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Dell Vostro Laptops & Desktops unveiled

In a live webcast this afternoon, Dell Executives at Beijing, China announced the new Dell Vostro series of laptops and desktops. The models are more targeted to small and medium business looking into affordable out-of-the box computing solutions.

The Dell Vostro A840 is 14.1″ while the Vostro A860 has a 15.6″ HD display screen.

Choices of Intel Celeron Single/Dual core up to Pentium Dual Core, up to 1GB of RAM, 120GB and 160GB HDD. It will come pre-installed with Windows Vista or Ubuntu Linux. The entry-level laptops will cost somewhere between Php30k to Php36k and up. The specs are made with minimum requirements to reduce the SRP. The units are actually available in the Philippines since yesterday, August 26.

While the Vostro desktop PCs are not yet available (should be out by late September), the A100 will come with an Intel Atom processor in a mini-tower casing.

As usual, the product lines and after-sales support will be made available thru channel partners in the Philippines.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 Responses

  1. AMD Puma laptops please! Ahehehe… But that’s so unlikely.

    By the way Yuga, do you know where I can buy customizeable mini-ITX systems here? I’m dying to get myself a VIA EPIA M700 (or a VIA Nano equivalent) or an Intel Atom 330 + Intel 945 whatever (when it becomes available) so I can attach it to the back of our LCD TV and surf the web in 32″ glory. :-D

  2. yuga says:

    Have you tried the Qube? They sell customizable XPCs.

  3. Oh, I forgot they were classified as mini-ATX. I meant those really low profile rectangular mini-ITX PC’s like the ones on http://www.via-itx.com or http://www.itxdepot.com... Qube’s height fits my requirement right, if only they weren’t as wide as they were tall, or the other way around if I wanted a wide one instead.

  4. Apparently I was referring to pico-itx systems, not mini-itx. Hahaha!

    Even worse was me finding out that a basic pico-itx system (VIA C7 1.0 Ghz + 1 GB RAM + VIA VX700) costs almosts as much as a complete Phenom X4 system.

  5. vance says:

    vostros are the low end dell products ;). I should know

  6. insight says:

    just curious, which is better ASUS A8le or DELL Vostro A840 i’m torn between the two..planning to buy one as a gift for myself hehehe, thanks for the future help…cheers!

  7. bonnie blaire says:

    omg! thank you for the post =) i would love to have one in July :) *if God’s will* so where in manila can i find Dell Vostro A840? i mean what specific malls or store? a little help please =) thanks! God bless.

  8. Sj says:

    I just bought a Dell Vostro A840 through Citibank which has a tie up with Silicon Valley at P 26,600 only, 14 months to pay at P 1,900/month. Intel Core 2 Duo, very affordable.

    Downside: Has only 2 usb ports, no mic, no speaker, no built in web cam.

    Over-all satisaction: 8 out of 10.

  9. Jake says:

    i also bought one thru citibank.
    overall, the performance is good (7 out of 10).
    the sound speaker is relatively low and has low battery life of almost 2hours only.
    it doesnt look like sturdy..but still affordable and ok for it’s price of P26,100.

  10. Jake says:

    hi SJ, kumusta ngayon ang dell vostro a840 mo?wala bang problems n naeencounter?un saken mejo mabagal sya..1GB RAM kase..??di b naghahang sayo?

  11. Sj says:

    Hi Jake..Sorry for late reply..
    I haven’t totally tried its speed kasi medyo mabagal yun broadband ko and I don’t use my laptop for office work, though I upgraded it before to 3GB. Yes, 1GB lang din yun sa akin.
    Bilis mag-drain ng battery so have to bring always yun power cords.
    Nag-hang lang yun once nun ni-reformat but never na nangyari yun.

  12. MIlos AKA says:

    Guys i boght dell vostro A860…and must say that Laptop comeing with 2gb ram and dual core 2x2ghz,120hd,And unbuntu Linux instaled…Windows 7 ultimate works fine,windows vista ultimate works fine,but am using XP and run many Profesional programs Like Visual studio 2010,and 3d studio max,auto cad and others must said that this laptop working perfect..

  13. Lawanda Dike says:

    Remarkably inviting blog article.

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