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Epson gets its own Endeavor netbook

Epson is also going where the netbook crowd is with their newly released Epson Endeavor netbook, now selling in Japan for an equivalent of Php23,500.

Nothing impressive or groundbreaking but I wish Epson would have made some extra effort not to make their netbook look cheap or ugly (via Akihabara News).


Epson Endeavor
10.2″ display screen
Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz
WiFi 802.11 b/g

No word on what OS will it come pre-installed (but I bet it’s gonna be Windows XP still) or the battery rating is. There also seems to be a webcam, based on the photo but can be sure if it’s the usual 1.3MP or just a VGA one.

Sometimes, it feels like some manufacturers just went shopping in China and stamped in their logo at one of the generics netbooks already being sold there.

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6 Responses

  1. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    That is actually what they all do, either China or Taiwan. Just like laptops except Netbooks really have no custom specs, theyre all the same, just the price is different. Find laptop manufacturer, buy unbranded laptop, put on brand and market. Voila. There really is little room to innovate so its all about marketing and price. Dont you wonder how suddenly everyone including unknowns released netbooks once Asus launched theirs?

  2. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    Couldnt find a website which lists all the manufacturers, there are probably a lot, i found some of the big ODM of laptops have some

    Clevo – http://www.clevo.com.tw/en/products/prodinfo.asp?productid=155
    Inventec – http://www.inventec.com/english/product/product_content_a01.htm
    Quanta (the OLPC) – http://www.quantatw.com/Quanta/english/product/qci_olpc.aspx

    Taide (Here’s a 8.9 and 10in Via Netbook) – http://www.tddz.com/en/product_list.asp?classid=68#

  3. edzhstar says:

    yep cheap look..I rather go for Neo 10″ Vivid v1190 netbook

  4. marimorimo says:

    I work for Epson (in the printer manufacturing division) and I must admit that even I am not a big fan of some of the designers’ choices. There are some designs that I jusf find plain ugly or boring or both. Just like that netbook above. What the printers lack in design, though, they make up for in quality :) Not sure about netbooks though since I haven’t used one from Epson yet.

    Anyway, the Endeavor line of laptops from Epson has been around for some time now, though they’re only released in Japan. Anyway, it’s a good thing to see more competition :)

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