ASUS unveils ZenPad M for your business and IT needs

ASUS unveils ZenPad M for your business and IT needs

Tablets are just as useful as notebooks for business. Especially when we are dealing with mobile transactions and on-the-go nature of your trade. And with that, ASUS has something in its sleeves.


ASUS has the ZenPad M as their own enterprise tablet line with security in mind. As these tablet are nothing but your usual ZenPads, what’s running on it is the main feature and it’s ADAM which stands for ASUS Device Admin for Mobile.



Basically, ADAM is a tool for system admins to remotely control and manage other ZenPad Ms within the company’s network. As the products are aimed to be solely for business, ADAM will let you overlook the tablets if they being used properly. You can remotely install or update apps, pin apps to the screen, or wipe out storage if the device gets lost of stolen.

Additionally, with ADAM, you have more control over the tablets like take screenshots, send flash messages, and give a warning about updates. While all these features are pretty much available in other devices as well, ASUS’ dedicated admin tool, which can be accessed through a browser, lessens the hassle.

For now, there are two ZenPad M tablets, a 7 incher and 10 incher. The specifications of the two are not yet reveiled by ASUS, aside from Intel chipset, LTE, and Wi-Fi, but from what we can see, these are based on the current consumer ZenPads. No details yet when ASUS will start to offer these services but they might showcase it during the MWC next week.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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