Dell Inspiron Mini 1010 with Atom Z530

Dell Inspiron Mini 1010 with Atom Z530

Looks like there are 2 different models of Dell’s 10-inch Inspiron Mini netbook. The previous one I blogged about here earlier has an Atom N270 CPU and this new one has an Atom Z530.

This one was spotted earlier today at Accent Micro in Mall of Asia.

dell mini


Specs are as follows:

10.1″ display screen
Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz
Intel GMA 4500M
WiFi 802.11 b/g
2.0 MP webcam
5-in-1 card reader
Windows XP Home

No idea on the battery but from the looks of it, must be just 3-cell. The Inspiron Mini 1010 also comes in various colors and retails at Accent Micro for Php23,999.

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17 Responses

  1. Mikhail says:

    Only 3-cell?

  2. Hopefully there are upgrade options for this model like the battery and ram

  3. Chris says:

    yes 3-cell lang yung battery. i just bought my mom a red one during silicon valley’s fair at midtown plaza of rob manila (ermita). so far it is good but the battery drains really fast /sob… i considered buying this because it has a sim card slot (for the globe tattoo sim) but i have not tried it though.

  4. BrianB says:

    Got email for you, Abe.

  5. while Dell’s high end units like Adamo are so impeccable, i find their low end, consumer units to be more plasticky and China-ish.

  6. OK, so here’s what I’m trying to figure out – the old atom processor is the N270, on some of the newer Acers, I’ve seen the N280, which was supposed to be a slight upgrade… anyone know the differences or Bench in any way from the N270, the N280 and most importantly if the N280 is a significant upgrade, and anything on heat/noise?

  7. 3 cell? aww!

    better search for other atom conterparts…

  8. Wendal says:

    N270 and N280 benchmarks show the slight speed bump for the latter, but the real world performance isn’t noticeable; ie the computer doesn’t “feel” faster. Lazy to look for the countless links supporting my text.

  9. lady gaga says:

    pls help i have dell mini inspiron 10 not so sure if whats the exact model. I’ll ask if san ako pwede magpunta for technical support. Sa dami ng napindot ko biglang bumagal ang loding ng sytem.

  10. bratinela says:

    Good day friends,
    anyone knows where i can find reviews about DELL samos? Inspiron mini1012?

  11. i’m also scouring for inpiron mini 1012 but i have a hunch that this is only available through corporate accounts.

  12. bratinela says:

    good day again friends,

    what is the sim card slot under the battery for?
    sorry talaga im not techy.

  13. raymond says:

    bakit ganun walang simcard slot yung sa akin may foam na nakaharang kabibili ko lang kahapon dell inspiron mini 10 (1012)

  14. raymond says:

    pa tulong naman mga sir! bakit foam na black yung saksakan ng simcard ko sa ilalim ng battery

  15. hugo22 says:

    Sa dami ng napindot ko biglang bumagal ang loding ng sytem.

  16. Before replacing your power cell turn off the system. Don’t short circuit terminal or store your
    battery pack with metal parts. The track-pad area is a darker grey than the other regions of the case.

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