements lng from the last model and my mga tao na kada labas ng products ng Apple, lagi sila bumibili and they feel superior among others.

      Sa case ng android there is “Fandroid” but never a sheep because there are a multitude of brands that supports “Android” from cheap , midrange to flagship phones at, of course, different price range, that u can choose from UNLIKE Apple products that u can’t choose from it a cheap product, and what you only get is there OVERPRICED products, but of course if you have money, it doesn’t matter anyway.

      Windowsheep? Impossible. I think gets mo na kung bakit. And because they started as an OS anyway and is being used by THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS around the WORLD (their OS ha, nevermind their phones, lol.) Meron tinatawag na “PC Master Race”, fyi lang. Google na lang. :P

      Ok ba? I hope naliwanagan ka kahit papano :P

    • carlotron9000 says:

      ^ ahh thanks! curious lang ako kung bakit madaling ibato ung term na ‘isheep’, panu kung may Macbook ka pero naka android phone ka naman, eh di hinde ka considered na isheep tama based sa information na binigiay ni wired_guy? So it means na bago mo tawagin sunod sunuran sa ang Apple ang isang user eh di dapat mo rin alamin kung anung gamit nyang phone at tablet at gaano sya kadalas magupgrade? pansin ko lang un sa mga post na nababangit ang Apple o talagang madaming lang haters ang apple kaya namimisuse na ung term na isheep? wala langs. hehe :D

    • igniculus says:

      madaling ibato ang isheep kasi my mga taong kung idefense ang Apple eh sobra hanggang kamatayan, lol. Yung hindi sila natitinag kahit anung reason ibigay sa kanila kasi nga parang brainwashed na sila and what they believe, they assume na yun lang totoo, that Apple products are the best, pangalawa lang yung android, windows, etc. No matter the cost, specs and features. Ang term n isheep is for people na uber fanatic and is a general term, though my mga exceptions naman jan, gaya ng sabi mo na my mcbook though ang phone is android. (but usage-wise it’s better if you’re gonna use a mcbook, use an iphone instead because they are much easier to sync, to pair, file transfers, less use of personal accounts, etc.)

  12. trollllll says:

    Tanga naman tong nga isheep na toh.
    hindi daw navivirus kasi closed source?
    mga engot yang utak niyo ang closed source!
    oo iba ang experience sa mga mac compared sa pc
    nadesign talaga yan kasi para sa mga isheep na simple minded.
    Wag kayong mag pc kasi for sure hindi niyo alam gamitin yun.

  13. abdul says:

    pang retarted lang ang mac. secure daw haha kampante yung ulupong haha may closed environment pang nalalaman bwahahaha

  14. Brad says:

    Guys, where can I buy the ASUS UX305?

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