HP Mini Note 2140 Review

HP Mini Note 2140 Review

After a week of taking the HP Mini Note 2140 for a spin, I’d say HP has finally made a comeback in the fight for netbook market share (and HP doesn’t even want to call the mini a netbook).

The HP Mini 2100 series is the only netbook line I’ve seen that’s wrapped in aluminum all around. This is what separates the HP Mini 2140 from the rest of the netbooks — a body that is made up of sleek aluminum in silver, brushed finish.This also protects the surface from smudges and greasy fingerprints.

Compared to the usual plastic construction of other netbooks, this gives the HP Mini 2140 a classic look that leaves a lasting impression.

hp mini note 2140

The review unit I got has an Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz), 1GB of RAM and 160GB hard disk drive. It also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11 b/g for connectivity plus a webcam to boot.

Another big plus point for the HP Mini is the upsized keyboard – that’s a 92% full-sized keyboard of a regular notebook. HP did not spare a single centimeter in the keyboard and squeezed them into the 10-inch frame, an effort that attracted a lot of buyers even int he first generation Mini 2133. By far, the most comfortable keyboard especially when touch-typing and helps avoid that dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome.

hp mini 2140


On the other hand, the 10.1-inch display panel only has a resolution of 1024×578 pixels. That’s a couple dozen pixels short of the normal screen resolution of most netbooks (i.e. 1024×600 pixels) but not really a serious deal-breaker (apparently, there is a hig-res screen on a different model but hasn’t been seen in stores).

Another consequence of HP’s efforts to maximize on the Mini Note’s reduced size was the re-positioning of the left and right buttons of the trackpad. This odd orientation could turn off others but it is an issue that an external USB or Bluetooth mouse can remedy. The trackpad is a but narrow but the buttons works nicely.

hp mini note 2140

The default configuration of the HP Mini only includes a 3-cell battery which lasts under 2 hours although you can upgrade to the higher-capacity 6-cell battery (sold separately and could set you back about 4 or 5 grand). That should help bump the battery life to around 5 hours but add a couple hundred grams to its weight.

There were some mixed reports that the netbook becomes too hot on prolonged use. My 24-hour burn-in test didn’t show that — the internal temperature hovered between 48 to 53 degrees centigrade.

With a retail price of Php23,990, HP Mini 2140 isn’t the cheapest in the 10-inch category but it makes up all that with a great build and design.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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45 Responses

  1. The real Hayden says:

    Wow! It would make a nice gadget to store and view videos. Does it have a nice webcam?

  2. that’s a nice, fair review :)

    pag salesman ka lang… baka napabili ako ng di oras! wahaha! jk! :P

    keep it up yuga! da best ka talaga! :thumbsup:

  3. Neobux says:

    I really like it’s shell. Very dazzling. Much like the Compaq Presario laptop my cousin has.

  4. jam says:

    nice! ganda nga ng design. question lang: are netbooks good enough for heavy programs like photoshop, premiere, etc? thanks!

  5. jam says:

    nice…ganda nga ng design! question lang: are netbooks good enough for heavy programs like photoshop, premiere, etc? kasi 1gb naman yung ram nya eh..? thanks!

  6. Ed says:

    man the workers at the coffee shop you go to when you take all these pix of reviewed items probably think you are super rich since you showing up with a NEW laptop EVERYDAY haha

  7. Darren says:

    three months later, there will be tons of CULV “review” and “unboxing” , it already makes me disgust

  8. yuga says:

    @Ed, the baristas at Starbucks where I hang out already recognized me from one of my TV interviews so they’re very nice every time I drop by.

  9. Ani says:

    It’s a joy to use all right :) The unit does heat up when your using it & it’s charging. The trick is to slip a small object under the back to elevate it so that the heat vents underneath are clear of any surfaces. I use a rubber door stop & it works great. Units with the 6 cell battery are already inclined optimally.

  10. Neobux says:

    Well, this is the actual gadget I want when I’m out of town so I can click my Neobux ads and never lose those ten dollars.

  11. sky says:

    the battery life is a deal killer.

  12. yuga says:

    @sky: yeah, 3-cell batteries are a deal-killer. I’d go for the 6-cell.

  13. The HP Mini 2140 shares the same basic silhouette as the earlier Mini 1000 and Mini-Note 2133 systems from HP. I think the biggest selling point for HP’s Netbooks has always been the fantastic keyboard.


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  14. The HP Mini 2140 shares the same basic silhouette as the earlier Mini 1000 and Mini-Note 2133 systems from HP. I think the biggest selling point for HP’s Netbooks has always been the fantastic keyboard.

  15. calvin says:

    nice design pero that 22 missing vertical resolution is a bit big for me. too much scrolling when playing mafia wars. hehehe.

  16. sylver07 says:

    ahem ahem! royalty fee!!!!

  17. Neobux says:

    Yep, three cell batteries are only good for remote controls. LMAO!

  18. Hey Neobux, I signed up for your site. I also saw your fan profile on friendster. Thanks for the guide!

  19. i have a friend who just bought the HP Mini 2140 and she is disturbed by the heat coming out of the netbook. have you guys experienced the same? is it normal? on my research, its predecessor(HP Mini 2133) has a temperature that can go as high as 90degrees fahrenheit.

    since they basically have the same body(aluminum), logic tells me that they basically spews out similar heat level.

  20. Ardz says:

    @John Ray Cabrera
    90 degrees Fahrenheit is just around 32 degrees Celcius. It’s not that hot.

  21. Bon says:

    John Ray, I’ve used the 2133 and the 2140; the latter runs significantly cooler than the 2133. While they may have the same basic body shell, the 2133 runs on a relatively inefficient Via CPU, which generates a lot of heat. My 2140 is cool enough to run on your lap without protection. It’s even cooler than the similarly-equipped Lenovo S10.

  22. @ardz: sorry, that is around 90 to 117 fahrenheit, according to:


    @bon: i just told my friend that aluminum has a higher specific heat ratio than hard plastic, that means it cools faster but similarly heats faster too. tama ba ako?

  23. yuga says:

    @John Ray – compared to the other netbooks I’ve tried the HP MIni 2140 runs relatively cooler.

  24. ann says:

    Been using the 2140 for a few months. No problem with heat unless you place it directly on your lap while charging. I suggest you use a small pillow or a book.

    My issue with it is that the aluminum casing has a bit of ‘ground’, like very subtle buzz of electricity when plugged. It makes touching the exterior uncomfortable. Abe, did you experience this in your test?

  25. yuga says:

    @ann, nope didn’t notice any grounding problems. Maybe you should have yours checked as it could be the wiring or something.

  26. andy says:

    if only asus made laptops made out of metal… ummmm….

    then this guy would be extinct…

  27. Ryan says:

    2140 or 1109TU?

  28. enyaj says:

    hi im a user of hp2140, apparently, my bluetooth doesn’t work for months now. can someone help me with this. thanks in advance.

  29. jena says:

    I bought mine last year (Aug, 2008) and everyone in the office goes oohh and aahh. But I gave it to my mom last May. I can’t work on it for more than 2 hours-eye strain. I guess netbook is not for me. Now

    I wonder, why it has taken you so late to blog about this one. I thought this sight would give me reviews on the latest tech. Just a thought…

  30. Corporal Killjoy says:

    This netbook is extremely hard to find in malls. I went to Megamall and SM North and the stores there only sell the inferior Mini 2133 and 1109. I even asked the storekeepers about it and they said that their suppliers doesn’t seem to support this model anymore. So I went to tipidpc and (surprise) I found one.

  31. Ironman says:

    Im really interested in buying a mini laptop right now because of its weight, is it the best laptop as of now? I have a budget of 24,000 thanks.

  32. RkD says:

    I just bought a 2140 from a store in Megamall (one of the last two units, since it was announced that the model is “phased out”). It looks and feels great.

    My one negative comment about the unit I got is that the left side of the screen’s frame shows the backlights/sidelights of the monitor. You can clearly see it if you look at an angle from the right facing the screen. I already asked in one of the notebook forums around the net if this is an issue that I should attend to. It was suggested that I leave it at that since it’s ok when I face the monitor properly. But still, I think I ought to have it replaced or fixed at least.

  33. Fatjules says:

    Is this the HD Version of HP 2140 sir Abe or the standard? because i’m planning to buy this one and i want it HD.

  34. Andy's Web says:

    Fair review and nice gadget to have this at your desk.

  35. kerov7 says:

    sir Abe, im not familiar sa RAM upgrade. ano po ba ang compatible na memory upgrade sa mga HP mini? if they have one.. 2gb na ddr2 pwede kaya? thanx..

  36. leovy says:

    im planning to buy laptop this coming nov. can u suggest any for me???mahirap po b or masakit sa mata ung mini laptop??? tnx in advance po…

  37. Intriguing post. My friends and I were just discussing this the other day. Also your blog looks great on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Keep it up.

  38. Ark says:

    this HP Mini 2140 is still available in the market?

  39. ver says:

    anybody knows the current price of this mini laptop? and where to buy it in manila? appreciate any helpful online store from philippines. thanks!

  40. Eye Strain says:

    Also looking for somewhere to buy it in manila, anybody know!?

  41. krishna says:

    hi yuga! can you make a review about HP mini 110 3547TU? cant find a comprehensive and meaty review about this model. thanks!

  42. The ideas you provided here are very precious. Rrt had been such a pleasurable surprise to have that waiting for me after i woke up this very day. They are usually to the point and easy to interpret. Thank you so much for the innovative ideas you have shared right here.

  43. renee ann says:

    how much?

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