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It’s Official: Dell Philippines is here!

dell philippinesIt’s now official — the Dell has landed in the Philippines. A per a media advisory shared with me, the launching of its consumer brand will be on April 10, 2008.

See snippet of the release below.

The long wait is finally over! Dell will officially welcome the arrival of its award winning consumer brands here in the Philippines. And we want you to be part of this momentous event.


We will celebrate the arrival of these products with a night of colors, action and entertainment on April 10, 2008 at the Prince of Jaipur at the Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Registration starts at 7:00pm.

Dell has been recognized as a global leader popular for producing a range of notebooks and desktops targeted to the corporate market. The announcement of its entry of its consumer brands in the local market is just an indication that Dell indeed listens to its customers.

The launch of Dell’s consumer range of products will be a visual feast of entertainment personifying the characteristics of these Dell brands.

It was only in late January this year when Dell announced its intention to enter the PC retail market in the country. Only indicates that they think the Philippines is still a growing PC market.

HP, Lenovo and Acer are already here. A new player is always welcome — cheaper laptops, bigger LCD monitors and bargain sales. *w00t*

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187 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    woohoo that means cheap high powered laptops with warranty! :) Interested to see how much they end up costing here

  2. Jeffrey says:

    That’s good. But i wonder when i could buy a Dell product. I’m satisfied with my IBM.

  3. ChrisMo says:

    Now that is the news I have been waiting for, for the last three months I’ve been salivating over their online inventory, finally I can order one locally… Been a fan of them in the US…

  4. BrianB says:

    My favorite laptop brand I can finally service my 700m.

    Dell makes the best multimedia laptop money can buy.

  5. Kinnison says:

    This is good news, after reading about Intel’s plan to vacate the country. O_O

    New investments for the tech industry in the Philippines, yay!

  6. vance says:

    So there is no rumors about Dell Call Centers closing down. Because that what I heard.. hehe

  7. gen says:

    hmmm…career ops? :D interesting…

  8. Jagdu says:

    Definitely great news! Not only because of the new jobs (tech support, repair, etc), but also because now we can buy high quality computers locally.

  9. Jaypee says:

    Well it’s about time. I wish they did it earlier when I was still in the Philippines. I would’ve gotten a Dell then. :D

  10. galwin says:

    Is there a fee for the registration? How much! Thanks!

  11. deena says:

    woohhh..i’m reall interested with DELL. The long wait is finally over. Hopefully, I can buy one their notebooks! =)

  12. Kenkoy says:

    EPP? Everyone!? Nice!!!

  13. jONGtOiX says:

    Any job offer? :-) I look forward to it…

  14. Axilomx says:

    Finally….I’ve been waiting for this for ages. Now that EPP sounds so much more enticing. The old setup with Accent Micro was just nots. Can you say XPS?!?!?!?

  15. Welcome DELL!!

    More competition the better for us!

    For me, it will further drive Lenovo prices down :p then I’ll grab 3 Lenovos hehehe :p

  16. Does this equate to a local service center that will recognize the international warranties of our laptops?

  17. Dell call centers will not close down.. they are being sold to Teletech and Accenture…

  18. cha says:

    wow atlast i can work at my own country…. =D

  19. Mark says:

    Where can I find their showroom? I need an XPS 630 fast!!

  20. Kuh Robinson says:

    Yes this is great news for the Philippines. I live in the UK and would like to know when and where can you purchase the computer. Please let me know and how much thank you.

  21. bernie says:

    Sir, were is the Dell Service Center located in manila.. my laptop dell model is in need of service. thanks

    [email protected]

  22. chris (2pr) says:

    i just purchased 5 days ago a dell vostro 1310 (13″, 2 kilos at 1 inch thickness, core2duo-CENTRINO 1.8GHz, 1gb ddr2, built in cam 2.0 and mic, wifi—a,b,g,+++ N!!! + bluetooth all integrated, 4 usb, 1 firewire 1394, 160 Gb HD with anti vibration tech—same with IBM/Lenovo thinkpad, intel gma 975 mobility graphics. encased in magnesium plate for added sturdiness minus the the added weight + 10 years warranty (maybe to service), 3 years to it’s parts with a portable mouse and originall dell bag free! does it sound cool?! i got it for BD289 (P 28,000-30,000). much lesser compared to a ibm/lenovo thinkpad series, ayt? good thing i saw this when i was about to purchase a ibm/lenovo thinkpad r60 or r61 or later models. i had some doubts to the warranty for i thought there isn’t a local center in the philippines til i stumble here and heard the news! i was so happy knowing this, thanks to yuga tech for your very informative and helpful site. wish you more power!

    ps: i place the specs of my new dellie to let the readers know how dell laptops/notebooks fare with the other competition in terms of speed, mobility and of course stability without reaching deeper in to their pockets. with this specs mentioned above in today’s time believe me you’ll need at least 65,000 to 89,000 or probabably more to achieve what my dellie lappie has…


    ([email protected])

  23. deyv says:

    DELL Store is now open @ the SM Cyberzone, The Northwing, SM City Cebu

  24. Anna says:

    Would like to ask if you repair dell laptop also?

  25. trekker says:

    where could we buy DELL laptops in Manila?…is there any store in Manila which is a sole distributor of DELL notebooks?..please email [email protected]

  26. ysa says:

    can you please tell me where to buy dell laptop dual core/windows vista? and how much is the ranging price? am here in manila… thanks!

  27. cat says:

    I am not sure the level of presence of DELL here, but to this date, if you look at the country in their web site, the Philippines is not yet listed.

    And if the local stores here will be the one to screen for my complaints and problems with hardware, well, I’d still get my DELL from the USA. I have had excellent service from their chat and mainland. Sent my busted battery, and now a dvd-writer back to them and the replacement was sent even before they got my busted items. Do you think we can get these stores to give this type of service? I doubt it. :(

  28. cat says:

    Also, the prices, based on a newspaper full spread ad I saw a month ago is outrageous! I hope they have changed that because that is not the same dollar-to-peso price I get if I buy it from the USA.

    As long as DELL has this price structure here, and the support is not similar in the USA or some parts of Asia, I’ll continue buying my DELL from the USA, not locally. If my motherboard conks out, if under warranty, DELL will replace it if I got that from the USA. Over here, they’ll likely ask me to pay. Same with the LCD, etc. These stores will likely give us the run-around. With DELL USA, I go to chat, tell them my problems, they try to trouble shoot it. IF it cannot be fixed, I remove the faulty item and send it to them.

    Yes, the price of shipping might cost me a bit. If it’s just a busted dvd-writer or a HD, fine, I could buy it here and its’ probably cheaper and faster. But when a board or LCD goes, a battery goes bad, your screwed. The DELL USA has pretty good service. I have a 1505 inspiron and have a 2 year warranty that they honor.

    And the local price is enough to scare me in buying here. At their rates here, I’d rather buy from abroad. Risk the savings, I get from the USA DELL and if conks out, use the savings for shipping. So far, I just latch from my friends going back and forth in the usa so I have saved already.

    FYI, I got my dell for P72k almost 2 years ago. Had I bought it here, that would have been priced at P150k. So, I can always pay for shipping on busted parts and still come out ahead.

    I think the local presence of DELL here is not a full commitment at all.

  29. mau says:

    there is still a need for DELL to improve the warranty of the computers here in the Phil. in the US, you have the option to have an ON SITE TECH or send it to the depot, while here , you have to send the computer to their shop.

    i have been to their shop in sm north wing, and their systems are not the same compared to the US websites.

    hope they can come up fast for a DELL Philippine website

  30. Dadi Mendoza says:

    I have purchased Dell Laptop Latitude D-500 on 2004 in the Middle East, I have no problem with this computer until recently the battery seems dead already. I have to replace with new one, please tell me the contact no. where can I order for the battery replacement.

  31. steve says:

    “your Dell store” is now open in SM Marikina! ;D

  32. bryan says:

    Where can i swap my notebook?

  33. Dell Technician says:

    Hi. If you happen to be having problem with your Dell system/s, you can send me an email at [email protected]. I am a Dell Certified System Expert. I can fix any problem you are having in your Dell system so long as it doesn’t require a part replacement. Meaning, any software problem that you are having trouble with in your Dell system, I can fix it. Just send an email stating the issue and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You are also free to refer my email address to your peers who are having trouble with their Dell system. I can also fix HP systems and almost any brand of Computers

  34. Cathy says:

    hi, is there a Dell Service Center here in the philippines?? pls msg me if there is one. tnx.

  35. Dell Technician says:

    Hi Cathy. There are no Dell Service Centers yet in the Philippines. Dell just opened the retail market in our country but there are no legitimate/aacredited Dell service centers here yet and I don’t think there will be any available in the next few months or couple of years. It will depend on the response of the market. However, you are always free to send me a message at [email protected]. Just state what problem are you having with your Dell system. Thanks.

  36. gibson says:

    where can i fix my dell laptop.. inspiron 1525..

    the laptop is blue screening.. having a problem with memory?

    pls email me where can i fix it free.. cause it is still in warranty and only 3 months old..

    this is my email.. [email protected].


  37. Dell Info says:

    Quote from this site:

    “afaik, this is the service center of dell computer products in the philippines

    Nexus Technologies, Inc.
    Ground Floor Don Pablo Building
    114 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

    Tel 867.1191 759.6630

    tawagan mo na lang to be sure.
    hope this helps”

  38. Dell Info says:

    I tried calling NexusTech’s Tech Support regarding the repair of my Dell notebook.

    Regardless of warranty status, they’ll charge one of the labor fees below (either A or B).

    A. Diagnostic Fee: P1,075
    B. Repair Fee: P1,344
    (As of 2008/10/9)

    For more info, email: [email protected]

  39. Dell Technician says:

    I told you guys, there are no accredited Dell Centers here in the Philippines. Hence, THERE ARE NO OTHER DELL CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS THAN THE ONES IN DELL PHILIPPINESS. The company that you called is for NEXUS as it is already stated in its name. They are not Dell Certified Techs neither they know about Dell computers. They will try to fix your computer the way they fix the computer brands that they know. In short, they will fix your system through knowledge and training they acquired from school and Nexus but not from DELL. It’s up to you guys if you want to take the risk. Now, DIAGNOSTICS and DIAGNOSIS are 2 different things. If you are pertaining to a fee for DIAGNOSTICS, what they’ll do is they will run hardware diagnostics to check the hardware components BUT… it is not a guarantee that what ever the test would show is true. Diagnosis on the other hand is another thing. Technicians in the States charge separately for DIAGNOSIS OF THE PROBLEM ALONE and will charge anothe amount for troubleshooting. Now, if there’s no typographical error and option A is Diagnostic.. you guys would end up paying both of the charges. WHY? Because they will certainly push doing Diagnostics first because they will check the hardware components (even if they know or have an idea that it is software not hardware issue), then will charge you CHARGE B for actual troubleshooting.
    Just to add, the reason why the last poster mentioned that it is REGARDLESS OF WARRANTY STATUS… is because AGAIN, they are not DELL TECHNICIANS and IT IS LOGICAL THAT THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE WARRANTY STATUS.
    I hope this information helps and clear up things.

  40. Cat says:

    There are no DELL service here in the RP. Until the price drops of DELL locally, and they give the same support/service as in the USA, I will and my friends will continue to get our DELL notebooks from the USA. It’s cheaper and we get support. The savings we can have can be used to send the faulty parts back to DELL USA.

    If it does not conk out, then that savings is already in your pocket. If it a part conks out, the savings is still big enough to pay for shipping going and back from the USA. If the parts are available locally, like a dvd writer, reconditioning batts, etc., I’d get it here. But if it’s a busted motherboard, or LCD, then that USA warranty and the savings will come into play.

    My DELL’s 2 year warranty will expire this mid Nov. Past that, I am on my own. In that 2 years, my DELL had only 2 problems — busted batt, w/c DELL replaced. A busted dvd writer, w/c DELL also replaced. For me, a busted motherboard and LCD is something that will be the deal breaker. The rest of the parts can be sourced or replaced. My other problem with my 1505 is a busted hinge. Now, I get to have that fixed locally for maybe P3,500. Mind you, I paid P72k for my DELL 2 years ago, when it will cost me P150k had I bought it. Even had I paid for all the upgrades and repair, I would still not reach P100k. So, right off the bat, even if I pay for repairs now, I still save something in the vicinity of P50k — w/c is good enough to buy another new and even better spec’d notebook!

    If you want a more durable DELL, go for the Lattitude or higher versions. They are more robust. Regardless, at the price the local market is selling DELL, I will continue buying it from the USA for 2 reasons:

    1- much lower cost
    2- better service/support

    So unless, the DELl locally stops being just an “exclusive” distributor with no real support and whose pricing structure is more of a monopoly, I will use what the Internet has to offer and my knowledge of global pricing and stay smart and buy from where the price and support is reasonable and solid.

  41. There are now official Dell service centers in the Philippines to cater to Dell customers with computers that are covered by the 1-year warranty provided to all Dell computers bought here in the Philippines. If you happen to drop by the Dell call center at the Mall of Asia or Libis, the security guards can give you a list of official Dell service centers available for you guys. Just to clear it out, the service centers would not honor the warranty of systems bought overseas. Please coordinate with the Dell technical support team designated for the country where you bought the system because warranty prices differ from country to country.

  42. rai says:

    i had a problem w/ my laptop my sis. bought 8 n ireland last feb. .. ….. d prob. was nag lowbat laptop ko.. dn i charge it…d tym dat i was chrgng my laptop..bglang nagflactuate ilaw..e dat tym naka opn na laptop ko.. dn suudn nag shotdown sya…dn aftr a while d ko na ma open laptop ko.. dn i found out d na sya nag chacharge….
    i also noticed ..ung ilaw ng charger ung green…nag o off sya wen i connctd it sa laptop….
    d model of my laptop s…DELL INPIRON1520..intl celeron duo…wndows vista basic..
    hope u can help me wer cn i bring my laptop para ma rpair…
    tnx a lot..
    hope u can help me w/ my again

  43. believeme says:

    dell is good.. but dont buy m1330… believe…

  44. tracy says:

    I hope they can open an online store like apple did here.

  45. someone says:

    I get my dell xps m1330 motherboard repaired at philippine where I bought my notebook from singapore. The motherboard faulty again,but I was told the part only 60 days warranty. Can someone tell me, is it true?

  46. Eddd says:

    Please keep me informed. I am planning to buy a Dell Latitude E6500…WOW…

  47. allan says:

    good day!

    Sir, where can i buy keyboard for Dell latitude C400; and motherboard for Dell latitude D600 and how much? thanks

  48. Issa says:

    I bought a Dell XPS M1330 last August in the US. After a ocuple of weeks, its hard drive crashed and the US Dell Tech Team sent me a new one here in the PHL. Now I have a big feeling my LCD’s busted but I don’t want to send my laptop to the US for them to repair it pa. I was wondering if you can send me a list of reputable laptop repair shops so that I can bring my baby to them? Many thanks.

  49. Chris says:

    Dell Store is already here in the philippines.. Believe! One is in SM cyberzone.

    M1330 is pretty but not reliable. There have been defective motherboards installed to those babies.

  50. realopticpie says:

    Yeah DELL has launched in Philippines but so poor that they dont have website here, thinking DELL is “high tech” firm. It could have been easier to inquire with any concerns if they have. If they have, DELL Phils’ then they must look for another web developer to help for their SEO and broaden their threads.

  51. islandgirl says:

    My mom bought me an Inspiron 1501 laptop with Vista installed on it. Its not like Latitude or XPS or anything, it only has average specs. Despite all the negative things i heard about Dell and Vista, my computer has been running really great. Its still runs like new even after 2 and a half years of using it. Well i guess the best way to take care of a laptop is never make it warm. Make sure its well ventilated or do not overuse it if ur fries the motherboard. And when the motherboard goes bad that’s when nightmare starts. My dell is the best so far.

  52. nikki ang says:

    i’m looking for a battery for my dell laptop. 8 cell 77wh for dell inspiron 910 mini 9. please contact me at 0922-8777489 if someone can help me. Thanks a lot!

  53. Rofhel says:

    Do you sell Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop charger?
    I badly need it.

    Please try to reach me out using this e-mail add:

    [email protected]

    I would greatly appreciate your sincere response.

  54. dewilde says:

    I’m living in Dumingag Zamboanga del sur. Where can I buy a inspiration 13 laptop? Can I order it on line and how will it be delivered and how long does it takes ?
    My adress is Dewilde Ronan De Oro street San Pedro Dumingag Zambonga del Sur Mindanao Philippines.
    Thank you

  55. Emerald says:

    Wow…what a timely news. May I know where the office is located? Thanks

  56. pico sarmiento says:

    who is the distributor? i want to buy xps13 in cebu

  57. Chack says:

    XPS is over rated and over priced. Dell doesn’t give quality support. Trust me I worked there as tech support. I’d tell you to reboot your p.c. and call back. hahahaha!

  58. Sammy says:

    Where can I buy a new battery for my Dell inspiron 9300 in Manila?


  59. fench says:

    Just like to ask, where can I buy a new charger for my Dell Inspiron 1420 in Manila

  60. jen says:

    You can buy Dell lappies and stuff at ELECTROWORLd at SM megamall cyberzone

  61. anthony says:

    My DELL – Latitude D620 cannot be connected to my internet line, the technician said something is already damage inside [ a declaration which is not clear to me ] i dont know.
    I am using this notebook 3 months ago, when i arrived here last 1st of JUNE and try to used it i was very disappointed. Any DELL expert can help me on this please.
    Many thanks

  62. betti says:

    can anyone help me find a shop for battery of my good old inspriron 640m? tnx!

  63. charity says:

    i wonder where i can buy a new battery for my dell laptop…. its quite hard to find dell products here in Davao… i need to replace my bat.!!!!!!!!!!

  64. charity says:

    are there any other store of dell equips that is just near me…?????????huhuhu help… am from davao

  65. charity says:

    its really hard to find a shop for dell … i need a new bat for my dell inspiron 1525,.. u have?? plz help…(davao)

  66. charity says:

    plz help.. just contact in this number.. 09106548614
    or e-mail me [email protected]

  67. Sik says:

    Do they repair laptops? my xps m1330 have a problem..

  68. izhiel says:

    where could we find the exact address of dell philippines coz our laptop cannot determine it’s problem by other repair center here …….in cavite

  69. Cheap Used Dell Computer says:

    In the consumer space, Dell is King (although HP is hot on their tail), in the enterprise space, Dell is an after thought.

  70. Disappointed_Dell_Dude says:

    2 years ago I purchased a dell inspiron 1420 (1.5GHz,2GB RAM, 120GB HD), chose dell over another because of their reputation.
    Now I am one of the many who had the NVidia defective GPU, and I’m off-warranty.
    The only way to get my unit to work again is to replace the board.
    I had the Dell distributor here in the country to quote the MOBO cost.
    the motherboard costs a whopping Php 31,900..!
    A brand new inspiron 1420 today only cost from 25000 to 35000..
    And yet a motherboard costs Php 31,900..
    What happened??! Now my laptop has to go to the closet, and stay there for life..poor me..

    Regards to DELL, 1 more happy…NOT! dude on your list!

  71. ma eloisa delos santos says:

    I got a DELL unit given to me by a relative from Ireland. INSPIRON 1501 with express service 69-215-367-15.

    It is not working right now. We asked someone who knows computer to have it checked. He said the cable/charger is not working. Its fused is busted. I went to an SM mall and looked for that cable everywhere but efforts proved futile.

    So where can I buy that DELL CABLE?

    Please advised ASAP…Thank you in advance so much for your urgent REPLY.

  72. andre says:

    Where can i buy XPS computer all in one ?

  73. Regi Rafa says:

    Dell Vostro 1520

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T6670 (2.20GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB)

    OS: Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic

    Color: Deep Cherry Red

    Memory: 3GB shared dual channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz, 2 DIMM

    VGA: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M HD

    Battery: 6 cell Lithium IOn

    Wireless Cards: Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11a/g/n Draft mini card

    Hard Drive: 250GB 5400RPM SATA

    Camera: Integrated 1.3MP Webcam and Digital Mic with Webcam

    Optical Drive: 8x DVD+/-RW with double layer DVR+/-R write cabability, Roxio and Cyberlink PowerDVD

    LCD: 15.4 inch WXGA Anti-Glare LED Display

    Warranty: 1 year basic limited warranty plus 1 year mail-in service

    FREEBIE!!! Dell Deluxe Nylon Carry Case up to 15.4″ worth P1.500

    PRICE is 39 K.. Nego pa…

    Contact me 09186569315

  74. rey de guzman says:

    where ca i buy a motherboard for Dell Optiflex GTX620

  75. Sharona says:


    I would like to ask if u can suggest how to fix my dell studio 17 laptop.. although my problem is not on the hardware part but on the keyboard of my laptop..

    One of the key (arrow key specifically) of my keyboard has popped-out.. maybe its connections has loosen or sumthing but my laptop is just 11months old.. I dont know how it happened. maybe u can suggest where or how to fix it.. before the arrow key will totally out of the keyboard part. thanks!!

  76. jing says:

    my cousin would like to give me a dell mini 10 v netbook. but she ordered it in maryland usa… the dell usa will arrange the shipment or delivery with dell philippines. i’m so excited then. how many weeks will it take the item to reash me? i’m in butuan city


  77. cherry says:

    hi! i have a dell latitude D620. i need to replace my battery, where can i buy it here in davao city? pls help….

  78. jack says:

    To all guys seeking a technical help…any trained laptop or desktop technician could fix your laptop problem..brand is not a matter…as long as it is a laptop…dell system is not different from any other laptop…hd,gpu common…so, why so much fanatic with american technician…if a dell voice tech support can solve tech solution remotely most of them are pinoys..and if you want to avail dell’s warranty do not buy if youre coming home to our country….ü

  79. Jodn says:

    I need help and some good ideas where i can FIX my DELL XSP M1330?i can’t operate my unit now for the last 5days.where do think i go to FIX my unit?pls HELP…

  80. lijea says:

    im having rob with my xps m1330 too, it was bought in italy, so poor me.. where do u think is the best place where i could have it fixed..btw, DONT BUY XPS M1330.. IT IS OF POOR QUALITY MOBO.. dell s#cks! such a big company but they cant even have support heve in the phils!

  81. lijea says:

    i have read other feeds about dell xps m1330, and everyone seems to have the same prob.. that the screen suddenly freeze then would shut down by itself..and when u open it, only a black with blue lines will be on ur screen..and its bec of the poor nvidia video card / mobo in it.. mobo costs so much!! might as well buy another laptop..but i dont even have the money!!! arg.. i really am so disappointed with dell!!!!

  82. Francis says:

    how much is the cost if i want my optical drive to be repaired? it cannot read any cd’s and dvd’s anymore.

  83. Francis says:

    the model is dell studio 1535… thanks

  84. chang says:

    Is it ok if i lower grade my VISTA OS into XP? inspiron1525 ang model ng lappo ko…

  85. danimoth2 says:

    As far as Dell support goes we have a few thousand Dell-certified technicians (call center tech supports L1s, L2s, etc). Since Dell support routinely tears down laptops they’ll be able to diagnose these problems. The only problem is knowing one of these people since there isn’t any Dell-accredited support center here. Of course, knowledge is king. For people who need replacements for parts, the Dell laptops are designed for an easy teardown. You will be able to replace those parts if you put the time into it.

    And as for parts being sent under warranty from the USA or anywhere else, just expect that they will be refurbished ones. I haven’t heard of any computer OEM that ships brand-new replacement parts.

  86. Cat says:

    For all guys having problems with their dells, here’s the bottom line for me.

    If it is a busted HD, battery, hinge, dvd-writer, or any component that is generic. You can have that replaced. The rule is, if it can be removed and not necessarily in the motherboard (and soldered), likely, it can be fixed IF THE PARTS ARE AVAILABLE. You don’t need a DELL certified technician to do that or an authorized dell store.

    For batteries. Know that if you have that batt always plugged with the AC, that battery will go bust in 1 year or so. You are overcharging it. I leave it off at home and use a UPS. I only plug it in when I need it out. My dell batt is still working (although weakened due to time) and it is over 3 years old!

    I still maintain that if I will get a DELL, I will get it in the USA, not here. Cheaper, has support, you get better specs, you can change specs, etc.

    FYI, my Dell 1505 is now over 3 years old. It is still running fine 16-24/7. That’s how good it is. The defect is the hinge. I got that fixed for P3,500. A new problem cropped up, w/c is the arrow keys don’t work anymore. I can always buy a keyboard from cannibalized parts. Or I can just buy an external keyboard from CDR-King for P250-300. I’ll leave it as it is for now.

    DELL USA isn’t the problem. It’s the distributor here, for not having a support. And the price is not as great nor the specs. You have to say, this, Lenovo’s support and pricing and specs look better, so why go Dell local?


  87. Baby_Gee says:

    Just for you to know guys. It really doesn’t matter when you keep the laptop plugged in all the time. Though true that over time it will really be degraded due to of course aside from the normal wear and tear, know that NOTEBOOK BATTERIES are generally “consumable” part of the computer.

    You don’t really have to use the ac adapter ONLY, keep your battery plugged in. Trust me, I’ve worked with a variety of Dell systems, Vostro, Latitude, Inspiron systems to name a few. So what are you waiting for, keep it plugged in…. =)


  88. Baby_Gee says:

    TO Francis:

    Where are you located? I can work on your system? I forgot to mention… I also work with Studio systems =)

  89. rev says:

    sira na daw motherboard namin..san okay magparepair.laguna area po

  90. andre says:

    Where can i buy Dell Zino HD in CEBU ?

  91. jr conmigo says:

    is there any repair center here in manila. gusto ko kase mag upgrade ng laptop ko…

  92. Sarah B says:

    good morning sir.
    i have a laptop (dell- inspiron 1440) it’s only 15 days old..I purchased it at dell (sm city -Cebu, Phils)
    I have problems when I’m playing any DVD, pirated , original and even the installer for the mcaffe
    it would only detect the cd for about 2-3 minutes and after wards it wont detect it anymore >>
    I cant see it anymore in the’ my computer’
    have tried system restore>>still the same issue,
    have tried deleting upper and lower filters >> same thing
    do you think it’s a software or hardware issue?/
    pls advise if I should keep this laptop or return it to the store ..
    I dont have this issue w/ my older laptop ..
    I would really appreciate your feedback..


    Sarah B..

  93. nay melds says:


    my niece from UK intends to give her Dell desktop to her relatives. she had it shipped here in Pinas…for upgrading. we brought it to a computer service store and was diagnosed to have a spec of 256 mb ,pc2700 unfortunately what is available in their store is pc400 which (according to the technician) is not acceptable to the dell unit of my niece.if installed, the pc might black out. coincidentally, i had a neighbor who claimed to be a certified dell technician…so i requested her to see the unit at home. after examining the unit, she gave me encouraging advices. however, until now, she is hard to reach and my niece is scheduled to go back to UK this EO of december . now, i just want to bring the unit to a qualified service center of dell…please help us . the unit was bought way back 2003 at UK. is there hope to have it upgraded with non-dell spare parts (ex. memory, etc.)?

    thanks. happy new year!!

    nay melds

  94. dae says:

    i have an inspiron 6000 and i need to buy a replacement battery type U4873 or D5318..i was looking for a cheaper battery..

  95. Loida says:

    I have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop,bought in Australia. My charger is not functioning now and I don’t know if there is any available one for this here. or if there is still a remedy for this…

  96. andrew says:

    i am looking for a Dell powersupply… slim type

  97. dota says:

    nobody seems to be managing this website,people are asking many questions but these people are not getting any reply so far(for the past few months at least)I hope you wont be creating a site like this,if you’ll just be leaving this people w/o any answers.

  98. dota says:

    nobody seems to be managing this website,people are asking many questions but these people are not getting any reply so far(for the past few months at least)I hope you wont be creating a site like this,if you’ll just be leaving this people w/o any answers.

  99. Hi Guys,

    We would like to introduce to you our company, Phil-Data Business Systems, Inc. We are a Dell Channel Partner and a Dell Authorized Service Provider (DASP) here in the Philippines. If you have any concerns about Dell Vostro, Latitude and XPS models (only), please call us at (02) 811-2878 or email us at [email protected] and we will be glad to assist you the best way we can. Thank you.

    Our website is

    Thank you.
    Phil-Data Sales and Marketing

    • BENSAR G. ABSAR says:


  100. Steve Nacion says:

    Hi Ms. Claudette …

    do you also provide parts and service???
    if in any case that a part needs to be replaced like platics, hinges, palmrest, MOBO … is there a way for you to get speceific parts for specific models???

  101. Sir Steve,

    Yes, we do provide (Philippines) parts and service for the following:

    1.) For units purchased from Phil-Data Business Systems, Inc. and was still covered by the warranty – Free of charge both parts and service.
    2.) For units not purchased from Phil-Data but still covered by warranty – Free of charge on parts warranty but with labor charge.
    3.) For units not purchased from Phil-Data and with no warranty – With charges both on service and parts.

    Please note that we only provide parts and services on Dell Vostro, Latitude and XPS models only. We don’t cater to other Dell products such as Inspiron and others.

    Thank you.

  102. ikay says:

    Hi Guys,
    I may not know a lot of things about cars, but I guess you shouldn’t compare Jazz to other 5door hatcback cars like (Hyundai Getz, i10 and Kia Picanto) you may opt to compare it to Suzuki Swift instead becauuse of their size and pretty much same range of price value. Though Suzuki at first glance you might sayits looks like the old Mini cooper. Does Jazz has diesel engine as well like hyundai getz does?CRDi designs for diesel engine, if you’re concious about spending lots of penny to gas your car up I suggest get a diesel car. Its same smooth ride like gas engine. Though some say its high maintenance egtting a diesel cars.
    You might not be needing aback sensor for small/compact cars like Jazz, back sensor uses by people who drives bigger cars/vans. The exterior of this new Jazz not that good as I expected, I like my old Jazz tough some say its like a small Innova exterior. But deinitely its not the same feeling while I’m riding with my Jazz car.

  103. lill says:

    The employer gave his notebook model no. PP03S x200 to my brother and my brother gave it to me also, but the thing is wala na cya power cord and memory! and i tried finding who can replaced it but wala eh… im having a hard time finding one, can you help me? sayang eh, wala naman daw sira but the employer just got the power cord and the memory…

  104. doubledee says:

    The Dell store in Mall of Asia has a very bad service. I reserved a Dell studio 1450 and paid 2000 php for down payment. When I came to pickup the laptop, their staff said that there were no more stocks available and that they had to check their warehouse. Funny thing is that they even called me 3 days before confirming if i was getting the laptop i reserved and it was READY for pickup. Very disappointing…

  105. erich says:

    i have a 1420 inspiron, my problem is that there is a little open line space at the buttom part of the screen.. and sometimes when i experience that the screen is moving when i open it? i would like to know whats the problem with it? somebody said its the LCD… erich 09275269959

  106. David says:

    Sharing my experience…I bought an Inspiron 1440 from Accent Micro in SM marikina, October last year. My hard drive stopped responding so I brought it back for repair 6 long weeks ago. As of this writing, still no news from them…Just to give everyone a clear view of how their after-sales service is like!!!! If only they warned me when I bought my PC that repairs will usually take this long(certainly they won’t), I would have considered other options/brands.

  107. Jim says:

    who knows how to reset the admin password for the bios. already removed cmos battery, also updated the bios to a newer version, still the password is there. anyone knows how to reset the password. thanks

  108. chang says:

    @ jim…try changing the setting in the control panel….

  109. Jim says:

    @ Chang, my problem is in the bios, whenever i try to change the setting like i need to boot to DVD, or activate the wireless thru bios, it keeps me asking the admin password. admin password in the bios actually. not in the windows admin password.
    the password was accidentally set and the user forgot the password for the bios.


  110. rey says:

    hello, i have visitors who spent holy week with us. I was a tragic event that we where looted by the MAGNANAKAW! nadali pati ang INSPIRON 1545 LAPTOP. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME THE CONTACT NUMBER OF dell philippines service center. just in case the said unit will be reformat in their service station. THANKS A LOT….

  111. Claudette says:


    Sorry for what happened to you and to your laptop. With your concern regarding lost laptop, I suggest that you request Dell to block it. Hope that you know the service tag or serial no. of your laptop. To do this, visit and in the upper left there was this live chat and click it OR go to the bottom part, click contact us, contact technical support and there were icons if you want to chat, or email your concerns. Upon validation of your concern, Dell will email all their service centers and that they don’t accept any repairs or service with this service tag. But this does not guarantee that they will trace or caught who the culprit is but at least you do something about it. Good luck.

  112. SnowLeopard says:

    Where is DELL store here?
    I want to buy an Adamo.
    Anyone has idea how much?

    [email protected]

  113. ruthcil says:


    can you recommend to me a distributor of dell laptops and netbooks here in the philippines?

  114. allen says:

    I nid to buy battery for my vostro 1450 model..
    I dont know where to find im now in Butuan City

  115. Veronica says:

    Hi! I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 (Intel Centrino, Windows 7 OS) that my boyfriend in the US bought for me last November. I had a blue screen of death issue with it as early as March or April but I managed to fix it. Now my problem is that I seem to have a deadpixel problem (about 3 px thick) all the way across my screen. I’ve been reading the posts here and I just wanna know if there is a Dell Service Center here in the Philippines that will honor my laptop’s warranty even when bought from the US? And if there is a way they can fix this? When I had my blue screen issue, my dad found an “authorized Dell service center” from asking his friends.. I’m not sure if it was Accent Micro but when he asked about my problem back then, he said they still charge for the diagnosis and reformatting and all. Good thing I managed to fix it myself but for this dead pixel issue, I really need a specialist’s help. I know a lot of people suggest other ways to fix laptop issues other than finding a Dell Service Center. However, as much as possible, I’d like to have it checked by Dell technicians who honor my laptop’s warranty. Help pls.?


    how can i use the secondary battery of dell inspiron 1520??

  117. light says:

    Is Nexus not a good Dell channel partner? Is Phil-Data ought to be the best in providing service for Dell XPS laptops?

  118. annevi porcal says:

    where i can buy for the baterry for my laptop
    dell latitude cpx h?

  119. Claudette O. Chua says:


    Phil-Data Business Systems, Inc. is one of Dell Authorized Service Provider here in the Philippines and can supply/provide you parts on your Dell Latitude Laptop. For inquiries, please call the Helpdesk at 811-2878 or email at [email protected].

  120. johnrey says:

    where is the location of your store?

  121. Claudette O. Chua says:

    To: Johnrey

    We don’t have any store or outlet. Our (corporate) office is located here in King’s Court II, Pasong Tamo, Makati City. You can call us at 811-2878 to 89 or email at [email protected] should you have any inquries or concers.

  122. roi says:

    where i can buy a new dell inspiron 1525 charger??

  123. Mario Rebuta says:

    any dell products distributor in davao city?

  124. Caryl Jongko says:

    Hi yuga!
    im a big fan of your blogsite. i read on your blogs before i make any gadget purchase.thank you!

    anyway, i have a you have an idea if Dell i11z is already out in the philippine market? thank you!

  125. Blogged It says:

    I know this post is 2-3 years late but I will just say that there is still NO DELL SERVICE CENTER IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    they only have authorize dealers. And they will say that you will need your laptop to be repaired there with a COST because there is NO SERVICE CENTER IN THE PHILIPPINES

    be advised some of dell products have problems that they just ignore just look search google “dell inspiron problems”

    I am not a spammer I am a concerned citizen taken a fool by this company.

  126. Hi,all DELL USER


    one of the (AUTHORIZE SERVICE CENTER)we repair warranty and non warranty units.

    just bring your laptop unit at DELL store at MALL of ASIA 218 north parking pasay city.
    or just call this number: 5567713-5568415 for more information,.

    thank you.

    Manny E.
    Dell Accent Micro Product., Inc

  127. Hi,all DELL USER


    one of the (AUTHORIZE SERVICE CENTER)we repair warranty and non warranty units.

    just bring your laptop unit at DELL store at MALL of ASIA 218 north parking pasay city.
    or just call this number: 5567713-5568415 for more information,.

    thank you.

    eric g.
    Dell Accent Micro Product., Inc

  128. Che says:


    Thanks for the info.. Will probably go to your store at Mall Of Asia.. What is the procedure in warranty units?

  129. Manny Enriquez says:

    take note: for warranty: if your laptop purchased at another country you must transfer the warranty first, just go to this site: international warranty parts are free but ther is service fee. If your unit is purchased ACCENT MICRO or PC LIVE STORE just bring only the original invoice..

    thank you.

    Manny E.

    • Kevin says:

      Manny, I’ve long tried to transfer my warranty (I bought my Adamo XPS Laptop in the US) from the US to the Philippines but Dell told me that it is not possible since the Adamo XPS is not supported in our country. It still has many months left in its warranty though. The laptop has touchpad problem since the day I got it (it is Brand New, mind you) and so I need it to be fixed.

      What can we do with this if the international warranty isn’t honored here according to Dell? I demand to avail that warranty. I hope you can help me with this.



  130. Eduardo Mateo Jr says:

    I got a problem with my laptop dell inspiron n5010
    every time that i will use it the monitor of my laptop blinking and i think it has a factory defect!
    its almost two months after i bought it
    and i left the receipt in pakistan
    i bought it on pakistan
    please help me Dell Philippines

    i will wait for your reply

  131. Kevin says:

    @manny enriquez

    did you not read my message regarding me already trying for several times on transferring international warranty WITHOUT SUCCESS?

  132. andre says:

    Where can i buy Dell all in one 23 inch ?

  133. neilson says:

    I got a problem with my inspiron mini 1018. Monitor display problem, the unit is working. My dad bought it in saudi and I only used it for 2 weeks. Can anyone recommend what can I do with this and where should I bring my laptop so to be fixed?

  134. Kevin says:

    @Manny Enriquez

    Why are you not replying to my message?

  135. Kevin says:


  136. mera says:

    san pweding makabili ng dell ac adaptor model#ADP 150DB B dito po sa davao city?

  137. Edgardo Gutierrez says:

    San po pwede ipa repair itong dell xp inspiron ko. Magkano po ang pagpagawa sa inyo.
    Maraming salamat po

  138. saint b. toledo says:

    dear sir,
    where can i bring my DELL VENUE CP for repair of glass… nabasag po kse. pero ok pa ung LCD kse gumagana pa sya.. salamin lng talaga po ang papalitan…
    looking forward for your prompt response.

  139. peekaboo says:

    There was a Dell Concept Store in SM North Edsa Cyberzone, it was in the new building. I know that they can accept laptop repairs under warranty. If none, they will charge you for the parts and labor. For Inspiron laptop repairs, you can call them at 799-2123. For Saint B. Toledo, I’m sorry but I think there are no service centers for Dell Venue Cellphones here in the Philippines. Hope this helps.

  140. Karen says:

    I recently bought a Dell Inspiron N4030, and 2 days after and only a few hours of use, the touchpad was acting weird. The cursor was unreponsive or sometimes there would be delay. This occurs with dropdown on email address line and in MS documents. The cursor would not go where you want it to go. Sometimes, the cursor would move very slowly. I brought the unit back to the seller who in turned sent it to their service center. The service center found nothing wrong with the unit. I took back the unit hoping that the problem is resolved. In short, I still have the same problems, and the seller is not willing to replace the unit because the service center did not find anything. I’m not making up the problems that this unit have demonstrated, but the seller is adamant about not replacing it. Any advice, please?

  141. Karen says:

    Any advice then?

  142. romeo says:

    I have 18 or 17 not sure LCD Dell monitor.
    When i turned on the switch from the avr a dell genesis appears on the screen for a couple of seconds and then goes blank.I turned off the power button of the LCD and switched back on ,red , blue , green and white pattern scroll for about 2 or 3 seconds and then goes blank.

  143. edu mateo says:

    Dell Computers are very easy to breach my laptop dell inspiron n5010 has a defect its LCD is blinking!i dont know why but i thinks its a factory defect!can somebody help me?

  144. kenskee says:

    do we have an official service center for dell products here in the philippines?

    i couldn’t find one and dell site indicates only retailers. too bad!!!

  145. john says:

    hello i just bought a dell inspiron duo,and only the OS is properly installed, but when i switch to tablet, it’s not working because they dont install the duo stage, so it’s not functioning, can i get your address and contact number so that i could bring it to your office and help me fix this problem to my laptop or do you know a site where i can download the software of duo stage, thanks!

    john :)

  146. kenjack says:

    nagrerepair ako ng ibat ibang branded units ng netbook at notebook…. im from davao city… for more info txt/call me at this number 09334768282 thank you…

  147. jeff says:

    ask lang about sa touchpad ng mouse ng dell laptop. gumagana poh ung cursor ng padmouse pero di poh ma ka click.. pano poh gagawin ..?


  148. andre says:

    I belief dat Dell not give good sevice Therefore like i to buy HP !

  149. james says:

    dell optiplex 330. when i boot my pc i just got amber light blinking on and when i open the case i saw the p3 not connected, sir can i ask where it is connected?

  150. Prior to this Dell is actually already available to businesses through vendors such as Nexus Technologies. Having a local office would be good for consumers as they will be able to provide better support. Congrats Dell!

  151. angel says:

    i think sira na battery ng dell axim x3i ko. where here in philippines can i buy the batt.? im in manila. any batt. that will suit, bsta better one. and how much wud it cost? tnx

  152. Rully Taculod says:

    I have laptop Dell inspiron E-1505, I burn using its DVD Rom only three times. when I use it again, it won’t be able to read. Where is your service center in Manila so I can have repair servvice

    • Cat says:


      My Dell e1505 will turn 5 years this Oct. My GF ‘s e1505 is about 5.5 years old by then.

      The weakness of this model is the hinge. So, take good care of that because it will cost you a lot. So is the keyboard. Mine is has some keys not working already.

      The dvd-writer also broke in mine on the 2nd year. Funny thing is was made in the philippines. Since I got mine from the USA with a 2 year extended warranty, I sent it back (via a friend). They replaced it. A shame because they could have sent the replacement directly to me here. The replacement didn’t last long and had error problems writing to when the all the disc is used. Warranty was over then, but I had an LG external writer and that has worked well for over 3 years.

      My Lenovo V470 (6gb ram) i7 quad, 750gb ram will arrive this Oct 4 half the price I got the Dell then. And that including a 3-year USA extended warranty.

      I’d rather get the support outside the country than here. I am interested mostly on the part, rather than the service as anyone can install anything that goes wrong with them. But it’s hard to get a motherboard or some other parts if it breaks.

  153. i really have this problem :( …

    i can’t use my laptop anymore(Dell Inspiron 1545)
    b’coz my AC/DC Adapter won’t charge anymore..

    Help ..Where is the Nearest Service Center Here in Davao City Area?? please e-mail me thanks :)
    [email protected]

    • Cat says:


      You can have your power supply repaired or you can buy them from some stores that does repairs. I saw one at SM-Cubao basement. They usually cost P2,500 for an original power supply brand new.

    • Jifty Parojin0g says:

      Thanks cat, :) i did went thru malls and saw some repair centers… and i think i’d rather get it repaired :) it costs P500 …
      *while buying it brand new for P2,500+ (…
      *and buying universal chargers for P600+ to P1000 (CDR King Outlets)..

      :)still don’t have time to get it repaired…. XD it’s been a month now..!! XD

      keep Dell Forums alive :)

  154. Sophia says:

    My Dell inpiron 1420 laptop is shaking right now. I think it needs replacement since it has become very hurtful to eyes when used. Would you know of any place where I can get this fixed or where can I buy a monitor replacement? Any idea how much will it cost to replace this laptop monitor? I would prefer an authorized Dell service center if there exist such a place here in Manila/Makati/Mandaluyong/Ortigas area. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  155. Lori says:

    My 3-yr old Dell inpiron 1420 laptop screen is shaking right now with an appearance of pinkish lines. I’m afraid it might need replacement since it has become very hurtful to eyes when used. Would you know of any place where I can get this fixed or where can I buy a monitor replacement? Any idea how much will it cost to replace this laptop monitor? I would prefer an authorized Dell service center if there exist such a place here in Manila/Makati/Mandaluyong/Ortigas area. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  156. Fatima De Castro says:

    so where’s your service center located?

  157. troy roda says:

    i have a problem with power to dell computer it will not start or as far as i can see get power for charging
    is there a store or repair i cango to in manila philippines

  158. joe says:

    smart short self test is failed can you help me about this and how to fix the problem.

  159. Olol says:

    can someone tell me where can i find dell center in the philippines for the purpose of warranty^^

  160. Raine says:

    My friend’s laptop, a Dell XPS, it still has a power indication it is working. One thing you’ll notice upon turning it on, nothing appears on the screen nor any sign of light, but it has power.

    Where in Manila could i find Dell Service Centers?
    I wish i could have near my place, somewhere at Manila/Makati/Mandaluyong or near these places.

    • olol says:

      hey,try to reformat your laptop,..i had that problem before. i just simple reformat my laptop then after, it works properly.

    • Olol says:

      if aint works,just consult dell at MOA
      or try to look at Megamall or makati sunset avenue.

  161. Dens says:

    gusto ko palitan palm rest ung dell inspiron 1525 kasi nag fade na ang kulay nya.. san ba makakabili dito sa pinas lang? tnx!

  162. jim says:


  163. CARINA CORTES says:


    • christopher says:

      nasira po ung laptop ko.hardware daw ata ung sira..tumutunog po kasi sya pag naka plug in charging.Saan po ba ung malapit na dell service center dito sa pangasinan.? tnx po

  164. I got a Dell inspiron netbook and I can’t find a drivers on it… saan ako pwede maka-download ng drivers? thanks

  165. Lori says:

    For those who are asking, there is a Dell Authorized Service Center at SM Megamall in Ortigas, Manila. It is located at the 4th floor of Building B – Cyberzone area. It was opened last August 2011. I have inquired my laptop screen concern over there. It’s a bit pricy as compared to other non-Dell service centers out there. At the time that I went there, they offer free diagnosis.

    • kelvin kent giron says:

      do they have service centers in cagayan de oro for dell mobile tablets and phones to be fixed?

  166. Rd says:

    Good day!Gusto ko sana bumili nga 10 dell laptop.Saan pwede bumili na maganda ang discount?Tnx

  167. Salvador says:

    sir tanong po ako..pede po bang ipa upgrade yung video card ng dell inspiron 5010 sa dell service centers?

  168. Is there any Dell Service Center in Davao? Please let me know if you have some idea because I need to go there :(

  169. rosemarie says:

    i have dell inspiron 1501.the power indicator is turning on but nothing appears on screen. meron bang service center here in mindanao area?

  170. greg enriquez says:

    Where can i buy power supply (dell opliplex 755) mini tower?

  171. Nelly Crawley says:

    Dear Dell Users, Dell is the most reliable computer in the US. If you have any problem with your computer, pleassssse do not take it to any technician. It might just be a software problem go to the Dell website and download drivers from its web site. Have a record of all your hardware and software in a safe place and refer to it when there is a problem. Also it might just be a simple system restore which you can do it by yourself.

  172. e.a. pascual says:

    is remanufactured dell ink cartridge series 9 available in manila philippines.

  173. Kevin says:

    You mean “ARE remanufactured….” lol.

  174. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.


  175. MARLYN LU says:

    hi we need an IT to discuss about dell firewall.
    your immediate reply will be highly appreciated

    tel 02-4982083/09228789-227

  176. Jefferson Alloc says:

    Is there casing spare parts of dell postrov 5460?

  177. Jefferson Alloc says:

    Is there casing spare parts of dell postrov 5460?
    Thank you

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