Build your own Intel Atom Desktop PC

Build your own Intel Atom Desktop PC

So here’s a thought. If the Intel Atom processor is being pushed to the desktop, why can’t people buy and build one of their own? Apparently, you can buy one of these tiny CPUs and build your own low-power desktop PC for cheap.

Rising Sun Computers is selling a set of Atom CPU and an Intel motherboard for Php3,000 a pop.

intel atom motherboard


Specs of the Intel BLKD945GCLF Little Falls motherboard and Atom combo include:
Intel Atom 230 (1.6GHz)
1 x 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (supports up to 2GB RAM)
Intel GMA950 on-board graphics
Mini-ITX (compatible wiht micro-ITX) form factor
6 USB 2.0 ports
2 Serial ATA
Realtek Sound and LAN support

No built-in WiFi or Bluetooth in sight (so you need USB dongles for them) but at Php3,000, this Atom+Mobo combination is priced really good.

All you need now is a really small casing to house this mobo and you’re all set. That makes you wonder why the Asus Eee Box costs Php24,900.

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13 Responses

  1. Amadeo says:

    Here in the US complete with mobo, this sells for about $70. Adding the rest like case, Hdd, RAM, etc. will bring the total cost to about $200, translating to under 10K pesos under current exchange rates.

    Quite affordable, given that a good TV set probably cost just as much.

  2. Erin says:

    what would be good is if they would add it in their mix-and-match selector. i am in the look-out for a cheap, small, low-power unit to serve as download and storage box. i even mailed blue but didn’t receive any reply.


  3. buddy valero says:

    i actually did one myself, i was able to buy a SFF case in g’hills. size of the case is just 2x that of asus eee box. total cost of my atom desktop is around 11k. but it is spec’d up. 1.8k for the casing, 3k for a 160gb laptop hdd, 2k for slim internal dvdrw and 2k for a 2gb ram.

  4. luthien says:

    nagkamali ba ako ng rinig when i asked a store in megamall kung magkano ang asus eee box na nakadisplay nila sabi P16,500? o baka naman hindi talaga 24,900 yun?

  5. yuga says:

    @luthien, the 25k price tag includes the monitor. I’m not sure if they allow selling the box separately.

  6. Miguel says:

    If Asus had corporate support for the Box, including on-site service/replacement and a long warranty, then corp’s would buy it. Especially call centers.

  7. Was able to spot an Asus Eee Box in SM costing to around 13k+.

  8. Mark says:

    that would probably be one of the previous models of the eee. did you check? if it is at least a 901, tell me the name of the shop. lol.

  9. luthien says:

    the eee box is different from the eee netbook hence the price.

    is that at SM north? i’m interested in it as a download machine na pwedeng pangmagdamagan. at 20w (tama ba?) mas matipid kumpara sa 500w kong pc tower.

    i think they’re selling the eee box only when i asked about their display unit, which didn’t have a monitor. but i may also be wrong.

  10. vaughn says:

    @yuga i saw an eee box without the monitor @ silicon valley..was priced around 14k

  11. dan says:

    can we use it ba as our home server?

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