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HP Mini Note 2140 Priced at Php23,950

A number of people have been asking about the HP Mini 2140 and when it will be available in the Philippines. I initially thought it will take some time since the HP Mini 1000 is already in shelves. Looks like Complink has them on stock at a retail price of Php23,950. 

Intel Atom CPU N270 1.6GHz
1 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (max 2GB)
Mobile Intel GMA 950
10.1″ display
160 GB HDD 5400 rpm SATA
Broadcom WiFi 802.11 b/g
2 USB 2.0
Integrated VGA webcam
3-cell battery


hp mininote b2140

The unit weighs about 2.6 lb (1.19 kg) and runs Windows XP Home. Looks like HP realized their mistake with the HP Mini 2133 and Windows Vista. Available at CompLink since March 11 for just Php23,950. At this price point, it basically killed the old model altogether (or maybe they’ll just do a sale price on that one).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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38 Responses

  1. alex says:

    OMG! thanks Abe!

    i’ve been looking around for this, muntik na ko mag settle sa mini 1000 hehe

  2. Byron says:

    is it available in all Complink branches? or just a few?

  3. Darren says:

    damn it, this is really a killing price !!! I feel pretty shitty now

  4. bintoytech says:

    They’re also selling the Mininote 1109TU for Php18,990.

  5. Reggie says:

    The 2140 has a VGA port right? if it has then this would be a better choice for me than the 1000

  6. Doc Harry says:

    Hmmmmm… my Samsung NC10 still kicks this one with it’s 6-cell battery, 3 USB slots, Bluetooth, and killer looks! I wonder why Samsung doesn’t market it here. The price came out to around 25K for me coming from the US.

  7. rey says:

    saan mga complink branch?

  8. Arnold says:

    CompLink Megamall Cyberzone doesn’t have it yet. Just asked yesterday. At that price point, I’m so buying it! Wohoo!

    Sayang nga lang at 3-cell battery lang siya…

  9. calvin says:

    that’s cheap for an HP!! 3-cell battery is a bummer though. i really can’t use those laptops that can’t last more than 5 hours.

  10. rey says:

    do you know kung san branch my stock?

  11. alex says:

    shoot, complink in sm north doesn’t have it either

  12. John Ray Cabrera says:

    i might be selling my Mini 1000 for Php18k.

    damn technology. keeps on upgrading and upgrading.

  13. Rpedro says:

    hmmm…i’m quite satisfied with my HP Mini 1000…

  14. John Ray Cabrera says:

    @Doc Harry: they even have Samsung NC110 anbd NC120 already, with NC120 to have practically 10hours of battery life.

  15. Tey says:

    No joy :-( Complink doesn’t have it in stock yet.. I called their Park Square branch today and a lady said they are just accepting pre-orders.

  16. John Ray Cabrera says:

    the only notable difference of it from the Mini 1000 is the presence the VGA port, the higher capacity drive(which of course means a lot), and an aluminum casing. however the aluminum casing is a recylced concept from Mini 2133.

    i was hoping HP would overhaul another design portfolio on newer models.

    or it could be that HP is following one design concept for the Mini 2100 series?

    is the 6cell battery pack readily available for the Mini 2140?

  17. sylv3rblade says:

    @John Ray Cabrera
    umm there’s a lot of minor things that make it different.
    accelerometer (to prevent hard disk damage)
    different touchpad
    expresscard slot

    and the 2140 is marketed as a business class netbook.

  18. sylv3rblade says:

    @John Ray Cabrera
    umm the Mini Note 2140 is a business class netbook and it’s got several features that set it quite apart from the 1000 and the 2133.

  19. J says:

    wala pa rin ba?

  20. SEGAGIGA says:

    I bought my hp mini 2140 yesterday at Complink, SM North – Cyberzone (New Annex). PC live sells them too, actually this is where I got the news that it was coming, a week earlier!

    Here’s my “mini” review =P

    Other features:
    It has spill resistant keys, The letters on the keys has a special coating that extends its clarity 10x.

    What it doesn’t have:
    The box has no carrying handle, no frills design. It does not come with a sleeve, no cleaning cloth.

    Aside from having an atom processor and lower resolution (yes lower than 1024×600), here are some other notable difference with the 2133:
    The 2140’s Camera image is much clearer (due to the software),The touch pad switch lights up when it’s disabled.

    The real deal breaker (specially for people who is not used to laptops or UMPC’s)
    with the 2140 is the 3 cell battery it comes with. Samsung’s NC10 is much more well rounded but samsung doesn’t sell them here.

    What I really love about the mini note is it’s keyboard and solid aluminum casing.

    For people more in looks doesn’t do presentations, buy the mini 1109TU (new model!). For the practical ones, get the 2140, most stores has 0 interest up to 12 months, get them while there’s still stocks left. If you’re concern is the battery, you could order a 6 cell battery from the store you bought it(Complink). It takes only 3 days. ^^

  21. lawrence says:

    I am using 1109 and so far no problems with it. Very snappy and very sleek. Question, how do i determine the resolution? does it have the same resolution as that of the 2140?

    Im planning to sell this 1109 thou and upgrade to 2140 and hopefully i could get a buyer for this one.. Hope its worth the upgrade..

  22. SEGAGIGA says:

    They have the same resolutions 1024×576 pixels. Again, this might be a deal breaker for some. Specially those who might be using their system for photoshop.

    It was a tough choice choosing between the new 1109TU and the 2140. You just have to ask yourself which of the 2 is your preference:

    Form or Functionality.

    In this case it can’t be both. The 1109TU is sleeker but has less. The 2140 has more but it’s not as eye-catchy from the outside. What made me choose the 2140 is the VGA port, the sturdy aluminum casing, more durable keys, separate mic,headphone jacks and more storage space which makes up for the price difference. ^^

  23. J says:

    magkano ang 6cell batt?

  24. SEGAGIGA says:

    In the US it’s Sold as $191 USD.

    Here in the Philippines the HP Mini’s 6 Cell battery might be more or less expensive. You’ll just have to contact their support number. You can inquire with Complink or PC Live about it.

    I have no plans yet of upgrading my battery yet. For now it’s sufficient for the stuff I do when I’m on the go.

  25. J says:

    @segagiga. i see. thank you very much

  26. Ani says:

    Complink store at Digital Exchange is already carrying this, got mine yesterday. an order for a 6 cell battery will set you back Php 11K , delivery time is 30-45 days.

  27. SEGAGIGA says:

    Wow, that’s absurd… It would be much cheaper and faster importing it.

    I tried inquiring at PC Live and they said it usually takes at least 3 business days if their HP distributor his it in stock.

    I didn’t ask about the price but I doubt it would be that expensive coming from an official supplier. That price is almost double and it won’t be good news for people who would want to upgrade their battery. x_x

    Better get 1st hand info from HP… I’ve talked with a lot of sales persons and they’re usually bluffing about the things they know about the products they sell.

    Has anyone contacted HP Philippines about it?

  28. ascii says:

    I’ve called HP a while ago to inquire about the mini VGA cable. They forwarded me to PCLive instead since they don’t sell DAW to consumers directly. When I called PCLive, they told me it was freaking 5K! for a cable that costs $20 in the US!!! Sabi nila, estimated price palang naman daw. I was kinda pissed since HP told me that it would be around 3K, but still, the price difference from the US is too much. Anyway, it may be an enterprising move to order lots from the US and resell them for 2K each. hahaha. On the battery part, it’s $95 in the US right now for the 6-cell battery.

  29. SEGAGIGA says:

    I inquired the same thing (the VGA) with PC Live the day I was deciding between the 2140 and the 1109TU.

    5K php is just their “rough” estimate, but if it turns out that’s the SRP then that’s insane. These dealers shouldn’t be jacking up their price just because these items are hard to come by locally. The extra price might be a commission based scheme…x_x

    HP should do something to make it more affordable for people who have bought their products.

    If anyone can sell these much needed accessories/upgrades at a much more reasonable price, please do so for our sake. ^^

  30. mikee says:


    after checking all “tale of the tape”, i still go for the samsung NC10

    netbook- people on the run. mobility

    3 cell batt vs 6 cell batt. no brainer.

  31. Anne says:

    I’m loving the 2140. The bottom gets heated up when plugged, though. It’s like touching a frying pan. I bought a cooling pad for when I have to leave it on as a download slave for long period. If I want to work with it on my lap, I need a pillow or something.

    Still, not as hot as my Thinkpad gets, though. You can fry an egg on a Thinkpad X series after 3 hours of use.

  32. Tino says:

    For me, its still the 1001TU model. Sleek design since its all black, 1024 X 600 screen reso at 10.1″ widescreen.

    Im running both XP home and OS X! But I am using OS X more since I am an apple fan :)

    Sorry guys, just wanna boast about it, hehehe.

  33. danie says:

    mga kuya..alin po mas maganda, 2140 or 1109??please help me amn po..

  34. neil says:


    I would love to have this…

  35. Clifford says:

    in hp store at sm mall of asia,is that available with windows vista business?? please answer in back!! thanks!

  36. Dearado says:

    Im selling my 2140 at 10k.. secondhand.

  37. sab says:

    hi. i’m thinking of getting this or the hp mini 311 to replace my msi wind(it’s really slow and takes forever to open websites).

    i’m still uncertain which to get. what i need is something small, so either a notebook or a subnotebook, and something which would work great with the net. I get easily pissed with slow computers. do you have any suggestions?

  38. elgrace says:

    my 2140’s screen got broken. my iron dropped on it. is there a replacement? how much wil it cost? thanks for the help.=)

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