5 “innovations” for iPhone 6 not new to Android phones

5 “innovations” for iPhone 6 not new to Android phones

Apple already unveiled its newest handsets – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Along with them come features that are pleasant and new to the ears of iFans but have already been experienced by Android users for quite some time now. We list down these features for comparison’s sake.

comparison header

Ready? Let’s begin the list!

HD/Full HD display

iphone 6 resolution

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 was introduced to have an HD display with a resolution of 1334 x 750. It’s definitely an improvement since prior to that, the iPhone 5S already maxed out at 1136 x 640. The bigger iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, boasts a Full HD 1080p display which is the company’s first on a handset.

The thing is, we’ve already been surrounded by HD and Full HD displays for years now. Google is even making 2K resolution (2560 x 1440) sort of the standard for flagships today. There’s the Galaxy Note 4 with Quad HD resolution as well as the LG G3 which sports the same 5.5-inch display as the iPhone 6 Plus but also comes with a 2K resolution screen.



Android smartphones widely use NFC today for a number of functions – they can share photos, videos, contacts, documents, and even pair their devices with other gadgets that support the same technology. Again, this is something new for Apple and they just limited its function for transactions with the introduction of Apple Pay – something that Google has already been doing and even strengthening when KitKat rolled out.

Wi-Fi calling



As far as we could remember there have been apps for Android since late 2013 that utilize Google Voice so users can call specific numbers using their Wi-Fi connection. During Apple’s keynote early yesterday, the company angled this feature as a means of being able to still make an outgoing call even when you’re at a place with no signal like a basement with Wi-Fi present. This is a pretty smart move for Apple, but a few years late.



For the larger iPhone 6 Plus, it carries something that its smaller sibling doesn’t: a landscape view of navigating through the phone and OIS or optical image stabilization. This basically makes the camera’s sensor move sideways and up and down to compensate for the hand’s shake while taking photos and recording videos, and as a result the 6 Plus produces sharper images. But yes, this is nothing new for smartphones like the HTC One (M7).


 From memecenter.com

Apple is proud to introduce that the annoying autocorrect feature (that sometimes makes you type “play” instead of “okay” or “hemp” instead of “home”) should now be minimized thanks to its predictive typing method that studies and learns the words and phrases you usually type. There will now be a bar over the keyboard that shows words that you’ll likely use. In addition, iOS8 now supports third-party keyboard installations – just like its Android counterpart.


The list doesn’t end there. There are more iPhone 6/6 Plus features that have been present in Google’s ecosystem. A guy named Ron even posted a photo on the Internet enumerating some of them (above) comparing the newly announced iPhone to a 2012 Nexus 4.

So why are people still going loco over the new iPhones?

Right now you’re probably thinking that Apple is just copying off whatever makes Google special, and you may be right. But what makes a lot of people crazy for the new iPhones? Maybe another perspective of looking at it is because these people already love what Apple has done with its iPhone to begin with. While adding these features previously exclusive on Android phones are a big plus and maybe it’s like adding more to their already “awesome” phone which altogether works better for them.

What do you think?

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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75 Responses

  1. Arneyo says:

    Mga tanga at bobo at madaling mauto lang bibili niyan… if i had the money i’d choose note 4 and G3 instead… baka nga sa Mi3 olats na yan

  2. jaks says:

    Android Rules!!! Apple SuckS!!!

  3. gr3 says:

    One word. “Customization”.

    Apple still lacks that feature that some android users have been enjoying for so many years. Para din mood ng tao, paiba-iba. I’m content that my phone can give me a different user experience depending on my mood. I can have a windows experience with Launcher 8, or even iOS if i feel like it. Plus there’s Themer and a plethora of alternative launchers available in the play store. Want 3D? there’s Next Launcher. Want speed? There’s Lightning, etc…

    If Apple acknowledges the online theming community and make the iOS a little more accessible to customizers, it will be a win-win situation for both apple and the consumers.

    • mack says:

      Apple’s iOS is a ‘walled garden’ unlike Android na open-source. Which means, on the security standpoint, Apple is way better (research mo if you need proof). Have you heard about Jailbreak? Even before Android, may Jailbreak na ang iPhone which literally makes it an ‘open’ OS. Customization ang hanap mo just as you can on Android? Jailbreak your iPhone. SUSMARYOSEP. :D

    • milhouse says:

      Jailbreaking does offer a lot of customization options, however, it voids the warranty.

      Launcher8 doesn’t even come close to the Windows Phone interface because it doesn’t have the live tiles.

    • gr3 says:

      @mack – as Milhouse pointed out, you void your warranty once you jailbreak. That alone speaks for itself.

      @milhouse – true, while it does not have live tiles, you can still use the widgets as tiles including UCCW and Zooper, it’s not perfect and i’m not looking for a carbon copy experience as Windows phone, but it does get the job done.

    • TechnoDogge says:

      Do every android users use the OS being open source? no, most user don’t even go advance(rooting), its because not everyone go technical and use their phone as a phone(for calls, camera, games, calculator, flash as flashlights, etc.).
      Jailbreaking doesn’t really void the warranty, by just restoring it to factory setting and you can bring it to apple without them doubting. Those jailbreaker is no doubt is the advanced users the same as android rooters. Jailbreak phones can edit Icons or almost every element of ui or you can even add a widgets if that’s your liking, or apple being open source. I actually think apple made a good job with there clean and minimalistic and lagfree OS in exchange to it’s limitations, you wouldn’t know if you have use one.

      BTW, I’m a Apple 4s and Nexus 5 user.

  4. smart says:

    Android for Smart User advance features more innovation. Apple for social status PERIOD

    • smarter than you says:

      smart user? natuto ka lang magdownload ng launcher and widgets, smart ka na agad? advanced ung features ng android pero tulad ng ios users, marami pa rin di marunong gumamit ng “advanced” features ng android. malamang isa ka na doon.

  5. dez says:

    iphones are for people who wants attention and wants to feel important. 99% of people who buys the stupid product is purely for vanity and nothing else.

    • vanity says:

      a LOT of android users buy HIGH END android phones for vanity purposes also. look around and see the similarities between the vain IOS and Android users

  6. maverick says:

    In my opinion, apple is pretty smart. They only roll out these features when the time is right. Seriously who has been using some of these “Features” like NFC on a day to day basis? How about smart watches? yeah they might be late in the game but so was with the Iphone, numerous companies already released smartphones but apple did it better. The ipad, again not the first but they did it better. This is what I am expecting with the Apple Watch and the Iphone 6/6+. They’re pretty good with timing and implementation. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m android user but looking at it in a business point of view, apple is pretty damn good.

    • goose says:

      They market and hype it better. They are excellent products but grossly overpriced. And for the majority, people buy the brand, use is only secondary. This is kind of society we live in. Completely retarded. LOL.

    • io says:

      buying an android phone wouldn’t make a person smarter. each phone is unique of the package including the price. if millions are crazy over iphone, that is because they prefer it over others and they can afford it. if apple is just copying what others have done, think about where all touchscreen smart phones started.

    • ajmartinez says:


    • hotruss says:

      I think they took the Apple Newton fiasco to heart. Wise men say timing is everything.

    • ..l.. says:

      Butt hurt apple fanboy!! hahahaha

    • Mack says:

      I beg to disagree goose, try owning an iPhone and a Mac. Walang tatalo sa ecosystem na meron ang Apple. Even competitors can attest to this.

  7. applelover says:

    meron ako iphone 5s, y? may pambili ako e, pera ko to anong pake nyu. hehe

  8. applelover says:

    “iphones are for people who wants attention and wants to feel important. 99% of people who buys the stupid product is purely for vanity and nothing else” May pera ako e, may magagawa ka ba kung meron ako iphone at bibili pa ako ng iphone 6? wala naman diba? sasabhin mo lng bili ka nlng ng iba na mas maganda, hanggang dun ka nlng kasi in the end pera ko pa din gagamitin ko.

  9. jdGONEMAD says:

    marami din kasing apps ang nasa ios na wala sa android.

    sa ios, madaling mag-print via wifi. basta naka-connect ka na sa wifi network madali na mag-print. sa android kasi hassle. hanap ka pa ng compatible na app para lang maka add ka ng printer.

    ung mga games na magaganda sa ios una lumalabas.

    parang kotse land din yan. if you can afford to buy a bmw, would you still buy a toyota, considering both cars can take you from point a to point b?

  10. mack says:

    Apple’s ecosystem is the best! Only those who uses a Mac, an Apple TV and iOS devices will know what I’m talking about. Kaya wag magtaka kung bakit marami ang may gusto ng expensive iPhones kumpara sa Android. And to echo what Maverick said, Apple does things better. Yung iba kasi, may mailabas lang. Masabi lang na nauna sila or mas maraming features ang products nila.. Kung di kayo nakagamit ng iPhone, then, wala kayong K to bash the product. :D

  11. Lagdroid says:

    The author of the article clearly knows nothing about iOS. Ever heard of continuity? Look that up and see if your android can do that seamlessly without lag or installing anything. As for the specs, benchmark results of iPhone 5s beats S5 to a pulp and that phone is from 2013.

    Btw how much screen estate did s4 innovate to s5? .1 in? Wtf

    • Raphiduz says:

      You are right. As an iPhone 5 and iPad Air user, nothing beats the iOS ecosystem. Every applications you can download from App Store are seamless, fast and enjoyable. Ang Android ba meron Infinity Blade I, II, and III, BadLand, Catch the Ark, Mr. Crab, Last Knight, and Ninja Slash, etc.? They can never experience the high graphics and fast performance of iPad Air and iPhone 5 and up phones. Sa Android, pag naglaro ka ng games, may time na pag execute mo, its either nag lag o bigla na lang lalabas sa main menu. Kaya saludo ako sa iOS ecosystem. Its rare to experience that unless there is an update of the app you need to download.

  12. Alex says:

    Aminin nyo na lang mga wala kayo pambili kaya hinahanapan nyo ng mali yung product :)))
    Don’t compare Android with iOS devices, alam naman natin lahat ang difference, wag nyo lang lokohin mga sarili nyo.
    Apple is perfection!

  13. colobong says:

    android cheap rules!!!!!! i feel superior using my android phone!!!!

  14. colobong says:

    mag comment na nag mga cm, torque or kata users. ipagmalaki natin ang android natin!!! hahahaha.. sosyalin din ang android akala nila. =)

  15. eric jay says:

    ok, lets wait for their 2016. lol

  16. Oona says:

    insane comments from “smart” people. whew!

  17. Eric Schmidt says:

    I use nfc everyday on my Nexus. I have a nfc tag on my car door which toggles Bluetooth on, turns on Waze and Spotify when I tap my phone. Another tap will do vice versa.

  18. ios says:

    all iphone owners can buy android phones but not all android phone owners can but an iphone.

    • Milhouse says:

      Quite ignorant of you to suggest that iPhone owners have more disposable income than Android users.

      You are aware that second hand iPhones can be bought at dirt cheap prices, are you?

    • synth says:

      all android owners can easily use and navigate iphone’s old, boring, limited features but not all iphone owners can appreciate and experience the immeasurable features of android.

  19. ios says:

    boi im pretty sure android fans are a sucker when the first iphone came out and android just copied it

    • Milhouse says:

      Quite right because iMessage, Notification Center and Control Center are all original ideas of Apple.


    • jailbreak says:

      ^ apple jailbreak community paved the way for notification center even before android claimed they started it. i still prefer the notification center of a jail broken ios compared to android.

  20. ios says:

    im pretty sure that when the first iphone came out it was buttery smooth in terms of operation and and user experience, I cant even imaggine when android first came out and was trying hard to emulate how smooth and “Swabe” the UI if the iphone has, and it took them too long before they finaly got it but still there is something lacking in an android for me…..hmmm i just wonder….

    • UnBiased says:

      In terms of that “buttery smooth” comment can be debunked, but I won’t go technical over this. Try to search for how iPhone do the “pseudo-active” apps.

      While on Android, it is “really-active” running apps that make it demand more power, thus the lag.

      Disclaimer: I use Apple Products for Graphic and Video Production, I also own Apple Mobile Devices (and my wife loves them). But I am also fond of Android for an all different reason (i.e. Automation via Programming due to it being OS)

  21. milhouse says:

    Fanboys insist that iOS is the better ecosystem? From someone who owns an iPhone 5 and a Note 3, i can tell you for a fact that apps crashes more frequently in iOS.

  22. eyeopener says:

    to give it a point of view, each of them has the strength and weaknesses. an android phone is designed for everyone to use, now that’s their target WHILE an ios device aims to please their buyers in both hardware and software, yes apple may be priced to high but that’s because they aim for the upper class people, the rich people to be specific, the ones who can afford. IN SHORT, android is designed for everyone to use the future of technology in a cheap price, while an ios is designed for class, social status with the bonus of introducing not all but some feature of tomorrows technology one by one

  23. androidsucks says:

    Lets Begin
    1.HD display, you say that we dont have HD diplay, well come to think of it, we have retina display, wich is more advance and more sharper than you amo led tech.

    2.NFC? we have that too, only thing is it work for apple to apple devices only you get the point? “Exclusivity” my friend :p

    3. Wifi Calling: Whats the point of using it when you have viber or whats app. also i would like to let you know we have iMessege and face time, we can call via voice and as i can recall also video :p since the first gen I phone.

    4.Optical Image Stabilization, we dont need that our camera lens is not that crappy anyway.

    5. Quick type: pls we have that, its dreaded for its auto correct fails.

    Nuf said…fckr

  24. Who? says:

    Android, Cheap? Just bought Xperia Z ultra for gaming and Xperia Z as my daily driver paired with smart watch 2. “Para sakin” ang android para sa mga madaling mag sawa, kasi kung iphone ang naging choice ko baka naka 5 4s,5 5s na ako, i started android with Lg optimus gt540 first running android 1.6 and then,,,

    Lg optimus black
    Sonyericsson xperia arc s
    Samsung galaxy s2
    Sonyericsson xperia active
    Sony experia s
    Acer iconia A100
    Samsung galaxy s3
    Htc one x
    Lg optimus L9 II
    Samsung galaxy s4
    Nexus 7
    Cm flare (curious sa cheapest quad core phone that time)
    Nexus 4
    Sony Xperia z bundled with smart watch 2
    Sony Xperia z ultra (recently bought from lazada)

    And waiting ako ma release ang iphone 6+ dito sa papua new guinea, medyo gusto ko design over sa note 4,pero sana meron functionality ang larger screen nya over sa iPhone 6. Parang yung z ultra ko na pina laking xperia z lang.

    Hindi lahat ng naka android mahirap, personal choice lang and I have nothing against sa iPhone at iphone users, natatawa lang ako sa mga comment from iphone users na pinipilit na may pera sila kaya iphone ang gamit nila, peace tayo mga bro!

  25. .|. says:

    one-sided article. title pa lang mukang hater na ang author!

  26. busta says:

    give me an iPhone now and I’ll just throw it or give it back to you. Dare me. hahahaha

  27. AndroidandiOS user says:

    ill just grab my popcorn.
    anyway, both have their pros and cons. been using iOS since 2009 and android since 2010. back then when smartphones were like very rare in the ph.
    seeing both platforms evolve to one’s preference is pretty amazing..

    to settle once and for all..
    Apple’s market is for the people dwelled in their iOS ecosystem of apps.and yes, it is innovative for their ios to finally integrate the features that android had and hopefully they would learn from the mistakes of android and then make it better for their users to enjoy and overall a better experience for iOS users..that is why they sell big time.

    android on the other hand is giving the best money can buy and strive to make it easy to learn like what apple does. but overall, its offering the future of smartphones and what technology can really do.

    • gr3 says:

      Popcorn? Do you mind if i join you? lol. I’ll bring the beer and watch sa sidelines, this should be interesting, hehe.

      Seems a lot of posters here think they know a lot, but some are obviously cut & paste knowledge lang. Some would even resort to calling the author biased just because they can. *sigh* ang mga bata talaga ngayon oo… a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    • Helveltica says:

      Yup, Apple and Google (you may include Microsoft) can learn from each other. Good user experience is the selling point of iOS, include the rich ecosystem both in software/services and hardware (accessories), specs don’t really matter in Apple world. Android existence offers diversity and it pushes the boundary what consumer electronics can offer.
      Its indeed amazing how these platforms evolve less than a decade. I still remember the first iPhone, it was a game changer and futuristic but its tad too basic to be considered smartphone at that time. Android struggles from the rubble into dominance, its getting better and better.
      Now WP though its late, but very promising platform. Windows platform for mobile in general can sit in between Android and iOS in terms of features. It offers diversity and some flexibility of Android and cohesiveness of iOS.

      Btw, can I bring sauce too? Also I’ll bring a couch. XD

  28. bot says:

    Some features are present in different devices on android. Say some are on HTC, some are on Samsung, etc. Apple gathers them all in one device.

  29. Jb says:

    In the end it’s still about preference. No need to say someone is stupid or is sheep just because he/she prefers an iphone to an android. Or telling those who like android that they are cheap.

    If you prefer a certain OS or phone then go buy it and use it.

    Telling someone that his choice is stupid will not make your choice better.

  30. UnBiased says:

    What I like about iPhone simply is how user-friendly it is and the superb Interface Design. But on that note, Android is slowly catching up on this end (see MI3 and MIUI6 and then phone design MI4)

    This goes the same, to each his own, if you are hard for Apple Products, try One of the Flagship Android. If you are hard Android User then try Apple and see what catches your fancy.

    I for one love to tinker, code and look more at the hardware capability and what I can do with it, so you can guess which one I prefer.

    Disclaimer: I use Apple Products for Graphic and Video Production, I also own Apple Mobile Devices (and my wife loves them). But I am also fond of Android for an all different reason (i.e. Automation via Programming due to it being OS)

  31. asdf1234 says:

    Each have it’s pros and cons. One can be good at something while the other cannot. Both platforms experience lag and apps crashing; meaning that there is no perfect o.s. Some may contest that one is superior than the other, but it all boils down to preferences. With regards to price, the iPhone is expensive due to majority (or all) of its parts (camera, screen, etc) are outsourced. Wherein unlike in some android phones (for example Samsung) manufactures most of its parts that gives them lower price.

  32. Can Afford says:

    Mga hampaslupang patay gutom mga commenters dito kasama pati author. Wala kasi pambili ng iPhone kaya trashtalk nalang.

  33. 'em says:

    Dumbest defense of an apple fanboy:

    “Wala kasing pabili kaya bina-bash ang iPhone…”

  34. Jo says:

    IMO, it doesn’t matter if it’s innovative or not. The fact that these features are new additions to the iPhone, it’s good enough for the iPhone fans. Why reinvent the wheel?

  35. Pat says:

    Apple turned to be a hypocrite calling othr phones as copycats.Google shoud have patented a 5″ phone just to piss apple off with their claim of a rounded rectangle

  36. little_pikoy says:

    Apple is no longer an innovator, but they have a damn good marketing team. These features are so yesteryear and yet their marketing team has made these features more relevant to all, not just the techie people. — That’s where your $$ goes when you buy Apple. So choose your poison.

  37. Greg says:

    My background is in usability. It surprised me before the iPad was released that almost everyone (Apple, Android or whatever) said the iPad better run existing desktop apps – totally useless idea, but I now believe fairly obvious.

    There’s always an argument of adding “runs desktop apps” an an option/feature, which would be a good thing, but at an early stage all that does is delay or stop a developer from making an app designed for touch. This would lessen the experience, and have people decide that a regular laptop would work better for them. An extra feature can be a hindrance.

    On a similar vein, surveys of touch-keyboard users in the first year of iPhones showed that iPhone users were 80% happy and would be prepared to use a touch keyboard on any phone, while only 20% of users were happy on other phones and the rest wouldn’t want a touch keyboard again on an iPhone or any other phone.

    The experience is very important! And Apple did it much better in the first few years. The iPhone 1 actually did less than my Nokia, but most of the Nokia features were inaccessible to my father and a pain for power users, so you didn’t bother. The resolution “improvement” is meaningless to me regardless of what an Android phone does.

    What I’m missing is the usability reports. What does an Android phone encourage in my daily usage, in comparison to an iPhone. Does it do things consistently. Essentially “what would I end up using differently on an Samsung vs Apple device”. Not “what COULD I do?”, but “what WOULD I do?”.

    The question is difficult to answer. I know that historically Apple got higher marks for that question, and I know historically other companies don’t understand the distinction (and understanding it is important), so for now I’ll stick with the iPhone.

    But I’m hugely pleased that we have 2 highly competitive companies doing things in different ways, it really pushes the whole industry forward.

  38. Justin says:

    Parang sa akin ata galing yung isang pic dyan, ha.

  39. Neil says:

    Definition of “innovation”: Innovation is a new idea, device or process.Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulated needs, or existing market needs.This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets, governments and society.

    On the hardware side, there might not be any innovations, just inclusions (Apple Pay is definitely an innovation though) but on the entire iPhone 6 and Apple Watch presentation, the word “innovate” or it’s derivatives have never been used.

    It’s interesting that a “review” site like YugaTech often reviews cookie-cutter Android phones and only has good words for these but gives flak for an iPhone?

    It’s like the expectation of an obviously Android-focused site is higher for Apple than Android devices. That every single Apple release should definitely have an innovation, and a hardware one at that?

    I’d like to also say a few things about some of the points above.

    NFC: NFC is old tech but has Android ever been able to truly leverage on this? Doesn’t the pathetic number of Android phones with NFC and the number of existing NFC-capable devices like wireless speakers show that Android use this mostly as a buzzword and niche feature? How many outlets have rolled out support for Google Wallet? With NFC on iPhones, can anyone say with a straight face that mobile payments and NFC-enabled gadgets won’t suddenly swarm the market now?

    OIS: This is a nitpicky thing to complain about. You mentioned *one* other Android phone with this feature but even without OIS, the iPhone cameras have always been superior and is the standard to which other phone cameras are compared to.

    Now to the people in the comments complaining how iPhones are overpriced: they’re not. Just because Apple doesn’t make cheap devices doesn’t mean they’re overpriced; they cost as much as your Android flagships. People who focus on sticker price are sadly uninformed. Owning gadgets is like owning a car. There are costs to maintain it. Just the superior and fuss-free warranty policy of Apple is more than enough to justify it but then again, people who never had any Apple stuff wouldn’t know about it.

    • Neil says:

      Seems to me you have people who are the Android writers and you have people who are more versed with Apple products.

      Saying that, I kind of question the wisdom of having your Android people write articles on the Apple category. It can be done, yes, as long as the author can stay objective but just the title of this article itself is already antagonistic and attracts the flaming and trolling types instead of inviting intelligent discussion. Apple fans come in and are immediately defensive and you get Android fans who chime in for a circlejerk.

      I guess from a pageview standpoint, your Apple articles are linkbait. Apple articles here have the most comments but they’re mostly name-calling though. :-/

    • Justin says:

      “OIS: This is a nitpicky thing to complain about. You mentioned *one* other Android phone with this feature but even without OIS, the iPhone cameras have always been superior and is the standard to which other phone cameras are compared to.”

      You might want to do more research on this, bro.

      I’ve already seen quite a few articles on the internet specifically comparing photo quality taken by the iPhone, Windows Phones and a few other Android phones. I can cite gsmarena.com as one of my sources. Referring to 2013 phones, no, the iPhone is not the winner. It’s actually the Lumia which has the best phone camera, followed by the HTC One M7 and SGS4.

      iPhone cameras are definitely not the superior phone cameras nowadays. They might have held that crown during the iPhone 3, or maybe even iPhone 4 era, but they’ve clearly been overtaken by the competition.

  40. whYNOT? says:

    Before anything else,this is coming from a previous iphone 4, current nexus 4 and note 3 user… the choice of buying ios or android is still gonna be up to the buyer. so no name calling or bashing will change that. the article is in bad taste but nevertheless points out facts. most iphone users are people who just want things to work the way it was designed to work, and don’t care if your phone can do something theirs can’t. I’ve never heard an iphone user say they wish they had nfc, but i occasionally see envy from android users when an ios user says they already have PvZ2 while Android users have to wait 2 to 4 months for it to come to ther devices. Clash of Clans was released 1 year ahead. If dependability and apps are your thing, I usually recommend IOS. However if you’re like me who loves to tinker with my gadgets, loves the challenge of rooting the device and customizing it to kingdom come, I’d say, get an android.

    The phone has become so personal to peoples lives that we have passionate users of both camps aggressively attacking others or defending their preferred platform but it’s really stupid if you think about it. No one argues that Samsung or LG copied the rectangular shape of the Sony TV. No one fights over Honda using the same white paint on their cars as Toyota does. And would you have an argument with someone who buys a burger at Jollibee when you can buy more food for the same amount at the nearest canteen? Of course not! So why do we attack people who love gadgets that are different from ours?

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