Extending the Desktop

Extending the Desktop

Was watching a lot of movie series lately (Supernatural, Lost, and Heroes which is really getting addictive) while doing some work, but instead of watching it on TV, I wanted it on my LCD monitor. That’s when I discovered Windows Extended Desktop.

Windows Extended Desktop


So, I can work at the same time watch the movies (multi-tasking, heh). I’ve seen 2 or three 20-inches Dell monitors side-by-side to form a really wide desktop screen but didn’t realize it can be done with the laptop monitor and an external screen.

Now, all I need is a really nice and comfy executive leather chair.

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9 Responses

  1. Nicholas says:

    Yesireee, as long as it has a screen, it’s usually viable (in most cases)….

  2. JP Loh says:

    It’s not that fun on laptops though. Three monitors sound great on flight simulators (and, I heard, on WoW).

    For work (dev), it’s very handy to have more than one screen. I can have reference/manuals or the browser on the other screen while the editor on my main screen.

  3. jhay says:

    I’ve tried this before but with old school CRTs. ;) Amazing and uber cool at the beginning but in my case, watching Videos and working at the same time wasn’t productive for me. Especially when I used the other monitor for gaming! :D

  4. bimbo says:

    was doing that before with my 17″ powerbook in the house. I would connect the Powerbook to our TV and would watch movies there.

    Now my home PC has the same setup and we watch the movies on the TV (at least the family does) while I try to catch up on work. The occasional “ding” from windows rarely bothers them anymore.

  5. randy says:

    with desktop PC, you can either buy a video card with 2 outputs or just install 2 video cards — one on AGP and one on PCI. i’m using it now here in the office. your PCI or AGP card must support dual monitor setup. if it didn’t work, try upgrading the driver or the firmware.

  6. SELaplana says:

    that’s what rich bloggers can do…. wish to be like you guys, but i’m just a poor one…

  7. Zimm says:

    Pano mo ginawa? Share naman Abe! Zimm

  8. DyPao says:

    Oh yes, this is really cool. I do this on my Powerbook for presentations :)

    Now if only I had one of those gorgeous 30″ Apple widescreen displays…………

  9. koolitz says:

    i suggest you make the your “working” screen as your primary

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