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DDR3 RAM price drops

When Intel launched the Core i7 procs, I asked Country Manager Ricky Banaag why the new systems only supported DDR3 RAM which is still pretty expensive. He replied that these will eventually go down. I didn’t expect it to be this soon but it looks like DDR3 RAMs are already on shelves and are going for affordable prices.

A recently published price list from PC Express indicated that a 1GB NCP DDR3 1333MHz RAM sells for Php1,870 while a 2GB Apacer DDR3 1066MHz RAM stick is priced at Php3,210. These prices are in the neighborhood of where the DDR2 RAMs a year ago.



Of course, DDR2 RAM prices have also gone down as well — a 1 GB DDR2 800MHz RAM from Kingston, Transcend and Apacer can be had for Php620 to Php660 a stick while the 2GB RAM modules cost only about Php1,020 to Php1,060.

At these rates, we’d be seeing desktop systems with 4GB of DDR2 RAM easily and while the DDR3 is still not that cheap, we should be seeing a lot of them slide down to better price point by next year.

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13 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    I just got another 1GB stick for my mobo since the price has gone down to 620 a piece (Kingston rocks baby!).

    Now, the question is, can I still add another stick for my XP desktop computer which already has 3GB RAM stuffed on it? Possible but not recommended I believe.

  2. @Jonathan

    It’s possible to add another gigabyte of RAM to make it 4GB but windows xp will probably only detect less than 4GB because it’s a 32 bit OS.

    However, if you decide to use a 64-bit OS later on like say Vista 64-bit or Linux X86_64, all 4GB will be detected and usable.

  3. Jonathan says:


    Yes, that what I’m thinking lately based on several articles that I’ve read. 3GB would be just as enough for the meantime.

    I might push it over to 8GB if Windows 7 appeals to me. Well upgrading is a never ending process in tech life. Oh well.


  4. jhaylogs says:

    how about DDR Pc 400, wawa naman mobo ko need ko magdagdag ng RAM. magkano kaya 2 gig nito.

  5. Jonathan says:


    I think you’ve meant DDR400. Current price of 1GB stick is worth a staggering p1,520.00 – Kingston. FYI, there was no 2GB single module made for this bus rate (Correct me if i’m wrong).

  6. vance says:

    still you need 30K for procie and mobo hehe.

  7. jhay says:

    RAM upgrades have always been nice during new year. ;)

  8. It’s about time.
    I’m considering a DDR3 board on my new rig next month but that depends on my budget (Go Adsense) ^_^

  9. seoulbox says:

    hintay hintay lang.

    mapapalitan ko din yung C2Q ko to i7. :)

  10. Arvin says:

    Any ideas where I can buy 2 x 4Gb DDR3 SODIMM RAM for my Vaio CW26 in Manila? Thanks!

  11. mark says:

    saan po makakabili ng 2gb ram na ang price ay Php1,020 to 1,060?

  12. clock says:

    How much is the cost of a 2gb ram stick?

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