Introducing the YugaTech Netbook

Introducing the YugaTech Netbook

After 6 months in R&D with my Taiwanese suppliers, I’m very excited to announce my very own YugaTech-branded netbook. Check the specs and preview photo after the jump.

yugatech netbook

YugaTech Netbook


  • 10.2″ OLED display screen (1280×960 resolution)
  • Intel Atom Z550 2.0GHz CPU
  • 2GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM (maximum of 4GB)
  • 128 GB SSD or 500GB SATA HDD
  • 5 x USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • WiMax 802.16e
  • 3G/HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps
  • 2.0 MP webcam
  • Fingerprint/Facial recognition
  • 7-in-1 card reader
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Multi-touch
  • 8-cell 7200 mAh Battery (up to 9.5 hours)
  • Ubuntu or Windows XP Home

The 3G/HSDPA module is compatible with Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular SIM cards although we’re still having problems with Red Mobile 3G. The WiMax 802.16e is being ironed out with Globe WiMax and should be ready out of the box with their Plan 799.

Although my earlier reviews with the Atom Z500 series were not as fast compared to the N series, I chose the 2.0GHz Z550 over the 1.66GHz N280. Nothing beats the digits in terms of marketing.

We’re in the final production stage and these will hit the local market starting April 31, 2009. I’m also deciding how much they will be priced locally but we’re looking at models between Php19,995 to php24,995 depending on the upgrades and to stay competitive. Will post more updates and color options but certainly we will have blue, red, pink, black, white, green, yellow and orange.

I’m also raffling off 10 of these YugaTech Netbooks to those who blog, tweet, plurk or Facebook this entry. Just leave a comment with the URL to your entry.

I’m pretty stoked about it but today, April 1, is probably my biggest blogging day ever.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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143 Responses

  1. You should have included multi-touch screens, even just for april 1

  2. jireh says:

    ei Abe! I want one.. hehehe :)

  3. Jonathan says:

    I’m pretty stoked about it but today, April 1, is probably my biggest blogging day ever.

    It is now APRIL 1, 2009. Are we there yet?

    Surely it is, with the DDR3 RAM =) Anyway, you have me riding on the boat. Nice one.

  4. moejun says:

    if it runs on water, i’m in. do i get a discount if i get 2,000 units?

  5. Maurice Babiera says:

    wow! you amaze me hhehehe a new entry and a very competitive one. its sad i can’t buy one for now cuz i’m saving up for a my wedding and small business.

    Can I have a free one heheheheehe cge na please! ;-)

  6. aldrin says:

    Hey, I volunteer on choosing the winners. :D

  7. Gene says:

    Hi Abe,

    Can I copy the image and prices to post for my blog at:

    ? Also, I would like to create a link to your website for reference, if it is alright with you.

    Thank you!

  8. Gene says:

    Wait a minute! It’s April Fools Day! ABE!!!!!

  9. Alcarcalimo says:

    First of all, April 2009 is only up until the 30th.

    …and today is April fool’s day.

  10. CC Lozano says:

    It’s April 1 and you’re previewing your netbook… Mmmm…

  11. Alcarcalimo says:

    Nice one! You almost got most of us there!

  12. Jerome says:

    OLED? Z550? DDR3? 5 USB ports? WiMax? 7200mAh? Even a multi touch??!. Masyado ata napaganda yan. Medyo nahahalata tuloy lol. Anyway, Happy april fools!

  13. WOW says:

    April Fools Day? geez if not i want one. :) nice to see this kind of netbook out in the market soon, sad i just bought hp mini recently.

  14. Marissa says:

    Sigh, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. :)

  15. carla says:

    i’d love to see this!

  16. Rome says:

    The first time I saw the title, it had me thinking. Weh?! Yugatech netbook?! Eh di nman sinabi / kinukwento ni Abe na meron syang netbook na gusto i-develop on his previous entries. Wala naman syang nakukwento na may dine-develop sila tapos eto meron na sya “After 6 months in R&D with my Taiwanese suppliers”? Heheh! Nice one Abe!

  17. Rome says:

    The first time I saw the title, it had me thinking. Weh?! Yugatech netbook?! Eh di nman sinabi / kinukwento ni Abe na meron syang netbook na gusto i-develop on his previous entries. Wala naman syang nakukwento na may dine-develop sila tapos eto meron na sya “After 6 months in R&D with my Taiwanese suppliers”? Heheh! Nice one Abe! Happy April Fools Day! :)

  18. Angelo says:

    Dapat may wheels so it doubles as a skateboard lol

  19. maui says:

    hi abe,

    nice one. pa review nito. haha :)

    the image looks like the upcoming toshiba nb100 netbook.

  20. Glenn says:

    Should have downplayed the specs so it would have been a bit more believable, hehe. Happy fools!

  21. madzman23 says:


    You almost have me there, almost… :D

    Its really too good to be true, with all that features to have a price ranged of just 19K-24K…
    It better than Sony Vaio P, lolx.
    It this may be true, Sir Abe will trump TouchBook, HP, ASUS, MSI and Acer with his Yugatech Netbook.

    Happy April Fools… :D

  22. Jerome says:

    Pati I don’t see any webcam sa picture.(or malabo lang talaga ang mata ko XD). Pero kung totoo nga ito, surely bibili ako nito haha

  23. crestfallen says:

    nice one!
    almost got me there!

  24. bintoytech says:

    Nearly got me there! But a nice dream to have.

  25. zj says:

    hahaha today is april fools day, kaya kep on fooling LOLS hehehe…i shud me 1 of the winners haha

  26. zj says:

    got u yuga,ur just fooling around, coz 2day is april fools day hahaha…

  27. Mark says:

    heheh. a little too obvious with the details.

  28. gary says:

    oh well, it’s too good to be true! hahaha! Happy April Fool’s! :p

  29. godgets says:

    it’s good thing i read the entire post

  30. Jojo says:

    grabe lots of lurkers,and the queue is long like an apple product launching, hehe

  31. william says:


    exactly haha its april is until 30th lang haha
    but nice one

  32. JohnLloy says:

    hahaahahapy april fools day ABE :p

  33. Anne says:

    LOL awesome April Fools joke, man.

  34. Aris says:

    Whoa! Great joke! I am always on the lookout for new developments on netbooks and these specs are truly way, way beyond realistic. But it would be nice if any manufacture can come up with such soon.
    I am currently using an Acer Aspire One upgraded with z540 and 2 gb of RAM, yet im still craving for more.

  35. Agrimensor says:

    hahaha…daming seryoso.

  36. Happy April Fools everyone!

  37. Frances says:

    Does it also give us world peace? If yes, sign me up for one!

  38. Pink says:

    Waaah! I will! I will! Galing! you make me sooo proud Yugger! Ü Love Yah! Mwah!

  39. Ryan says:

    But will it blend?

  40. jampacked specs for a good price! ang galing!

    is that picture the actual product?

  41. iva says:

    okray ka talaga, yuga… lols.

    Happy April Fools!

  42. Aloof Kid says:

    Damn! The first time I saw the title, Oh my Gosh! Need to blog this, after finsih reading it, anak ng ABE!!!!


    Nice one sir Abe :)

  43. okay, i fell for this. i was already writing down a post until suddenly i remembered its the first day of april! and one more thing, i was trying to look for the YugaTech logo in the picture. hahaha happy april fools!

  44. Doc Harry says:

    Talk about killing off all of netbook competition! Hahahahaha! You can afford to actually cover the whole thing in Swarovski and maybe add a second LCD!

    Touchscreen options? What? It doesn’t run on fuel cells?

    I wonder if my friends will fall for this. There’s still time. =)

  45. April Fool’s Day S***s…haha

  46. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    but seriously you know you can do this for real, and you have the brand, and the marketing vehicle, this blog, why not sell your own notebook, tons of chinese suppliers out there.

  47. deuts says:

    Kakasabi ko lng sa isang comment ko dito na why not raffling off a netbook, aba at pinatulan. But you almost got me there! hehe Happy April Fool’s!

  48. aldrin says:

    can it make toast too?

  49. Beau Rudd says:

    Where can we buy this laptop I want one

  50. dliza says:

    Hahaa…Happy April fool’s day!
    nice One!

  51. Yugatech – “From Blogging to Branding”. :)

  52. i also want one sir abe!weheheh

  53. Patrick says:

    Good one Abe. I was almost about to plurk this one. Haha!

  54. eds says:

    waaahhh mga mahahalata mo sila na hindi nila binasa yun full article or excited lang sila?? nyahaha..

  55. Andy says:

    As i was reading this entry, it came to me that it is April 1 (April Fool’s Day}. But i supposed you are not kidding and this is really something very exciting. I am excited and was more enthused to learn that you are raffling off 10. Thus, i am eager to spread the news in all of my social networking sites… Cross my fingers that i will be the lucky one to have this. More power!!!

  56. Andy says:

    Ayun. di nga binasa article… [strike!!!]

  57. Ashurie says:

    I almost click “Publish Post” button. xD
    great master Abe! hehe! happy april fools!

  58. jpeb says:

    This is my Tweet:

    Dream netbook or an april fools joke? you decide:

  59. LOL! I told my brother to blog about this but he read the comments and realized that it’s an April Fool’s day joke. You should have hidden the comments until the next day. :-P

    Oh, and yeah. Here’s how I’d design my own netbook:

    11.1″ 1280×720 OLED LCD
    VIA U2250 Processor
    VIA VX855 Chipset
    2 GB DDR2 800 MHz
    16 GB SATA SSD (For the OS and programs)
    160 GB 5400 RPM SATA HDD (For files, etc)
    SATA DVD RW with LS
    Express Card Slot
    Backlit Keyboard
    5400 mAh Battery
    Windows XP Home

    Just wishful thinking of course… LOL!

  60. lccph2000 says:

    i almost believed in this. then i remembered it’s april 1. hehehe.

  61. frederick dela cruz says:

    nice one! haha! im into buying and selling netbook! i thought that you’re planning to kill all the netbook out there!

  62. James says:

    Dear Abraham Olandres:

    It has come to my attention that you have made an unauthorized use of our copyrighted work by posting a picture of one of our product (the “Work”) in your blog. We have reserved all rights in the Work, first published in 12 January 2009. The photo posted in your blog entitled “Introducing the YugaTech Netbook” is essentially identical to the Work and clearly used the Work as its basis.

    I demand that you immediately cease the use and distribution of all infringing works derived from the Work, and all copies, including electronic copies, of same, that you deliver to me, if applicable, all unused, undistributed copies of same, or destroy such copies immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of my rights in the future. If I have not received an affirmative response from you COB April 2, 2009 indicating that you have fully complied with these requirements, I shall take further action against you.

    Very truly yours,

    J. Watt SamDeLoin P.C
    Representing LooReen Netbook LLC
    110 One V. Basic Dr. Cupidertino CA 10221

  63. Beau Rudd says:

    I tried to put my blog but it said it was spam, so if you want to read what I said about this laptop then go to my blog lostguy

  64. jireh says:

    hahahaha… na biktima ako..

  65. Thundercatz says:

    Ang ganda ng hair mo Abe ah, hehehe!

  66. Val says:

    hehehe, buti na lang binasa ko ang mga comments, muntik ko na sanang e post ang link sa facebook page ko para makasali sa raffle, nice one Sir Abe :)

  67. Jonathan says:

    Just ride to get a link love. =)

  68. josie ambas says:

    wow i think this is the best netbook at affordable ang price sana nauna ito lumabas para ito na lang nabili ko

  69. joeyboy says:

    nice one yugababes! :D you almost got me there! lol!

  70. cool. a netbook named after your blog, thats great.
    a reasonable price for a great spec and aesthetic value. i’m sure i can be proud to have this one. i hope to win one of thoose 10 units to be raffle off. i really want to have a netbook.

  71. “April 31” is a giveaway, Abe. :D

  72. Downloader says:

    Yuga here’s my plurk for a chance to win your notebook. I want one Sir! hehe…

  73. SoNn says:

    You almost got me there Abe. Until “April 31”

  74. macobex says:

    you almost got me. haha. Happy april fool’s day.

  75. ej says:

    hi abe, is there any other pics? thanks. this one is cool.

  76. kaye says:

    I want it! Hope to be one of the winner.

  77. kaye says:

    I want to experience Yugatech Netbook

    Hope to be one of the winner…

    :) :)

  78. kaye says:

    i want to experience YUGATECH Netbook

    Hope to be one of the winner

    I put it on my blogspot.

  79. manu says:

    I knew it! ehehehe

  80. kaye says:


  81. Rico says:

    Hi! I’ve written about your new notebook here:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I called it The YugaBook.

  82. Ton says:

    I am particularly waiting for the
    “YugaAir”, thinnest laptop in the world (without the battery attached).

    Colors are precious pink and lavish yellow.

    Out by Q2 09. Wait for it.

  83. Rico says:

    Shoot! You got me there!

  84. beeps says:

    Do not forget me Yuga. Magtatampo ako sayo… :-) Thanks in advanced!

  85. beeps says:

    Yuga, malapit na birthday ko! :-)

  86. Joboy says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Is this for real? Cause if it is, I’ll wait for this one na lang before I get a netbook.

  87. graphire says:

    Todo na to. I have to remind myself next year April 1st that I will not go online! hehehe.. from yuga to Google.. everyone’s playing April fools prank. Not bad yuga! Ganda nyan… but it’s a giveaway when you said Atom Z550 with OLED screen at 19k? You really must be kiddin. =)

  88. juntariman says:

    You’re making a history!!!! The first Pinoy to have a brand of a netbook….

  89. nailscarredhand says:

    You got me there! hehehe

  90. Alvin says:

    Muntik na rin ako maniwala dito Sir Abe. Kagabi ko pa ‘to nabasa. Di naman ako naniwala pero ginawan ko pa rin ng blog:

    Di pa kasi supported ng Google Blogger ko yung Trackback, kaya ininform na lang muna kita dito. Thanks!

  91. The link to my blog write up about the YugaTech laptop is:

    Hope you like it and I hope to win one the 10 YugaTech laptops that you will be raffling off. I will keep my fingers crossed until the draw. Cheers!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful contributions. After all, what is life without YugaTech? Boring. Chaotic. Plain.

    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  92. ben says:

    This gave you away:

    “I’m pretty stoked about it but today, April 1, is probably my biggest blogging day ever”


  93. MLRocks says:

    Cool Specs for the price. Only thing missing is the dvdrw, since most installers are still on dvds/cds but i guess adding an external disc drive will fix that. More power to your line ^^

  94. calvin says:

    hahaha happy april fool’s!!

  95. Rico says:

    *applause* :D Much better than the fake story about the Philippine Navy buying an American supercarrier.

  96. noemi says:

    it starts with a prank. WHo knows the notebook will one day become a reality?

  97. Dexter says:

    ha ha ha muntik na ako dito ah :)

  98. I almost believed it too, then when the April 1 came into my sight, i knew it was a prank.

  99. Raf says:

    oh oh, sorry slow ako wahahahaha

  100. Darren says:

    is international delivery to Taiwan available?

    this one got a lot of you guys! XD

  101. madzman23 says:

    Anak ng Tokwa!!!

    There are some that bites in it…


  102. Kel says:

    Hi Yuga,
    Ganda ng specs ha :-)
    Pag may demo unit ka na, pwede ma review for Infotech ng Inquirer?

  103. Congrats Yuga! Very nice way of promoting your very own laptops. Expect a post from my blog soon!

  104. nathan says:

    haha.. muntik na din ako jan… dami naniwala wah! belated happy april fools sa lahat ng mga fools! =]

  105. Hi!

    Congrats on your new baby! My god, I’m super excited since if I were to develop my own Netbook, it’d be exactly as you’ve done it!

    Anyway, with or without the raffle, I’m posting this info on my facebook ( and will spread the love! Pero siyempre happier because of the raffle!

    Good luck! I hope you’ll also post where this is going to be available. :)


  106. Selboy says:

    mukhang daming naloko sa april fools day posts ahahaha

  107. Iza says:

    Wow! I wish i could win one! *fingers crossed* This is absolutely going to be phenomenal! The specs are great!

    Congrats, abe!

  108. retz says:

    I cant believe I opened a new tab for laptop/ netbook reviews for this. LOL

    Nice one kuya abe! :D

  109. Einna says:

    hehehe..i almost got hooked, i can’t wait na panaman Sir,…

  110. Yikes! April fools joke!

    Sayang. I thought it was real. Ganda pa naman ng blog entry ko sana for this netbook. And I was really hoping to win this netbook since I really need a netbook now. Hay!

    Anyway, kung totoo man ito, here’s my post:

  111. Cool! Maybe you can market it with a lower price tag. The HP Netbook is selling at below 20k (without the OS) so maybe you can have a better catch by bringing down the price.

  112. Beanbag says:

    I want that notebook! I posted the url on my facebook. What’s next?

  113. Beanbag says:

    holy crap, i got spaced. Well anyway, good luck on whatever it is you’re trying to pull. Speedieoh!

  114. April fools pala ‘tong post na ito. Bilib na sana ko pero nice one! Almost got me there. He he he.

  115. cocoie.nemesis says:

    LOL… buti na lang nagbasa ko ng mga comments… muntik na ko dun ah….

  116. Julsbrio says:

    nak nang!!! hahahahaha nagoyo ako nyan ah! ngaun ko lang namalayan, napagkatuwaan lang pala yan!! nice one Sir Abe! hehehe… and to think naipost ko nat lahat lahat sa blog ko… hahahaha

  117. Sir, posted this site to my facebook homepage:))
    I want one of your netbooks:))..
    I’m still a student and won’t be able to buy a laptop myself because of financial difficulties.
    Sir, GUSTO KO MANALO!!! weee, this is a blessing. I HOPE!♥♥♥
    Godbless Sir Yuga;]

  118. Sir, posted this site to my facebook homepage:))
    I want one of your netbooks:))..
    I’m still a student and won’t be able to buy a laptop myself because of financial difficulties.
    Sir, GUSTO KO MANALO!!! weee, this is a blessing. I HOPE!♥♥♥
    Godbless Sir Yuga;]

  119. Sir, ito na ung URL:))
    hahaha..nagpost tlga ko! gusto ko manalo ehh..


  120. coldflame11 says:

    ahaha, andami namang slow, april 18 na madami pa ring nadadali

  121. ulystar says:

    hahahaha! pagkabasa ko APRIL 31 I already sensed somethings weird here… Daming nayari!

  122. jared says:

    welcome to the internets!
    epic lol just shows that we dont give a flying pigeon about april fools haha
    laptop specs is massive, but 19-24k price is impossible

    this owns it : “Fingerprint/Facial recognition”

  123. Metz says:

    Hi Mr Yugatech,

    I absolutely love the specs and the way your laptop looks :) I had made an article in my blog about it. I do hope you find it your liking. Good luck with this and just so you know you have my support. Will definitely talk about it more once I get to experience it myself :) (Hoping to win one in your raffle:)) till the next time. xoxo

  124. cynthia r, andersen says:

    sounds good with the new version of a notebook i would try one but better if i will win one of the raffle.

  125. Hey,

    ive got some problems with the cam.

    anyone else here?

  126. local seo says:

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