First known ransomware for Macintosh hits users

First known ransomware for Macintosh hits users

Apple users beware as hackers have found a way to get into the Mac OS through an app that automatically infects your computer with a ransomware.

A ransomware encrypts data on infected systems, then will ask the owner to pay a ransom for the release of his or her files. It’s basically a kidnap for ransom scheme but done virtually. Reuters reported that researchers from Palo Alto Networks Inc. have found the so-called KeRanger malware on Friday — the first ransomware to attack Macintosh machines.


If you’re a user of a popular BitTorrent P2P program named Transmission, be cautious as this is the source of the said malware in Mac. The version 2.90 of the software was infected, according to the source. Apple is already aware of the problem and said to be taking action as of writing by denying a digital certificate to block rogue software from installing on Macs. While Transmission has removed the infected version from their website and has released a 2.92 update that should remove the ransomware from infected systems.

The KeRanger malware, or ransomware to be specific, works its way by staying silent for three days before connecting to the attacker’s server and then starts to encrypt your precious files. The ransom amounts to 1 bitcoin which is about $400 or roughly 19,000 bucks in local currency.


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