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Gateway EC19C10i: 11-inch Core i5 Notebook

The 11.6-inch thin and light notebooks have been my personal choice for a portable laptop. They’re mostly powered by ULV Pentium and Core 2 Solo/Duo processors. The Gateway EC19C10i tops it up to a Core i5.

With a similar form-factor as earlier models (Gateway EC13N01i), the EC19C10i comes with a low-power Core i5 430UM processor running at 1.2GHz. With Turbo Boost, it can go up to 1.87GHz.


Gateway EC19C10i specs:
11.6″ display @ 1336×768
Intel Core i5 430UM 1.2GHz
Intel HD Graphics 128MB
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0
Gigabit LAN
HDMI port
3 x USB 2.0 ports
5-in-1 card reader
6-cell 4400mAh battery

Expected battery life is around 6 hours and weighs just around 3lbs. There’s an Acer TimelineX equivalent of this one but it’s not yet available in the Philippines (had to order one from Amazon).

The price is a little on the expensive side though (Php39,990) but I remember getting the Asus UL20 for Php38k back in March so it isn’t really a bad deal.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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18 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    It’s a Core i5 so the price is fair. Ubuntu Linux would be great on this notebook.

  2. MarcoRafael says:

    ” There’s an Acer TimelineX equivalent of this one but it’s not yet available in the Philippines (had to order one from Amazon). ”

    Abe I think the Acer is a bit better:

    # 500 GB SATA hard drive (5400 RPM)
    # 4 GB of installed DDR3 RAM


    Checked it out on Amazon and is a bit priced lower when converted to Filipino prices, well that’s excluding the tax+importing/shipping that stores charge.

    Definitely one of my workstation candidates. :)

    BTW Is there a Gateway Concept store in the Philippines?

  3. John says:

    Hey Sir Abe!

    Offtopic ang question ko, pero this is the only way for me to easily get an answer from the country’s top IT blogger. Hope you can respond to my query. Feedbacks from the regular viewers of this site is also welcome :)

    Sir, I’ve been wanting to buy the HTC HD2, but the only turn-off i’m having is the negative feedbacks towards it’s winmo 6.5 OS. I’ve been searching the net if HD2 will have an upgrade with winmo 7. Pero wala talagan definite YES or NO na sinabi. Sir do you think HD2 will have an upgrade with winmo 7? Is this phone worth buying if ever hindi cya magkakaroon ng upgrade? Thanks Sir Abe!

  4. yugan says:

    @john – do you prefer winmo7? the hd2 couldn’t be upgraded but how about waiting for the desire hd?

  5. Jab says:

    I hope they slap a core i3 on this thing to lower the price and probably increase the battery life…

    @john – I don’t think the HD2 will be upgradeable to WinMo 7. If you can’t wait and want to be sure I suggest you go for an Android phone instead.

  6. Arvee says:

    @John I may not be the country’s top IT blogger :) but one of the hardware requirements of WinMo 7 (which they are “strictly” requiring) are the 6 dedicated buttons (home, back, search, volume rocker, sleep and camera), which the HD2 doesn’t have.

    There are other requirements HD2 doesn’t meet (screen resolution, compass, etc.) so it does seem to be impossible for the HD2 to have WM7.

  7. Greight Consultations says:

    @MarcoRafael: SM MoA has lotsa concept stores. Gateway by Villman, I think is found in Acer store there.

  8. sylv3rblade says:

    Megamall has an Acer shop. Before you jump on me for pointing Acer, they own Gateway thus carry their stuff.

  9. jdGONEMAD says:

    master, mejo pa-OT. meron na bang laptop na i5 na pwedeng magburn ng blu-ray discs dito sa pinas?

  10. neis says:

    hi abe,

    any word if they ever plan to release the Acer TimelineX equivalent here in PH?

    I have been waiting for ages but still none, I am now considering to order it but prices i was quoted with is around 45k >.< – so would like to know if there is a plan before i push through with the other means

  11. wilde says:

    Specs were nice but the price is way too much for my limited budget.

    Are there any 11 or 12 inchers out there that sports either an i3 or core 2 duo that is within P30k range?

    MSI U230 sana but the keyboard was a letdown…

  12. John says:

    Hi Guys and Sir Abe,

    I think I’ve made up my mind, I’m getting the HTC HD2! Wooott!!! :) The phone still kicks ass even without the winmo 7, I’ve watched some vids in youtube and Im pretty contented with at it does! As for the Desire HD, I prefer it over HTC HD2 but for the price of 25k for HD2 and and estimated 48k for Desire HD. I think HD2 gives the best value my for hard earned money. Thanks alot guys! Keep rockin!

  13. mike says:

    the price is too steep considering that it only has 320GB HDD and 2GB RAM. I wonder if this will be better than the Acer 1830T.

  14. mikeL says:

    Gateway’s 2GB RAM + 320GB HDD + Home Basic versus Acer’s 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD + Home Premium.

    sa availability na lang nagkatalo.

  15. thonie says:

    sir abe,

    inquire ko lang sana who provided you the specs nu’n gateway EC19C10i – kasi i bought that unit and got a 4400mah battery on it instead of the 5800mah as you reviewed and same with what was posted sa villman’s website until they changed it. they changed it after i complained about it with one of villman’s resellers.

    bought my unit last 2010 dec 06.

    • jhun says:

      @thonie: how long does your 4400 mah battery actually last? i’m planning din kc to buy same unit ng sa’yo..

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