If you had Php30k to spend for a tablet?

If you had Php30k to spend for a tablet?

In the last 3 days I’ve been going around here in Singapore, most of the stores would put tablets in the front display shelves. They’re obviously the stars of the season.

With all the sizes, form factors and operating system put on the table, sometimes it’s a little hard to pick which one’s best for you.

This was the question posted to me by Howie Severino in a segment we did last Wednesday at GMA7 where we featured around 7 different tablets.


Taken from one of the gadgets shops in Changi Airport.

So I’m here standing in front of a gadget store thinking which tablet to bring home:

* Dell Streak 5 @ ~Php20k
* BlackBerry Playbook 16GB @ ~Php22k
* iPad WiFi + 3G 16GB @ ~Php28k
* Motorola Xoom WiFi @ ~Php30k
* Acer Iconia Tab A500 @ ~Php19k
* Asus Transformer @ ~Php22k
* Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi @ ~Php17k
* Viewsonic ViewPad 7 @ ~15k
* HTC Flyer @ ~Php29k

I already have the iPad2 and I’ve pre-ordered the Asus Transformer (with a media discount) so I’m looking between the Dell Streak 5 and the BlackBerry Playbook as top choices primarily due to the size/form factor. I already have a review unit of of the Playbook and so far, I’m really liking it.

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44 Responses

  1. Ian espiritu says:

    Id get the playbook since you have the ipad2 already. Question- where can we get the playbook for 22k as indicated in your post?

    • Saimon says:

      If I already have the iPad2, I’d definitely pick the Playbook since I’m a fan of both Apple and Blackberry. :)

  2. hihey says:

    Then take the dell streak for review :P or the playbook if you cant take it with you

  3. D says:

    Dell Streak 5- small enough to slip in the pocket. btw, thx for the G+ invite, Sir Yuga

  4. chinitoguy says:

    I would probably get a Samsung Galaxy Tab but not the 7-inch tablet. I want the 10.1 version. Since its not available here yet I would wait nalang. I still prefer a Windows-powered tablet.

  5. Nico says:

    Is the Gigabyte S1080 already available there? I’d chose that!

  6. wisman says:

    definitely the playbook…

  7. thermometer says:

    looking forward for dell streak review

  8. ARL says:

    ive got my iPad2 already and so much happy with it.. but given another chance to buy again… maybe Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 pero yung updated na to Android Honeycomb 3.1, let’s see kung ok ba ang performance ng android…

  9. babes says:

    pag tama ko sa lotto, lahat yan bibilin ko.:-p

  10. Micco Jay Bugtai says:

    what store po yang nasa pic?
    i’ve been eyeing the iconia tab a500 and eee pad transformer…

  11. rhk111 says:

    I already own a P1000 Galaxy Tab, and I think its fantastic. My only big beef about it is the battery life, which is really only about 6 hours of heavy use. I’m now seriously considering an HTC Flyer, which supposedly has around a 25% improvement in battery life than the Tab. Plus a faster processor, and a higher RAM.

  12. tababoy says:

    ala eh kahit sa 5-star hotel ala steak ganyan kamahal!

  13. yog says:

    Get an HTC Flyer, Abe. You know you want it hehehe!

  14. csseyah says:

    I go for Galaxy Tab pa rin… :)

  15. Jepotski says:

    Saang store ang may Dell Streak na 20k? Tsaka ASUS Transformer?

  16. minority report says:

    I got the Acer Aspire 1825 ptz. This is a convertible rather than a tablet. It went on sale at just below P30,000. With an 11inch capacitive touch screen it is just about as big a device to stand comparison with tablets. It runs Win 7 Home Premium(64 bit), has a long battery life(6 cells), and plays 720p HD video well. It has both HDMI and VGA video out. The processor is faster than Atom cpus commonly found in netbooks and the ram is upgradeable to 8gig.

    I use this thing for work, but it also proves very capable for casual web surfing while relaxing in my bed.

    The biggest drawback is the weight, it is rather heavy to hold with one hand for longer than a minute. Using it while standing for long periods is tiring, but sitting down or lying down and resting it on your lap is comfortable. It does not heat up like my netbook.

    This model has sadly been discontinued by Acer. But it if you see one, it is definitely worth consideration for those who need the Windows OS.

  17. jm says:

    Sony S1 or S2 tablet

  18. dong-pen says:

    What shop is that showcasing asus TF? i choose htc im just curious bout it lol

  19. Eason says:

    I suggest the blackberry playbook too, since its a different kind of OS = different experience. But the only setback is that you need a blackberry phone to fully utilize the playbook.

  20. kt says:

    Ipad but 16gb isnt enuf

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  21. ty says:

    ill go for the asus transformer…

  22. julie says:

    dito ba sa pilipinas ang tindahan na ito? parang nsa tate ah.

  23. EdwinC says:

    ‘Yung Archos di yata kasali sa honorable mention. At ‘yang Motorola at HTC ba’t ba ang mamahal ng mga ‘yan? Ano bang meron d’yan na wala sa iba? Ako hihintayin ko ang Gen 9 internet tablets ng Archos. Tentative worldwide release sa October. Baka ice cream sandwich na ‘yun paglabas.

  24. r41n says:

    sony s1! if it would be less 30k

  25. Cocopako says:

    Ung una ko tablet galaxy tab 7 got it free from smart(walang kwenta ) natanso ako don! Very poor ang performance, and then i got ipad2, wala ako masabi sa performance, superb! Sulit ung inayad ko,

  26. Vance says:

    I choose Ipad 2 64G even without the 3G for P33K but I’ll wait for few more months there rumors circulating that an iPad HD might appear this september hehe..

  27. Shakey says:

    Since you already have an iPad2 and an Android tablet coming, go for the Playbook na lang para may tablet ka across all platforms. :)

  28. xxx999 says:

    I’ll Go for Archos G9 Tablet 8″ , Reasonable Price for tablet :)

  29. I’ll choose BlackBerry playbook, it sounds good to me.

  30. jamby says:

    I’m torn between the iPad2 or Transformer…@yuga,..could you do a side by side comparison, PROs and CONs of the two?


  31. Aj says:

    I already have the ipad2, but the Htc flyer looks promising with it’s stylus and smaller size but limited it’s power consumption compared to ipad

  32. wreek888 says:

    i already have the ipad2 and the samsung galaxy tab 7, maybe dell5 so i can have all the sizes but the price of dell 5 will be 15K,

  33. allan says:

    go for the BB Playbook.

  34. Eason says:

    Here is the video of the segment Sir Abe is talking about


  35. karlitu says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  36. One tablet is enough per household. Hehehe. In case, I’d go with Blackberry Playbook or Motorola Xoom.

  37. Mina says:

    are the prices you posted the prices in singapore? i’d choose BB playbook btw..

  38. i’ll just go for anything that has an AMOLED screen.

  39. quobetah says:

    Playbook na lang syempre para ma-try mo ang bagong OS.

  40. dheniss manalo says:

    Sorry this is of the topic but i am too lazy to find ways to contact the author… I’ve been using this app for a long time and I just want to report this annoying crash of this app every time i open a second article.

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