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Blue sneaks in Helium T31 Mini-Notebook

Just discovered a new netbook from Blue Digital at one of the shelves of a PC Corner store this afternoon — a 10-inch Blue Helium T31.

The sales people tells me the Helium T31 is a new product that came out this month though I could not find it in the official Blue website.


The specs:
10″ display screen
Intel Centrino 1.2GHz
56k modem
2 USB ports
Firewire port
6-cell battery
Windows XP Home Edition
External DVD-Writer

The price: Php 21, 998 (approx. $475)

This is the first netbook that came out with an Intel Centrino. Blue’s shift from VIA to Intel is a good move and the price point is just right. An external DVD writer alone could cost Php3,000 so it’s a good bargain.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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15 Responses

  1. ralph says:

    sana internal yung dvd

  2. kouji says:

    interesting. i still wish it were cheaper though. :D

  3. I don’t understand why they keep saying Centrino Processor, Centrino is not a processor! The guys there had NO idea what the processor actually is. I’m betting it’s a Pentium M which would either be too slow or too power hungry

  4. yuga says:

    @ Lucien – it could also be the ULV Core 2 Duo that recently came out. I think they range from 1.2 – 1.6GHz. Not really sure and I asked for the specs sheet which they said is missing.

  5. I’ll go and snoop some more for you. I’ll ask them to let me peek into the BIOS for more detailed information. :-P

    Oh, and I hope you’re right. I’ll go get it if it’s a ULV C2D processor, but not if it’s a Pentium M. The old Centrino logo they used isn’t very promising though.

  6. Num Lock says:

    @ Lucien, currently, I’m using a Pentium M (w/ ATI X700 128mb VRAM) laptop which will beat any core 2 duo laptop w/ shared VC.

    It’s a great package provided that you’ll use the DVDRW. I hope that they will release an affordable 12″ laptop which is a good balance between usability (7″ to 10″ netbook doesn’t appeal to me; i’ll go blind he he) and portability.

  7. Numluck – I believe this one has shared VRAM. I’m betting the IGP is a lowly GMA 900. :-D

  8. taksan says:

    @ ralph
    if the dvd was internal, then i think it would just ruin the purpose of being a netbook. if an internal dvd is something you are looking for then i think a regular laptop would do the job. :D

    but overall, this device is very competitive with the bundled external dvd writer.

  9. felipe says:

    “sneaked in”. i wonder why? is it to avoid sharing the limelight with the much cheaper (and more advertised) deep blue?

  10. It’s a Pentium M, confirmed it Yesterday when I dropped by and asked if I can check the BIOS. No information on the chipset though, they won’t allow me to boot the pre-installed Windows O.S.

  11. Maurice B. says:

    hmmm. As far as i know Blue doesn’t produce its own line of product. Instead, they order these units from china or taiwan from a OEM Manufacturer of Netbooks and Notebooks. All they do is repackage or rebrand this units and sell them cheaper against the big boys.

    This netbook is a bombshell! Im gonna save up to buy this baby.

  12. bench says:

    maurice i think it will be nice to save money and wait little longer..ASUS 100HE is coming..not to mention another type of netbooks which is 3G ready..no need to put the usb 3G to connect to the net..para na syang GSM kasi mailalagay mo na mismo sa loob ang mga simcards na 3G na..

  13. Cezar C. says:

    Ako may binibenta 14k (slighly used) upgraded na memory to 2gig and with Genuine OS.

  14. neomaniac says:

    ano kaya ung sim nya? globe or smartbro? sayang maliit lang hdd nya 80gb lang and lumang centrino logo ang nakalagay. parang portable dvd player pa ang looks.

  15. i am personally using Blue sneaks in Helium T31 Mini-Notebook, and i think its great.

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