HP Mini Note 1000 sells for Php21,950

HP Mini Note 1000 sells for Php21,950

HP has not formally launched the new Mini Note 1000 but Villman & PC Corner has already listed the netbook on their site with a suggested retail price of Php21,950.


Intel Atom N270 Processor 1.6GHz
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
10.2-inch display screen (1024×600 pixels)
WiFi 802.11 b/g WLAN
MS Windows XP Home SP3
SD/MMC card reader
3-cell battery

Official specs also indicated that the keyboard is 92% of standard size and the built-in speakers are from Altec Lansing. The RAM can be upgraded to a maximum of 1GB 2GB (single slot) and the default storage is just 60GB.

PC Corner’s listing sets the price at Php21,950 while Villman has the HP Mini 1001TU for Php21,948 at zero percent (0%) interest for 12 months.

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26 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    i still say go for the MSI Wind. i heard the price is almost the same as this one but users still have the option to add another 1GB if they need it for something heavier than internet browsing and typing.

    i use mine to do code compilations and other types of work so the 2GB is really paying off.


  2. neis says:

    i just bought over the weekend – it’s max is 2GB not 1GB… i have mine upgraded when I bought it.

    it has also a hidden sim card slot supposedly for the 3g modem – but after several trials i can’t find a way to work it out possibly because the modem was not there but the sim slot is there.

    also i compared it hand on hand with msi when deciding which to buy, specs-wise thought the same, the msi performs better as it can play an hd mkv file without a problem on WMP. the mini though has a hard time playing it. i need to resort to using mpc half-size for the lag to be reduce between the video and audio. though i wonder they have the same specs. i’m not sure if it’s the hdd or etc.. the speakers are solid though.. better sounds and keyboards as earlier reported on reviews.

    the battery is around 2hours, the cam is worst as expected (read the reviews, tried it myself), and you can’t use it on projectors during presentation because you need to by the vga converter cable.

    overall, it’s the best looking netbook but actual performance is inferior to the likes of msi though the same specs ._.

  3. jhay says:

    Very tempting….;) But the limit on the RAM is a bit discouraging. And why on earth did they put in a 60GB HDD? 0_o

  4. hub says:

    The ram is not limited to 1gb, my girlfriend bought one last week and we upgraded it to 2gb. There’s only one ram slot and no built-in ram, so you just have to replace the installed 1gb module with a 2gb one.

  5. Bon says:

    This is a non-starter for me, simply because you need to buy an adapter costing US$80 for VGA out (which isn’t included in the base unit) – necessary for presentations. Also I don’t get why HP decided to use a 1.8″ 4200 RPM IDE drive for this, which causes performance to suffer relative to other Atom-powered netbooks.

  6. johnlazy says:

    What is happening in your webhost company Sir. The server of my site is always down. I’m sorry to bother you but my website is suffering. It is really frustrating. I’m planning to add another site to your webhost but I don’t know right now. Thanks Sir! Take care!

  7. yuga says:

    Updated my post to include the 2GB limit. Thanks for the correction.

  8. TechPinas says:

    Not bad! :)

    This actually feels more solid than MSI Wind.

  9. At 2.5 pounds, the Mini 1000 is a touch lighter than the Lenovo S10 (2.7 pounds) and the MSI Wind (2.6 pounds). All three of these notebooks have 10-inch widescreens. The Mini 1000’s, however, is better designed. The glass screen is flush with the surrounding black borders—a technique commonly used in HDTVs. The speakers, which were adjacent to the screen on the Mini-Note, are now built into the hinge and sound better than the ones on the S10 and the Wind.

    Got to have 1 now! happy holidays Abe!

  10. vance says:

    Well, I’m still waiting for NVIDIA’s platform to develop (combination of NVIDIA 9400M and Atom processor), the same platform that will be use on the new Macbook Air. I heard that by 2009, most netbooks might be using this. So possible 720P to 1080p res vids (streaming videos) hehe..

  11. calvin says:

    awww the price is tempting as well as the built-in speakers. but the i find the 60GB 4800 rpm HD pretty bad. hope that lenovo will lower its price now this one’s available.

  12. Patrick says:

    I’d take this over the MSI anyday. But then I still prefer Lenovo. :D

    I want to have a netbook which could run Vista. All the netbooks I’ve seen so far either have XP or some Linux variant. Guess these lower-spec notebooks don’t have enough power to run Vista.. is that why?

  13. gpc says:


    ASUS N10J (except C model) comes with Microsoft Vista Home Premium. The best price offer on the net I’ve seen so far –> Php 25,407.56 :D


    Some shops at V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center are selling the N10J for ~40 grand. Dang.

  14. Tax says:

    unable to play hd mkv properly is a bummer… was planning to buy this before hearing that

  15. John Ray Cabrera says:

    i got my HP MiniNote 1000 on the 2nd week of December, or more appropriately, the very first day it was being displayed in a retail shop in the Philippines. i didn’t hesitate in getting it because i have been scouring the expanse of all the netbooks being sold. HP MiniNote 1000 caught my attention big time but it isn’t a perfect netbook to have and to hold. afterall, there is no such thing as a perfect device. to each his own.

    few major letdowns i discovered:

    1) the HP MN 1000 HDD is not your typical netbook HDD. it uses HDD similar to that being used by portable mp3 players. so its boot up time is tad too slow.

    2) screen is scratch-prone unless you put a screen protector in it.

    3) heats up a bit when playing video. i guess it is because it uses a lot of its CPU power when playing video as compared to other apps.

    on the other hand, it bags itself a bevy of features that would unravel one’s delight:

    1) design is so sleek and sexy but the lid is a smudge magnet. that is probably the reason why it got its small lint free cloth for wiping.

    2) lightweight and compact

    3) keyboard has a nice touchy feel, even for those with stubby, large fingers

    4) battery life is good enough. i tried logging in at Taco Bell(Gateway) 4pm and went out around 6:45pm, only online use(without multimedia app).

    5) speaker is good enough too.

    @gpc: where did you see Asus NJ10 that is sold around Php25k. mind if you could post the site here?(if Mr. Yugatech will allow it).

  16. raj says:

    Check out HP Mininote 2140.

  17. dido jove says:

    hi. where can i buy the cable that will connect the hp mini to an external monitor/lcd projector? and what do they call the slot? it isn’t USB obviously.


  18. Ani says:

    Abe, a lot of the things you’ve noted about the mini note 1000 (re: screen, keyboard, battery life) are the same as the 2140. Does this updated model still need a special VGA adaptor cable to be able to connect a projector to it?

  19. sickly says:

    does it support autocad ’07 or earlier versions of auto?

  20. edog says:

    anyone know what the deal is with upgrading the xp version of this from 1gb ram to 2gb ram, can it be done, everyone i have talked too has only done it to the linux version. HELP !

  21. louise says:

    sir abe.
    chech this http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2008/11/hp-mini-1000-ha/

    a hidden 3g modem for hp 1000

  22. ash says:

    The design is ok but the batter life is not good. I can only use it for an hour. Where can i buy a 6-cell battery? how much is it?

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