Samsung, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, ASUS react to iPhone 6

Samsung, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, ASUS react to iPhone 6

The launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is a milestone for Apple, but it was also a chance for mobile companies to take a shot at the new iPhone for finally breaking the 4-inch barrier. Read their messages below.



In an image posted on its social media channels, Samsung quoted the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs when he mocked smartphones with large screens back in 2010. Jobs justified the iPhone 4’s 3.5-inch screen and criticized bigger rivals because “you can’t get your hand around it”. With the launch of the new iPhones, the Korean tech giant took the opportunity to promote their recently launched 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4.


HTC made fun of the iPhone 6 as well. The Taiwanese company posted a photo on Twitter of the HTC One M8 beside a pixelated image of what is obviously the iPhone 6 and a caption that read “Bigger screen. Better performance. Elegant design. Welcome to the party #iPhone6.”



Sony also took to Twitter to take a shot at the new iPhones by posting an image of a tagline that says “Better than bigger”, which is actually an answer to the iPhone 6’s tagline “Bigger than bigger” suggesting that Sony’s Xperia flagship is better than the iPhone 6.



The OnePlus also joined in and posted an image on their Facebook page welcoming Apple to the “PLUS” family, which is to call out Apple for using the word “Plus” to identify its 5.5-inch iPhone 6. And to rub it in, the message also showed an image of the 5.5-inch “Flagship Killer” next to the iPhone 6 Plus.



ASUS is not going to be left out and boasted about the ZenFone’s aggressive price tag against the expensive iPhone 6, showing that you can buy six ZenFones for the price of one iPhone 6. And so they ask, “Which 6 is better – Six ZenFones for the whole family or one apple for yourself?”

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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63 Responses

  1. leo dr says:

    o labas na mga epol fanboyz!

  2. shutter says:

    mukhang nataranta sila sa paglabas ng bagong apol ah. hehehe

  3. SamsungWhatdaF says:

    Masiyadong mayabang ang samsung ahh sila nga tong nag mamassive production ng mga malalaking phone. Kaya parang nga pag samsung user ka parang cheap ung phone mu tignan kasi over price at madaming kaparihas. Maganda pa ang local product with a low price but high end phone. iPhone 6 is luxury phone, samsung is cheap and shit phone ever.!

    • anonymous says:

      Halatang d mo nabasa mga lumang post ng apple, sila yung nag sabing noone is going to buy a big phone

    • D mo ata nagets ang quote ng samaung hahaha

      Na slow ka ata..

    • anonymous says:

      hulog ka pa piso boy, baka magtime ka na

    • Bystander says:

      What a douchebag! You sir, don’t really know what you’re talking about. Just another brainless Apple fanboy on the net.

    • apolbulok says:

      Oi social climber itikom mo nalang bibig mo wala ka naman alam sa phones. At isa pa apple ang overpriced tignan mo nalang ung specs at price ng ibat ibang androids versus apple. Lamang na lamang sa specs androids pero mas mahal si apple. Halatang isa ka sa mha social climbers na tumatambay sa starbucks at dinudutdot ang apple gadgets nila masabi lang na sosyal sila kahit tag gutom na hahaha! Umalis ka dito at walang kredibilidad comment mo. By the way lebroon james and other celebrities are using samsung phones. Does that mean they are cheap? I dont think so dear social climber

    • NAkakaTAWAka says:

      haha nagla-lag utak ni bossing :) basa basa po

    • matikas says:

      sarap sapakin ng muka neto. akala mo kung sinong marunong. bobong pinipilit magpakatalino pero bobo pa din hahaha!

  4. rakker says:

    Haha, Trashtalk mode, ON!

  5. RCB says:

    kala ko sa sports lang may trashtalk.. pati rin pala sa Smartphone… ha ha ha..

    Go for Asus Zenphone 6…

  6. Brettttt says:

    I have to admit Apple fan ako. Kaso may point mga pinapakita ng android na kalaban. What happened though Apple? :(

  7. Eddie Vedder says:

    Hehe.. Si Apple laging quiet lang pag ganan mga kalaban, tatawanan lng cla ni apple pag dating ng sales figures nila.. Hehe

    • Carlo says:

      Lol, Apple has bashed these other companies in the past. Watch their keynotes.

    • NatawaAko says:

      Sale figures? hahaha..e research mo sales ng apple at samsung tas e compare mo..hahahaha. .

    • Eddie Vedder says:

      oopps. sorry i was wrong, i was only referring to the flagship phone’s sales figures. Clearly, iphone 5s is outselling samsung s5 and it will only get worse for Samsung with the release of the Iphone 6 and 6 Plus.. and plus the fact that Samsung is losing its shares on the market especially at the low end market because of the entry of other phone companies like xiaomi, lenovo, oppo etc.. Even Samsung admitted it,difficult times ahead for them. ok guys!

  8. Apol Buloks says:

    Android sucks Apol RULES

  9. catch22 says:

    Rivals are mocking the new iPhone while Apple is silently smiling. That’s free marketing right there.

  10. Heartie says:

    Parang ang yabang ng dating ng Samsung dun ah. HAHAHA :v sony user here XD

  11. jdGONEMAD says:

    isa pang maganda sa iphone series, mas madaming accessories available. and daming stores meron.

    ung asus zenfone 6, halos wala. mismong asus store na eh wala pang case/cover na binebenta. same goes to htc and oneplus. walang mabiling cover/case. kung meron man eh limited at halos walang choice sa design.

    kung lahat ng phone na yan same price lang. which would you choose? malamang mag iphone ka na lang din d ba?

    tsaka ung zenfone 6 kala ko ba hindi full hd? eto ung phone na gusto ko bilihin.

    • Jrnogi says:

      Lol. Yes you are right. Iphone has a lot of Accessories sold in the market.You know why? Because limited model and design of Iphone makes it alot easier to reproduce no need to redesign for different models per release (ex. zenfone 4,5,6..).

      BTW, zenfone 6 is just released mid august.. so please don’t expect of instant Accessories in the market. lol

      And Zenfone 6 is 720p is not a full hd. Anung pinaglalaban nyo po? :)

  12. dude says:

    sus! Samesung!

  13. yadig says:

    may point nmn sila lahat eh. late n rin na isip ni apple na pwede pala shang lumaki.

  14. MobileGeek says:

    Apple phones are for those who can afford but don’t actually have BRAINS !!!

  15. Vlood says:

    Apple just run out of idea thats why they just widen the screen instead.. There is not much of a “new” to this release.. Only the screen, the OS can be downloaded by any other “i” device. For the specks, hmmmm saphire screen was launched by Hyuwei, Camera still M8 and Nokia has the tittle for it, full HD playing, LG3 has it, and Batery life, Samsung S5 grabs it.

  16. Erich says:

    It’s a cheap shot to quote a deceased person since it was Tim Cook’s idea (not Steve Jobs) to give in to consumer demands, shame on Samsung. Even though I’m an Android user and a purist at that, despite the advancement in specs with Android devices, the over-all user experience isn’t as fluid compared to it’s iOS counterpart in all it’s simplicity.

  17. filmore says:

    and oneplus will be sued by apple, becuase of the word “PLUS”

  18. guest says:

    This is a free publicity. Other company always want their product to be compared Apple.

    Eto lang yan eh. Kahit ano pa mobile device mo, nasa gumagamit lang yan tska kung may pambili ka.

    Blackberry User Here. :D

  19. amoyetits says:

    lols for Asus Zenphone i agree!

    iPhone user here!…

  20. danL says:

    Somebody should sue apple for the 5’5 inch patent..

  21. Xtian says:

    LOL Yeah We all know apple always have the Good sales Figures because sa fact pa lang na over price cla aba tlagang mananalo cla …. WTF with the 8mp camera compare to 20mp cam… you know what I mean

    • Dude says:

      bro, wala yan sa megapixel. Nasa sensor po iyan. (y). Check mo yung HTC one M8 na may 4MP lang pero nadali nila sa sensor.

  22. Kyle says:

    i think what these companies are forgetting is that Apple isn’t just about who has the bigger screen or who has the better camera. Sure, this is probably the easiest to make fun of but do they realize that with all the announcements made yesterday, Apple is trying to be part of every aspect of our lives? With the health app, the new iOs, the iWatch, Apple Pay, Carplay, etc., Apple is seamlessly linking all parts of everyday living with all of their products, which is a bigger deal and a bigger sell than the stupid screen size.

    • Popoy says:

      You don’t get it. It’s not just about Apple increasing the screen size just like the competitors. It’s about INTEGRITY and having the balls to stick to what you said. How many more statements will Apple release that will eventually be proven BS and just a marketing hype.

    • Kyle says:

      Integrity? It’s not about making statements and sticking to them. It’s about putting the better product out there. Less you remember, it was Steve Jobs who made that statement. He’s gone, he’s not the one running the show anymore. Although I think that the Apple braintrust asks “would Steve approve of this?” everytime they release a new product. It’s business my friend. Times change, decisions change. You dont lose integrity over that when it’s just all about putting the better product out there.

  23. Xiaomi says:

    Xiaomi will rule the android world. Lol!

  24. rockd says:

    May point c asus!

  25. apolbulok says:

    Cheap talaga samsung kaya masarap bilhin dahil nagbabayad ka ng mura sa magandang specs di tulad ng mansanas bibilhin lang dahil pangsocial climber lang lol

    • Rockafella says:

      Kelan pa naging mura ang Samsung? Mahal din sila koya at least with Apple you get a premium looking device. Pareho lang brainwashed ang Samsung and Apple fantards.

      I’m still satisfied with my Nokia N-gage xD

  26. Mirror says:

    what’s great about this game is most players are sport and welcoming. i thought this will be more of a black propaganda, but most are not. this only shows that a game should only be fairly played. kudos!

  27. backstabbd88 says:

    abangan niyo ang Iphone 9 sa yr2017. Taon-taon nalang wala na silang maisip kundi palakihin ang iphone. Baka 9 inches na yan pagdating ng iphone9.

  28. Lito says:

    Those critisized apple iphone about the larger screen were afraid of being
    That their phone ovetook them by apple. Steve Jobs is no longer the CEO of Apple. Naturally the new CEO make his own decision that Iphone can overtook other phones and also the IOS is the world advance operating system than other os cannot do same. Their are affaid now thay the new iphone came out with exitind design. Plus the apple watch that all watch now in the market are no match with those of apple product.

  29. LG G2 MINI User says:

    LG SMARTPHONES are still the best for me…..

    • Dennis says:

      LG is all you can afford that’s you said that. If you never owned an iPhone, how can make the comparison?

  30. Pat says:

    Kulit ng mga response nila XD.

  31. apol master says:

    Android pang poor talaga. Buti nalang may iphone6 na ko

    • ajax says:

      Yup pampoor talaga yan android na yan. Apple still rules the market kahit magsamasama mga android phones n yan

    • mr. clean says:

      And your remarks are coming from an educated mind I presume?

    • kadiri says:

      kadiri kayo. magkano inutang nyo para lng makabili nyan? mga ipokrito. FYI maraming android users na kayang bumili ng iPhone, pero ndi nila gnagawa. bkt? because they know better than PA-USO lng.

  32. chibibadtz says:

    In my opinion, makers of the smartphones will not stop innovating their products until the customers are not satisfied with what they can have. I read a lot of comments about bashing the Apple Iphone 6. I realized that they’re right on some point that if you have the money to buy and the means to do, then go for it. But if you don’t have what it takes to afford it, then better canvas another phone that will fit your budget. We’ve been amused, amazed, startled and conquered by many android player in the market. How can we stick to a smartphone that has it all? Every time of the year they’ve been releasing new products, leaving the current product gone in the wind. There’s no stopping for those companies who wanted to make profit. But for us people, can we really follow the hype of buying good phones to be trendsetter in our own environment? I decided not to buy any smartphone now, it is because first I don’t have the money to afford even the lowest price that they’re offering. And secondly, I don’t have a stable job. That’s why I’m still using a Nokia N70. Hehehe

  33. pitlog says:

    Blackberry is the best hehehe

  34. Unkown says:

    Apple Sucks! Para lang yan sa mga social climber na tatambay lang sa starbucks sabay mag yoyosi at magdudutdut ng cp nila masabi lang na sosyal! Di rin magtatagal di lang apple ang mangingibabaw jan dami na company na nag rrelease ng android na mas mataas ang quality at specs at mas mababa ang price!

  35. AKOSIEUGENE says:

    Having a larger, pricey, gadget phone such as iphone6 may be too much for most of us. I’m amazed how peoples’ responses are, “even for those trying hard to construct their sentences in English lol”, comparing this phone to any other devices/android in the market now. Before leaving a comment, make sure first that you really know what you’re talking about and that you have had experience using the device and android gadgets. There’s a whole lot of gadgets out there that might have a better specs. As from what I am seeing nowadays, most people are boasting on their “MAHAL” expensive gadgets and it has become a status quo for people who wanted to be “IN” or wanting to show that “MAYAMAN AKO”.

  36. Eduman says:

    Nokia pa din ak! wahaha! wala akong pakialam sa iba!

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